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Brett Beaman

MUSE 250
Dr. Palmer
11 December 2016
Brass Artist Research: Mnozil Brass
The Mnozil Brass is a brass septet based out of Austria. The group was founded in 1992
by seven students of the Vienna Conservatory who shared a love at performing (often performing
together at an open-mic night at a local restaurant). The seven members of the group are: Thomas
Gansch (trumpet), Robert Rother (trumpet), Roman Rindberger (trumpet), Leonhard Paul
(trombone), Gerhard Fussl (trombone), Zoltan Kiss (trombone), Albert Wieder (tuba).
These classically highly trained musicians take a very untraditional approach to
performing. Although all members are highly skilled musicians and graduates of the Vienna
College of Music, their approach to music performing is like no other. The group takes a
completely non-serious approach to music. The group is known for their acting as much as their
virtuosic playing style. They are frequently referred to as the Monty Python of music. The
result is that the audience is filled with laughter and many times, taken aback by the sheer humor
of the group.
Since its founding in 1992, Mnozil Brass tours all over the world with one hundred and
thirty performances a tour. Everywhere they go, their unique style of performing is well received.
Their approach is that music does not always have to be so stiff and serious. Music can be funny
and relaxed, enjoyable for everyone. For a beginning brass player, this group is a great example
to inspire them to make music fun and exciting for them. Not all music has to be sitting or
standing still. They can move around, making fools of themselves, and still perform great music.

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