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From your experiences so far, please describe a time when you

delivered significant results. Please include details of context, the

actions you took and the results that were achieved?
During my Internship at reliance industries, I was given a project in which I had to
carry out a literature survey about an existing technology which the company used
to determine a parameter. It was more of a documentation work which required
compilation of literature which I did not find intriguing since it was only directed
towards improving my technological base. I wanted to do work which aimed at
solving an existing problem so that I can add value to the organization as well as
broaden my technological base. I expressed my concern to my manager and due to
his efforts I got a project which was pending in research and technology division of
the Reliance Industries. I was supposed to work five day a week but since I took the
ownership of project, I did not take a single leave during my two month internship at
the organization. At the end my work was recognized by the organization and is
being used as an important tool in process. Due to my exemplary work, apart from
appreciation and recognition, I also received pre-placement offer from Reliance

What do you propose to do in your career in short term and long

My short term goal is to work for a company which gives me ample learning
opportunities, provides exposure to different industries and real time problems, help
me network with executives and professional from different entities. Thus it will
create a whole new level of opportunity, provide me expertise and experience in the
field of management, insight and inspiration to bring to bring out the best in me
thus add value to the company. (LEADERSHIP, IMP PROJECTS, LEADING TEAMS)
My long term goal is to build a career in professional management so as to create
an identity of my own, achieving social and financial security and having a firm
social standing. The rich experience, knowledge, skillset, expertise, network derived
after accomplishing my short term goals would lay the foundation of my long term
goal of being a social entrepreneur.

Describe a situation where you initiated a new idea or approach and

implemented it. How did you go about it?
In the third year of my graduation, as core team member of organizing committee
of annual national cultural festival of IIT(BHU),KASHIYATRA, I came out with a
unique idea of increasing footfall, participation and sponsorship for our festival. I
along with my team decided to make local schools a part of our festival. We
organized an interschool competition for different cultural events under the banner
name of KASHIYATRA at our venue. Schools readily agreed to the arrangement
because they get to associate their name with an IIT which its students dream of.
Some schools also shelled out funds to sponsor different events. The major funds
came from different coaching institutes and local engineering and management
college because they wanted to attract the students from these schools. Thus
conducting an interschool competition for the first increased footfall which made the
festival more happening and also helped us sponsor our festival.

Elaborate three leadership positions that you have held in your life.
How did you make a difference?

During the second year of my undergraduate college IIT(BHU), I have held the
position of publicity Head of annual national level cultural festival of Kashiyatra. The
major responsibility of mine was to maximize the participation and provide
hospitality services to the participants. During my tenure the participant increased
two fold times the previous year due to the sincere efforts of my team and different
publicity activities. I also ensured that all the participants get excellent hospitality
services so that they leave with a good experience to come again. (SPECIFICS OF
I have held the position as convener to lead a two tier team of numerous
coordinators and volunteers to organize annual national level cultural festival of
IIT(BHU), KASHIYATRA. That year saw significant rise in grandeur of event in terms
of participation and sponsorships. The reason behind this success was sincere effort
in all the departments of organizing team.


He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The above quote by German philosopher embarks the importance of

having a purpose in life. Having a purpose in life brings the best out of a
person and helps in giving meaning to our lives. So my continuous attempts
at answering this question in my life have driven me throughout.
My long term goal is to build a career so as to create an identity of my
own, having a firm social standing, achieve financial and social security and
thus be happy. I chose engineering from a premier institute for my
graduation as my attempt at achieving financial security. The experience
that I had at my college is responsible for my choice of a management
career. My first tryst with management came in college where I took an
active part in organizational activities. Leading a two tier team of
coordinators and volunteers to organize a national level cultural festival
taught me things like Planning, team work, coordinating, budgeting thus
helped me realize my potential and drive to be a Professional Manager.
Working as an engineer in Reliance industries made me feel that technical
and management aspects are conjoint entities. Undertaking an MBA program
with a premier institution like IIM Lucknow will help me acquire substantial
knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of management through its
competitive curriculum, summer training program, thus creating a whole new
level of opportunity, insight and inspiration to carry on my endeavor of being
a successful entrepreneur or reaching the heights of corporate ladder of an
esteemed organization.
I really hope that my experience at IIM Lucknow will help broaden my
perspective towards everything and thus provide clarity to my purpose in

