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Sarah Ralston

Dr. Palmer
MUSE 250
5 December 2016
Allen Vizzutti
Allen Vizzutti is a Yamaha performing artist who has visited over 60 countries and
performed with legends such as Chick Corea, NBC Tonight Show Band, Woody Herman, the
Airmen of Note, the Army Blues and Army Symphony Orchestra, and many more individuals
and ensembles all over the nation and the world.
Allen Vizzutti learned trumpet from his father, who was a self-taught musician
Eventually, Allen left to go to Eastman School of Music on a full-ride scholarship to expand his
knowledge on music. While at Eastman, Allen received his Bachelor of Music, his Master of
Music, a Performers Certificate, and the only Artists Diploma received by a wind player at
Allen Vizzutti moved to Los Angeles and played on over 150 movie soundtracks
(including Back to the Future and Star Trek), many television shows, commercials, and recorded
with artists such as Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, and Neil Diamond. Allen Vizzutti also
played in the Halo, Medal of Honor, and Resistance video games.
Allen Vizzutti also spent time as a freelance musician in Seattle, Washington. There he
played many recitals, concerts, recording sessions, as well as composed. Allen Vizzutti appeared
at universities throughout the world to discuss the importance of music education and the value
of music.

Vizzutti has created many albums, is an artist in residence at Eastman School of Music,
the Banff Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas State University, Ohio State University, West
Texas State University, the Skidmore Jazz Institute, and the Trompeten Akademie of Bremen
Germany. Allen has also created method book including The Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method
and New Works for Trumpet that trumpet players use worldwide.

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Allen Vizzutti
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