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Derrick Deluca

Praxis Core Analysis

In order to enroll into an education program at UNLV, UNR, or NSC, students must complete the
Praxis Core. The Praxis Core is required for all licensed areas in education and is composed of three
sections. Theses sections include a reading, a writing, and a mathematics exam. The purpose of this
analysis is to examine each section and compare my Praxis practice test scores to the Nevada State
requirements for licensure. Upon comparing my results to the state requirements, I will also be analyzing
what can be done to ensure that I pass the Praxis Core.
Before taking the practice test, it was recommended that I review each section of the Praxis Core.
There was not a lot of preparation on my part considering I have been preoccupied with doing well in my
other classes. The state requires the following scores for each section are: reading (156), writing (162),
and math (150). My scores for each section were; reading 14% (8 out of 56), writing 28% (11 out of 40),
and math 26% (14 out of 53). The tests were rushed and not a lot of effort went into preparing for this
exam. The practice Praxis Math, Reading, and Writing results indicate that I need significant
improvement in all three sections.
It is easy to see that I need to study a lot before taking the actual Praxis Core exams. The writing
section of the exam consists of forty selected-response questions and two thirty-minute essays. The two
topic essays were the most difficult because of the time limit given. Thirty minutes is not a lot of time, so
I really need to work on writing efficiently and within the allotted time. For the reading exam, it is
detrimental that I work on craft, structure, and language skills. This was the most difficult for me, I
believe it will help me with the writing exam topic essays. In the math section, I really dropped the ball
when it came to the geometry and probability questions.
Luckily here at CSN there are Praxis Core Review courses that I can sign up for, as well as Praxis
Core books I can rent from the library. Once I completed the math section, I signed up to Khan Academy

and have been working on the content categories of the mathematics section. I have also rented some
Praxis study guides from the library to help me with the reading and writing section. I feel that the course
offered at CSN and the supplemental resources I have found online and in the library will help increase
my scores dramatically. The Praxis Core is the equivalent of the high school proficiency exams, so if I
already completed those, I can pass the Praxis core with a little studying and tutoring.