Describe a situation where you had to persuade others to

achieve a goal after overcoming resistance? How did you
go about it? (New Story)
In my second year of graduation at IIT(BHU), I held the post of publicity head
for organizing annual national level cultural festival of IIT(BHU),
KASHIYATRA. The main job role of publicity team was to maximize the
participation in the festival, providing great hospitality service to the
participants so that they leave our college with an amazing experience. The
team was functioning great till the last
moment when the cultural festival started. The problem was that the
publicity team was supposed to stay at venues other than where main event
was going on to look after the registrations and providing hospitality services
to the participants. There were instances when the most popular events such
as pronites were going on and I had to make some volunteers not attend
those events since their service was required elsewhere. At such instances, It
becomes really hard to convince them to put their full efforts into their work
away from the limelight. Many volunteers in the team were not performing
their duties well other volunteers were unhappy. At that crucial time I
persuaded them, motivated them to do their duties well by constantly being
with them, making them understand the greater cause. It was a hard time for
me persuading them since I understand that they have worked hard for
months for the festival and they were the ones who were unable to enjoy it.
But any how I managed to get the things done from my team well in time
and we achieved our goal.

Tell me about a time when you successfully resolved a conflict?

In the second year of my engineering at IIT(BHU), there was an instance
when I resolved a conflict between my batch mates and junior students of
our batch. In my college IIT(BHU), ragging was a prevalent culture. As a part
of that Some students of my batch were taking ragging of juniors. In the
process, one junior got offended and he decided to complain to the
authorities. Our college administration is very strict as far as such nature of
complaints go and a harsh action would have been taken if the complaint
was made. Since I was already in good terms with my juniors since they had
worked along with me for different organizational activities. So I had to step
in to mediate the issue. So for resolving the issue, l analyzed both version of
stories from both sides. I tried to make my juniors realize the constructive
effects of ragging and take all this in good humor. In the same way I made
my batch mates realize where they have crossed the line. And in the end, I
made both parties sit together, discuss and thus helped resolving the

Describe a situation when you had to accomplish an objective in an ambiguous situation. What did you
do to handle the situation? What was the outcome? What were your learnings? (50 words)

Tell us 3 things you have achieved, that instill pride in you. Substantiate your answer with solid
reasoning. (300 words)
When I joined IT-BHU in first year as a first year student of chemical Engineering, The IIT status which
was to be conferred to the institute was due. At that time there was a campaign run by students along
with the alumni to gather support for conversion of IT-BHU to IIT-BHU. I got involved as an active
member in that campaign. I led a team of 60 to steer a signature campaign and collected 15000
signatures in a 7 days to drive public sentiment to support the conversion. Other than that I authored
articles for newspapers , prepared comprehensive reports about the campaign and presented to
prominent political figures. Finally IT-BHU was conferred IIT status in june 2012. The fact that I could
substantially contribute to the cause in which I believed. It has boosted my confidence in my abilities and
achieving . When I look back, it gives me a sense of pride that I worked and succeeded in something I
believed in.
I became the convener to lead a two tier team of 200 to organize a national level cultural festival of IIT
BHU . The festival had a budget of 25 plus lakhs , saw international performances , musical concert with
band like Euphoria with a footfall of 15000+. I am proud of this achievement of mine because apart from
taking the fest to another level with significant increase in budget or external participation.. I t was much
more about development of my personality. Since I come frpm a hubble background, I used to be an
introvert student. My journey from that point in first year of my college life to third year to become the
president. It was all about putting a dedicated ,focused effort honing my communication, presentation,
leaderfship skills. The whole experience has taught me a lot about life and helped me grow as a person.
One such moment of pride was making my parents feel proud after clearing joint entrance examination
2011.Since I come from a humble background, It was the first time when someone from my entire family
was going to become an engineer. I was also felicitated by the Police department headed by district
magistrate for being among the few candidates from the district to put up an exemplary performance. So
the amount of happiness and proud moments that I earned for my family at that time instill pride in me
and inspire me to move ahead in my carrer and life.
Give us a list when you were either a President or led a team/club or committee? Describe instances of
leadership qualities (300 words)

