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Habib Bank Limited was established in Bombay in 1941 by the sons of Habib Esmail.
The bank had over 30 branches operating in India at the time of partition. Quaid-eAzam Mohammad Ali Jinnah reposed confidence in the bank by opening his personal
account. On the creation of Pakistan in 1947, and following the advice of the Quaide-Azam, Habib Family shifted all of its businesses including Habib Bank to Pakistan.
The bank played a vital role in meeting the financial and banking needs of Pakistan.
It continued to record tremendous growth and progress, it emerged as the leading
private-sector commercial bank in Pakistan when it was taken over by the
Government of Pakistan along with all other Pakistani banks on January 1, 1974.
In 1991, the government again decided to allow the private sector to establish
commercial banks in the country. Dawood Habib Group was amongst the first to be
granted permission to set up a new bank under this policy. Bank AL Habib Limited
was incorporated in October 1991 by the grandsons of Habib Esmail and started
operations in January 1992. Although Bank AL Habib commenced operations in
1992, it embodies the same high standards of integrity, prudence, and trust which
have characterized Habib Family's banking operations in Pakistan and abroad for
about 70 years. The bank is particularly conscious of the trust reposed in it by the
depositors, and its prime duty is to protect and honour this trust all times. Guided
by the values taught and practiced by Habib Esmail more than a century ago, the
bank has continued to grow and progress in all areas of its operations. In a short
span of 25 years, the Bank's assets have grown to more than Rs, 600 Billion, with a
network of 590 branches and sub-branches, a Wholesale Branch in the Kingdom of
Bahrain, Seychelles and Malaysia and Representative Offices in Dubai, Istanbul and
Beijing, China.

A safe way to accumulate funds, HBLs current account allows individuals and businesses to
deposit money and withdraw funds anytime. Funds can be withdrawn through cheques, ATMs,
fund transfers, among other methods.

Offers you the flexibility of operating your account in PKR, USD, EUR, GBP.

Non-profit bearing.

Access ATMs.

Allows paper-less record keeping.

Allows employers to deposit funds directly to your account, without depositing pay
cheques yourself.

Avail online banking services.

Transactional capability.


Access ATMs.

Allows paper-less record keeping.

Allows employers to deposit funds directly to your account, without depositing pay
cheques yourself.

Avail online banking services.

Transactional capability.

HBL FreedomAccount
Targeted for salaried and self-employed individuals as well as business operating across
multiple cities & industries, HBL Freedom Account offers free unlimted features to fulfill
your banking needs.
This account is for sole propertiors, SME or traders, partners in a company, individuals working in
hospitals or educational institutes, private and public sector companies, as well as those working for
local and multinational companies.

Existing Features

Free HBL cheque deposit transaction at any HBL branch.

Free unlimited cheque books.

Free unlimited bankers cheques.

Free debit card.

Free duplicate account statement.

Free cash deposits.

Free cash withdrawals.

Free online funds transfer transactions*

Free online fund transfers (from your HBL Freedom Account to any other HBL account).

Free clearing of outward returned cheques.

Free SMS alerts on all over-the-counter transactions above Rs. 25,000.

HBL ConventionalCurrentAccount
For individuals seeking a secure and reliable current account, the HBL Conventional Current
Account gives you the ease to conduct unlimited transactions, anywhere in Pakistan.


Pay no service charges on maintaining a minimum monthly average balance of Rs. 5,000

Receive a 25 to 100 leaf cheque book

Access account through HBL Debit Card, Internet Banking and HBL Phone Banking, 24
hours a day, 7 days a week

HBL BasicBankingAccount
For those who require a simple bank account with minimum transactional requirements, HBLs
Basic Banking Account fulfills your basic banking needs. With no conditions, the account offers
you an ever expanding banking network within your reach.


Open an account with just Rs.1,000.

No minimum balance requirement.

Access numerous branches and ATMs across Pakistan.

Obtain two free customer-initiated, over the counter debit transactions, through branches
(for more transactions, charges applicable as per Schedule of Bank Charges).

Avail up to 20% discount at the countrys most popular restaurants by using your HBL
Debit Card.

