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A very terrible, terrible defeat for NATO and US President Obama.

The North Atlantic Terror Outfit (NATO) was dealt a very terrible defeat
when its foot soldiers, the Islamist jihadists of east Aleppo, were mightily
crushed and defeated by the Syrian Arab Army. The army overwhelmed
the last refuge of the criminal terrorist presence in east Aleppo when
soldiers entered Salaheddin district late Tuesday 13th December 2016 and
shot at surviving jihadists.
The wonderful news spread across the city quickly and people gathered
and celebrated in the streets with great happiness and joy and filled with
great hopes for the future of their nation. A future free of the dirty
American, European, and Salafist interference that imposed upon them
this terribly phony civil war. A war cheered very loudly by the western
The victory at Aleppo was made possible after Syria decided to wipe out
NATOs jihadists in Aleppo when it became clear that the neocon Mrs
Clinton would gain nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate
for 2016. Starting from June to September 2016, the SAA methodically
cut off supply routes to the Aleppo jihadists, slowly strangling them, and
forcing them to eventually retreat on all sides. A recipe for SAA victory.
Thus, NATO has tasted defeat at Aleppo, despite evil and very menacing
threats of sanctions, bombings, no-fly zones, and actual deadly air attacks
carried out against Syrian civilians and soldiers by NATO aircraft. These
are all illegal acts against international law and constitute war crimes. But
NATO will still continue committing more war crimes and will doubtless
order its beloved jihadists to use suicide bombing attacks on Syria. Be on
guard against suicide car and truck bombs from Natos foot soldiers !