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sson Planon Plan

Adina Harris

Lesson Plan
Course: Kindergarten General

Date(s) of Lesson Sept. 13,


Lesson Topic/Title:

Grizzly Bear

Framework First
(Include the specific
Standard and detailed
sub-standard (a, b, c)
of todays lesson.)

K.1 The student will read music, including high and low pitches and rhythms represented by
traditional or nontraditional notations
K.2-2 The students will investigate various uses of the voice by matching pitches within an
appropriate range
K.2-3 demonstrating expressive qualities of music, including loud/ soft and fast/ slow
K.3-2 the student will sing a variety of songs of limited range alone and with others, including
singing at the appropriate time following a musical introduction
K.6 the student will demonstrate a steady neat, using body percussion, instruments, and voice
K.7-1 the student will respond to music with movement, including matching locomotor and
nonlocomotory movements to rhythmic patterns
K.7-2 demonstrating expressive qualities of music, including loud/ soft and fast/ slow
K.7-3 illustrating moods and contrast in music and childrens literature
K.7-5 exhibiting respect for the personal space of others when moving
The students will be able to:

Sing Grizzly Bear with correct melody

Use movement and body percussion to demonstrate expression in music

Perform Grizzly Bear in its entirety with voices and movement



Soundscape Introduction

Start with asking students if they are familiar with the word soundscape

Give a few examples for the class

Explain what a soundscape is (soundscape creates background music to a song, poem, or

story and helps create its special mood)

Soft Exercise
Have students stand
Ask them to follow your tempo and mimic you
Start out by walking or slightly marching to a steady tempo
Move to tip toe and then to a loud stomp

Teaching Grizzly Bear

Continue walking, tip toeing, and stomping

Sing the first line of the song to a students and gesture for them to repeat after you

Switch to tiptoeing and sing the second line quietly

Gesture for students to repeat after you

Switch to stomping and sing the third line gradually getting louder

Gesture for students to repeat after you

Perform the whole song while marching, tiptoeing, and stomping for the class, and then
have them repeat after you

Perform Grizzly Bear with backing cd



Was the lesson well received?

How well did the teacher include and engage each student in the discussions?
Did the students use movement and body percussion to demonstrate expression?
Did students define soundscape?
Did the teacher explain soundscape effectively?
Did students correctly sing the pitches and rhythms of Grizzly Bear?
Cd track number 2-3, singing voices, Making Music Textbook (Kindergarten Level), body