HBL AsaanAccount
HBL Pakistans Largest bank enables you to experience ease and convenience with HBL Asaan
Account. This is a Current Account that offers you ease of account opening for individuals both
Major and Minors. If you are a New-to-Bank customer, and want to secure your funds in safe
channel, then visit HBL branch to open HBL Asaan Account.


Open your account with as little as Rs. 100

No minimum account balance requirement

Simple 1 page account opening form

Benefit from four free withdrawal transactions from branches every month

Maximum account balance up to 500,000

Unlimited debit, up to Rs. 500,000 per month

Receive biannual account statements

Access E-statements, 24 hours a day

Obtain a free Debit card (Master or UnionPay)

Attain up to 20% dining discount by using a HBL Debit Card at selected restaurants

Cheque book, E-statement, SMS Alerts available

Apply for your HBL iD account to get the best deals in town. Whether you are a sports buff, a
fashionista or a bookworm, we have got the most exciting discounts across Pakistan on leading
restaurants and retail outlets for you. HBL iD is tailored to meet all your financial needs and
helps your money go further.


Free Debit Card

Amazing discounts at leading restaurants and retail outlets.

No minimum balance requirement

Free Mobile Banking app

Free 10-leaves Cheque Book

No Zakat deduction

HBL ForeignCurrencyCurrentAccount
HBLs Foreign Currency Current account is ideal for Pakistanis and foreign nationals who wish
to maintain a foreign currency deposit.


Store money in multiple currencies including USD, GBP, EUR and others.

Maintain a minimum amount balance equivalent to USD 1,000**

Receive a cheque book.

Receive a biannual statement of account and access e-statement.

Saving Accounts
An ideal account for anyone who wants to keep aside some extra funds for emergencies. Rather
than keeping large amounts of money at home, HBLs Savings Account allows you to secure
your savings with us, providing principal security as well as a modest profit rate.


Earn profits.

Minimum monthly balance requirement in most of the accounts.

Avail free Internet Banking.

Receive SMS alerts.

Access e-statements 24 hours a day.

Get a personalized Visa debit card.

Free debit card.

Free duplicate account statement.

Free cash deposits.

Free cash withdrawals.

Free online funds transfer transactions.

Free online fund transfers (from your HBL Freedom Account to any other HBL account).

Free clearing of outward returned cheques.

Free SMS alerts on all over-the-counter transactions above Rs. 25,000.

HBL ValueAccount
The ideal savings account for small business owners and housewives, HBLs value account
allows you to take control of your expenses by allowing you to save, and earn high profit rates
on a monthly basis.
Easy to open and even easier to manage, add value to your savings, without any hidden charges
or deductions.
Access your funds anytime, anywhere with HBLs savings account.

Earn Attractive profit rates on a monthly average balance between Rs.10, 000 to 1,000,000 and
higher profit on balance exceeding Rs.1, 000,000.
Avail two free withdrawals every month.

Pay no service charges on maintenance of monthly average balance of Rs. 10,000**

Enjoy quarterly profits.

HBL PLS SavingsAccount

Targeted to individuals above 18 years, HBL PLS Savings Account can help you attain attractive
profit rates paid biannually, with return on savings, as well as easy access to your deposits.


Open your account with as little as Rs. 100.

Benefit from two free withdrawal transactions every month.

Receive biannual account statements.

Access E-statements, 24 hours a day.

Attain up to 20% dining discount by using a HBL Debit Card at selected restaurants.

Enjoy biannual profits.

HBL DailyProgressiveAccount
Aimed at commercial, corporate and high net worth individuals, HBLs Daily Progressive
Account allows you to maximize your wealth, along with conducting the transactions you


Offers preferential rates.

Earn profit computed on daily available balance.

Tier based rates.

HBL DailyMunafaAccount
The perfect account for individuals and institutions with high transactional requirements, HBLs
Daily Munafa Account provides you attractive profit rates monthly, while allowing you to bank
with flexibility.


Pay no service charges upon maintaining a minimum deposit of Rs. 20,000**

Availability of cheque book and debit card  (for individuals only)

HBL MoneyClub
Help your children learn the importance of saving early in life. Applicable for children aged
between 6 to 12 years, HBL Money Club account allows children to learn the importance of
saving, managing their funds and earning profits along the way.


Open account with as little as Re.1

Not required to maintain minimum balance

Pay no service charges.

