Easy Projects, New Features in Project Management Platform from Logic

Easy Projects is a PM (project management) platform perfectly suited for multiple users within
organizations of all sizes now includes BI (business intelligence) and Gantt chart features
Toronto, Canada, December 13, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Easy Projects is a product of Logic Software
designed as a project management solution for businesses of any scale and from different industry
domains. Developed in 2003, Easy Projects has come a long way from software for in-house use of Logic
Software to the successful PM platform that is now widely used by world-class corporations like UPS or
Easy Projects is one of the most commercially successful products of Logic Software, and now the
platform has become even better with recently added features of BI and Gantt charts.
With BI now included, companies will be able to provide managerial staff with all means necessary to
track every milestone and capture all the information regarding the current status of a business. On top of
that, the newest feature allows to fully analyze the data and present it in a beautiful and meaningful way
by using customizable dashboard and charts.
Gantt charts are considered to be a very old but yet extremely effective way of laying down a project
plan. However, most of the existing PM platforms do not include this feature. With Easy Projects' Gantt
charts any team member would have access to the full picture of any task at all time. It allows
understanding the long game and makes all relationship inside the given project clearly visible.
With newest features now at disposal, an organization that utilizes Easy Projects can start improving upon
business aspects such as collaboration, workflow, transparency and others from day one.
Clients are provided with a wide variety of available functionalities and pricing options. On top of that
Easy Projects is an extremely scalable and customizable solution that can be integrated with existing
infrastructure and implemented to serve business-specific needs. Easy Projects's Success Coach will team
up with the client's staff to provide assistance in configuration and implementation. Moreover, the
company provides customers with training and detailed manuals.
Easy Projects is a flexible platform that is a great tool for different teams inside any company.
Marketing and creative departments that utilize Easy Projects can benefit from simple design frameworks
for the Work Request forms that can be quickly converted into full projects. All files are accessible at all
times and gathered in a single system. Full audits logs for actions of every team member will bring
professional transparency and as a result - accountability. With guest portals embedded in Easy Projects,
organizations can grant access to the project's status to clients and stakeholders.
IT and software departments can benefit from using Easy Projects' many features like full integration with
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Jira, TFS, Salesforce and numerous applications. The team wouldn't require manipulations with databases
or source code in order to plugin. Existing clients also notice the usefulness of customizable
authentication, and that is not all Easy Projects can offer.
Easy Projects can truly be called a universal solution for project management, as with a single PM
platform companies can now track the status of every project and task at hand. It allows for ongoing
communication with clients, monitoring of all financial movements and precise estimation of workload,
improvements to in-house collaboration and communication, and it provides for additional accountability.
About Logic Software Inc:
Easy Projects is a part of Logic Software Inc., a successful software development company based in
Toronto, Canada. The company specializes in two key aspects: web and desktop software development
and commercial software development. Logic Software products are widely used all over the globe by
companies of various business domains.
1120 Finch Avenue West, Suite 201 Toronto, Ontario, M3J 3H7 Canada
Toll-free phone: +1 888 261 9878
Toronto Office: +1 416 907-9944
Fax: +1 888 261 9878

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