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My mission is to contribute knowledge and research that fosters a better understanding of global
problems. As a community Developer and Civil Engineer as well, I am committed to advancing
insight and debate in the social sciences and humanities. As a community of publicly engaged
specialist, I also seek to Participate policy debates and researches at the international and local
level, in particular those involving international actors.

Hope I will became a contributing Member on Global Unification International Research Team.

To find challenging position that matches with my competencies, capabilities, skills, education
and experience.

Hafsa Mohamed Abdullahi

Mothers Name

Salim Ahmed Ibrahim

Date of Birth


Place of Birth




Marital Status




Current October 2016

Masters Degree in Project Planning and Management

Admas University
November 2016 December 2013
Bachelor Degree in Development Management
Civil Service Institute.
August 2016 September 2013
Bachelor degree on Civil Engineering
University of Gollis
August 2009 June2013
Secondary school Education
Ileys Secondary School
May 1999- June 2009
Primary and Elementary school
Albaraka schools


Masters in Project planning and Management- Admas University, Somaliland

Development Management Civil service Institute, Somaliland
Engineering - University of Gollis, Somaliland.
Diploma of computer, English and public administration at Sidam College.
Diploma of Mathematics and English at Gollis University College.
Diploma of Islamic studies in Machad Al Risaala.
High School certificate at National examination Board Somaliland, Hargeisa
Online certificate of Engaging with Public Officials for positive change at YALI Network

I have attended:
Three days training on Dia-Tis program (December 2013) Hargeisa.
One day on Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transport for the Strategic plan for the
Ministry in (January 2014).
Three days seminar on UN HABIBTAT for Urban Regulatory Framework (URF) in (April
Three days seminar on UN HABIBTAT for discussing (URF) in (May 2014).
Two days training in GPS and Google Earth at Ministry of water resource. ( 1 to 3 July
2014 )
15 days training of GIS (Geographic Information System) at Ministry of water resources.
( 4 to 19 July 2014)
One day training of Technical specification for road work on ILO held in Mansoor Hotel.
( 03 September 2014)
Ten days training in surveying on UN HABIBTAT held in Imperial hotel Hargeisa
Somaliland and Ministry of public works. ( 15 to 25 September 2014)
One day seminar presentation of Specification manuals on Ministry of Public works
Housing and Transport held at Imperial hotel. (1 November 2014 )
Six days AutoCAD Training on ILO held at Mansoor hotel. ( 09 to 15 November 2014)
Three days Basic Urban Planning seminar on UNHABITAT held in Mansoor hotel. ( 18 to
20 November 2014 )
Two days seminar on Top seal products for Roads on Bellestar Eco Company and RDA
(Road Development Agency) held in Mansoor hotel. (06 to 07 December 2014).
Three days seminar in Urban Regulatory Framework provided by UN Habitat and Ministry
of public works Housing and Transport.( 19 to 21 December 2014).
Eight days seminar on Road Standard manuals provided by RDA ( Road Development
Agency) and ILO ( International Labor Organization) at Mansoor Hotel ( 28 June 06
July 2015).

Three days seminar on building codes and Standards and Specification manuals on
Ministry of Public works Housing and Transport held at Mansoor Hotel (08 10 July 2015).
One day Seminar on occupational Health and safety held at Gollis University hall (10-Oct2015).
Two days Seminar on mandates of ministry of public works housing and Transport in
districts held at Maansoor Hotel ( 05-06 January 2016)
Two days Training on Psychological Frist Aid for children held at Maansoor Hotel (25-26
May 2016).
Four days Training on Advocacy, SOS Villages International, Somaliland (26-29
November 2016)


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access), Microsoft Windows XP 2001/2010,

Microsoft Schedule, Microsoft Exchange (E-mail), Microsoft Internet Explorer,
Microsoft Outlook express.
Computer Hardware.
Engineering Softwares ( AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, GIS, Google Earth, Civil3D, SAP
and Chief Architect)


Somali: Mother Tongue

English: Fluent
Arabic: Fluent
1. Quran reciting and listing.
2. Reading English books.
3. Watching the news and entertainment programs.


SOS Children's Villages International, Hargeisa


Volunteer, Family Strengthening Program (FSP)

Key Responsibilities and Duties
Caring for family members specially Mother and Child.
Experiencing family Social and Economic problems.
Archiving Family documents
Revising and Reviewing of Family documents.
Data Entry into the System.
Child Protection.
Conduct home visits as a method to access the family and conduct interviews in response
to school referrals

VONYO (Voluntary National Youth Organization)


Finance Assistant
Key Responsibilities and Duties
Create, send, and follow up on invoices.
Prepare office cash books.
Copy Original Financial Documents.
Data Entry to the system.
Receipt paid Documents.
Assist in the preparation of receipts and vouchers and their relevant formats, so that the
financial details can be entered correctly in the accounting system.
Prepare expense forms.
Maintain adequate Failing.
Collect bank slip once a week.

Ministry of Public Work, Housing and Transport:


Head of Maintenance Section in Land Department.

Key Responsibilities and Duties
o Designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods
o Carrying out routine scheduled maintenance work and responding to equipment
o Controlling maintenance tools. Store and equipment.
o A periodic review of under construction governmental features.
o Ensuring an adequate level of rehabilitation and maintenance of the existing
paved road network to ensure no medium term collapse of key economic road
o Ensuring there is continuous cover of the machinery and equipment in case of
o Writing maintenance strategies to help with installation and commissioning
Land and Urban Institute:
Senior Engineer Assistant
Key Responsibilities and Duties:
Carry out road surveying and measurements.
Geotechnical site Investigation.
Designing of buildings and roads.
Keeping computer records up to data.
Laying out plans for the construction sites
Evaluating Technical Activities.
Preparing Bill of Quantities (BOQ).
Reporting monthly to the Chief Engineer.


LUMI (Land and urban management institute):


Key Responsibilities and Duties
Give assistance to all organizations staff.
Help the Admin for land tasks.
Work For urban management reviews
A periodic review of under construction governmental features.
Very good team player.
Keep records of all transactions.
Handled each task related to organization.
Completes operational requirements by scheduling and assigning administrative
projects; expediting work results.
Making travel arrangements for the staff.
Assigns projects to staff ad needed; develops and places in operation special produces.
Supervising the work of office juniors and assigning work for them.


Mukhtar Mohamed Ali

Eng Semere Yilma

Director General

Dean of Department of Civil Engineering

Ministry of public work, Housing and


Gollis University, Hargeisa

Mobile: 00252-2-634240379

Mobile: 00252-2-633553704


Abubakar Abdulahi Yuosuf

Suleiman Ismail Mohamed

Ex LUMI Director

Program Director

Land and Urban Management Institute, MOPW

SOS Childrens Villages, Hargeisa

Mobile: 00252-2-634211659

Mobile: 00252-2-63-4413875



Hassan Said Hayd

Saed Aden Aabi

Executive Director

Dean of Department of Development

VONYO Organization, Hargeisa


Mobile: 00252-2-634471412

Civil Service Institute


Mobile: 00252-63-4025885