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1. A bicycle wheel with a radius of 13 inches

makes 6 revolutions per second. What is the
speed of the bicycle in in/sec?
a. 460
c. 490
b. 520
d. 510
2. The sum of three consecutive odd integers is
327. Find the last integer.
a. 107
c. 113
b. 111
d. 109
3. If Sarah can do a job in 5 hours and Dick and
Sarah working together can do the same job in 2
hours, find how long it takes Dick to do the job
a. 3 1/3 hours
c. 2 hours
b. 3 hours
d. 2 hours
4. A vein has a dip of 57o W. A drift is driven N
37o W in the plane of the vein on a grade 5%.
What is the strike of the vein?
a. N 36o09 W
c. N 36o10W
b. N 36 05 W
d. N 35o08 W
5. The recorded area of the lot is 9475.3m 2 using
a 100m tape. It was found out that the tape is
0.04m too long. Determine the correct area of
the lot.
a. 9582.70m2
c. 9482.91m2
b. 9681.43m
d. 9482.88m2
6. The max number of passenger cars that can
pass a given point on a lane or roadway during
one hour under the most nearly ideal roadway
and traffic conditions which can possibly be
a. Traffic Volume
c. Traffic density
b. Traffic Capacity
d. Basic Capacity
7. What is the equivalent value of 270o in mils?
a. 4800
c. 3400
b. 6200
d. 4200

An object weighs 4 N in water and 5 N in an
alcohol having a sp. gr. of 0.80. Assume unit
weight of water is 9.79 kN/m3.
8. Find the volume of the object.
a. 0.0003064 m3
c. 0.0005107 m3

b. 0.0004086 m3

d. 0.0006129 m3

9. Find the weight of object

a. 7N
c. 9N
b. 8N
d. 10N
10. Find the density of object.
a. 2329 kg/m3
c. 1796.42 kg/m3
b. 1996 kg/m
d. 1663 kg/m3
11. At what temperature water have the greatest
a. 0 oC
c. 40 oC
b. 4 C
d. 100 oC
A dry soil is mixed with 17% by mass with water
and compacted. Volume of wet soil is 0.001m3
and has a mass of 1.6kg. If the specific gravity
of soil is 2.70,
12. Compute the dry unit weight
a. 14.32 kN/m3
c. 12.34 kN/m3
b. 13.42 kN/m3
d. 13.24 kN/m3
13. Compute the void ratio
a. 0.85
c. 1.15
b. 0.97
d. 1.00
14. Compute the degree of saturation
a. 0.540
c. 0.400
b. 0.473
d. 0.459


A hollow circular pole 3m high is fixed at the
base. It is 6mm thick and its outside diameter is
300mm. The pole is subjected to torque and
lateral forces at free end.
Torque T = 25kN.m
Lateral Load H = 3kN
Shear Modulus of Elasticity= 78 GPa
Allowable Shear Stress = 60 MPa
15. What is the max. shear stress at the outside
surface of the pole due to torque T?
a. 15.65 MPa
c. 30.37 MPa
b. 31.3 MPa
d. 60.74 MPa
16. Find the angle of twist (degrees) due to
torque T.
a. 0.46o
c. 1.78 o
b. 0.92 o
d. 0.89 o

17. Find the max flexural stress(MPa) at the

base of the pole due to lateral force.
a. 22.5 MPa
c. 85.14 MPa
b. 45.07 MPa
d. 43.74 MPa
18. A water tank 3m in diameter and 6m high is
made from steel having a thickness of 12mm.
When the tank is filled with water, determine the
circumferential stress.
a. 7.36 MPa
c. 6.32 MPa
b. 14.72 MPa
d. 12.64 MPa

19. Classify the structure as statically

determinate, indeterminate or unstable.

a. Determinate
b. Unstable

c. Indeterminate - 1st Degree

d. Indeterminate - 2nd Degree

20. The behavior of a material, which undergoes

changes in its structure in increased resistance
to further deformation.
a. Ductility
c. Elasticity
b. Resilience
d. Yielding