Earn bonus profit on your savings every month (by making a minimum deposit of Rs.
100 and no withdrawals throughout the month).

Attractive rate of return

Receive Mission Box with exciting gifts (along with HBL Money Club Debit Card).

Obtain a free HBL Money Club 10-leaves cheque book

Acquire a globally-accepted HBL Money Club VISA Debit Card for children 6 years and

Avail up to 20% dining discount on the use of HBL Money Club debit card at selected

Access to interactive gaming website for children (

Receive a biannual statement of accounts.

HBL Rutba
After years of hard work, are you looking forward to a secure and bright future?
HBLs Rutba account is ideal for individuals nearing retirement. Tailored for people 55 years and
older, the account is perfect for those wanting to attain financial independence and lead a stressfree life after retirement.


Enjoy monthly profits.

Obtain a free 10-leaves cheque book.

Attain a free HBL DebitCard.

Obtain free insurance cover (personal accidental and over-the-counter cash withdrawal).

Not necessary to maintain minimum balance.

Withdraw funds whenever you like.

No restriction on relationship with the joint account holder (joint account holder should
not be a minor).

Conduct transactions and make unlimited deposits and withdrawals, without any charges.

Maintan a monthly average balance greater than Rs. 10,000 to avail personal accidental
and over the counter insurance facilities

HBL ForeignCurrencySavingsAccount

For all those wanting to maintain foreign accounts, HBL allows you to save with ease, while
earning profits along the way. Offering convenience and reliability for Pakistanis as well as
foreign nationals dealing in foreign currencies, HBLs foreign currency savings account is the
ideal choice.


Save in multiple currencies including USD, GBP and EUR.

Earn quarterly profits on your foreign currency deposit which is calculated monthly (rates
depend on choice of currency).

Minimum amount balance equivalent of USD 1,000**

Acquire cheque book.

Receive biannual statement of account and access e-statement.

HBL PensionerAccount
Ideal for retired individuals, this account allows you to save without having to worry about your
returns or savings. Enjoy modest returns with easy access to your funds, HBLs Pensioner
Account offers you the flexibility and capability to bank with ease.


Transactional capability.

No need to maintain minimum balance requirement.

No opening balance requirement

Term Deposit Accounts

A term deposit also known as fixed deposit is a scheme that locks in a specified amount of funds
for a fixed period of time. These funds can be fixed for a tenor ranging from 3 months upto 10
years. In case of term deposit, depositor needs to maintain a current or savings account with the
bank and can access the funds through that account. As the funds are fixed, no cheque book or
debit card is issued against a term deposit account.

The Term Deposit is considered as a safe form of investment and is therefore appealing investors
with low risk appetites. Term deposits offer a higher rate of return to the depositor as the funds
are fixed or tied up for a specified period of time. Encashment of the deposit before the maturity
of the tenor may in certain cases result in a penalty /charges for the customer.

HBL AdvantageAccount
For those looking for short, medium and long-term investment opportunities with a fixed profit
rate, the HBL Advantage Account gives you a flexible investment product that provides multiple
profit payouts and tenures of your choice.


Choose from a deposit period ranging from 1 months to 10 years.

Profits can be withdrawn through cheques or ATM and are credited to your Account.

Principal stays secure.

Rate remains same over the entire investment period.

Premature encashment available with profit at PLS saving rate (subject to completion of
three months from the opening date of the account).

Receive up to 90% financing against this account.

Rollover option available.

Enjoy profits calculated on principal, Payment: flexible, as per your chosen tenure.

HBL HighYieldForeignFixedDeposit
HBL offers the High Yield Foreign Fixed Deposit Account for individuals and institutions who
wish to maintain secure foreign currency deposits and earn attractive returns on their foreign
currency deposits.


Flexibility of choosing a variety of tenures for your foreign currency deposits.

Available in the multiple currencies including USD, GBP, and EUR.

Tiered product with multiple options of terms and rates.

Flexible tenure ( 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 months).

Flexible deposits slabs.

Principal stays secure.

Avail the same profit rate over the entire investment period.

Withdraw profits through cheques and ATMs profits are credited to transaction account.

Minimum amount is 1,000 units (of any currency).

Obtain financing.

Avail rollover option