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Running head: Homicide Increase

Homicide Increase. What Can We Do?

Possible Explanations and Analytic Proposals to Decrease It.


In Mexico, crime has increased and diversified over the last 20 years. In fact, homicide has been
improved since 2008, reaching a historical rate of 23.5 per 100,000 habitants in 2011. However, we do
not have empirically verified explanations; trying to solve this we review specialized literature to
identify the correlated factors to the increase of homicide, which enables the public policy
designed based on empirical evidence. In that sense, we argue that firm hand policies are not necessary
the best options to decrease violence; instead we should implement crime prevention programs focused
on territories with greater violence as well as strengthening and professionalizing the justice system is
needed to reduce murder.

Homicide Increase

1. Problem The increase of homicide

I am from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. It is a beautiful city, however, it is very dangerous. If

you have relatives there, you should know what I am talking about. In Coatzacoalcos, cases of
homicide are increasing in an exponential way. A few months ago, a friend was murdered in
unknown circumstances. The authorities are still looking for the murderer, but as this case,
there are many more each day. The government needs to improve the national security system
to reduce the organized crime. Also, have to make citizens aware that revenge is never the best
answer. In the case of the assaults, the judiciary system should increase judments to those who
commit that crime.

Organized crime is one of the biggest problems of the country. If you or one of your
relative have experienced firsthand you will have agreed with me. Then I will begin to expose
the steps I propose to reduce the organized crime. To reduce the organize crime, first we must
stop allowing television to idolize the drug lord, perhaps their lives in the television series may
seem fantastic, however, this is not so. Television series only shows the nicepart of drug lords
life. Does not shows the bad situations they live. Then we have to improve de Social
Rehabilitation Center (cereso in Spanish). Why? Because almost all who are part of organized
crime are ex convicts. The most important step is to improve National Security System
because most of the time the drug lords get to escape because the army is not able to stop them.
On the other hand, corruption wins over duty and it is because the members of the national
security system are not properly compensated for their services.
Revenge is the other problem. Who has not felt like revenge? Almost everyone has been
looking forward to it, but there are people who go to extremes and do horrible things like
killing people. Revenge is a rare case because there is not much that can be done because it is a
feeling. But I have an idea of what can we do. What we can do is to generate awareness among
the citizens to instill that appreciation for life.
And my last problem is assault. Sometimes an assault result in a murder, either by lack
of professionalism or resistance of the victim. Now the assault is so common that I am talking
about that must be carried out professionally and that is wrong. To reduce the assault, we need
to increase the sentences to those who commit that crime. Why? Because the attackers are
going to think twice before committing the crime.

Overall, it requires an objective assessment of actions and public policies

implemented in order to know its effectiveness before the crisis of security that
exists in Mexico. This should lead us to design and implement public policies
focused on homicides in general, from the quantitative and qualitative of the crime
types because each one of them refers to various dynamic criminals and exercise
of violence. We need the development and implementation of actions necessary to
meet the multiple costs of the killing from a comprehensive perspective of gender
and human rights-based. At the time of designing and evaluate results of these
policies to reduce the killings should be considered possible links with other crimes
such as kidnapping and enforced or involuntary disappearances, but above all,
compliance with agreement among authorities in the field of security and law
enforcement that transcends the photo and impact on the reality that we live in
the country. Homicide allows a look at the violence in Mexico, but solving it shares
of fund, which should be not only attack the effects (results), also that resolved the
causes have made the country that occupies the last place in safety through out
the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

As we can see, this topic is important because murder is something very serious. My
findings show that in Mexico, homicide is a problem that we have to resolve. People are not
allowed to end the life of another person, it is not on the other people hands. We can apply my
findings in new public policies to reduce murder rates. Maybe my findings are not so complete
but may be useful for further research.