In my second year of graduation at IIT(BHU), I held the post of publicity head

for organizing annual national level cultural festival of IIT(BHU),
KASHIYATRA. The major job role was to look over the promotions,
participation and hospitality services for the festival. Launching festival
merchandise for sale in the campus was one such responsibility of Publicity
head. So at that time I was looking after complete process starting
finalization of vendors, collection of order placements from students, placing
the order and their final distribution to the students. So in the process, We
have taken advance payment for merchandise from students and we were
yet to deliver them the product. When the product arrived, It was way much
inferior quality of what vendor has promised us to deliver and what we as a
team has promised. Every team member along with me were disappointed

with the material quality. Since the festival dates for which merchandise has
been ordered were nearby so asking for replacement of the product from the
vendor would have not been the solution. Because it will not only delay the
delivery of better product by a month but also students who were promised
to get the delivery would have felt cheated. Another problem to the solution
was thar Vendors would not have agreed to replace the whole product
without charging the extra amount which in turn would have resulted in huge
loss of revenue and generating a substantial amount was sole motive behind
Sle of festival merchandise.
In the above condition was either to 1. Deliver the inferior quality product to
students, keep our generated revenue, prevent losses, angry students 2.
Replace the inferior product with better quality product by paying some
amount, profits would be negative or zero, delay in delivery, students will be
The first option appealed to me since I being Publicity head for the fest had
the duty to serve in the interests or the fest. But going with this option would
also meant breaking the promise and cheating. The second option would
have helped me in keeping my promise but again it defied my duty to serve
in the interests of the festival.
After long deliberation and discussion with myself and team-mates we
decided that We would deliver the inferior quality products to students and
whomsoever students are not that happy with the product and can wait for a
month will be given another superior quality product. So we moved forward
with this action plan and had to replace one fourth of the orders resulting in
minimal profit. We also issued public apology and at the It saved the day for
us because understood our situation and appreciated our sincere efforts in
replacing the product. Because we always had the option of delivering the
inferior quality and getting away with it. In thn more profits for fest and
eventually we were able to reach a compromise between the two

What are 3 of your strongest abilities? And 3 of your biggest weakness? (300 words)

Strength and weaknesses?

I believe that introspection and self-assessment are the keys to ones
personal growth and improvement. I analyze my activities on a daily basis
and thus hold an insight of my strengths and weaknesses.

1. One of my biggest strengths is that I know myself very well which helps to
set goals which are practical and devise efficient ways to achieve them.
2.Team player: I consider myself a good team player who can lead a team as
well as work in a team very well. there has been numerous instances when I
have been part of a team either as a member or as a leader. So I have
always been able to do justice with my role either as a leader or being a
team pplayer. I Work effectively in a team, contribute to team objectives, communicate
effectively with team members, respect, listen to and encourage team members, pitch in,
put success of team ahead of individual success
Relationship buildings (Peoples person)

3. Good organizational and Planning skills:

I have consistently worked on and improve my organizational & Planning skills by being
actively involved in leading teams for organizational activities during festivals. So through
uch experience I have polished my interpersonal skills, time management, prioritizing, using
resources effectively, meeting deadlines, multi-tasking, dealing with competing demands,
achieving objectives and goals, setting targets, maintaining schedules and calendars,
optimal use of available resources, coordination of resources to complete projects.

4. Hardworking: I have always been a firm believer in my hardwork and I

know that my hard work work would take me anywhere I wish to be.

o-curricular activities. I follow a disciplined routine and have always been a diligent student.
Above all, I am hard-working and have a deep belief in my abilities. I always strive for
improvement and try to deliver to the best of my abilities.
I am not very good at managing stress due to difficult circumstances in life.
I do not handle failures and setbacks in life very well. I need to learn that failures need to be
accepted as part of life and something constructive must be drawn out of it.

Reluctance to share/ Delegate tasks Sometimes while working in a team I am

a bit reluctant to share tasks and do not have sufficient confidence in coworkers,
so I end up underutilizing the resources and skills of others fully and keep
constantly checking up on coworkers and end up overburdening myself. While
working in a team, I expect the same level of dedication and efforts as of mine from the team
members towards the common cause. When it does not happen, I become upset and
sometimes it has adverse impact on my relationship with the person.

I like control, sometimes too much. For example, In my previous

experiences of working in a fest, I used to take work coming under
diff erent departments. I realized that I can't do everything and Ive
learned to how to delegate better. To manage this, before I start my
day's work I write down a list of all the tasks I need to get done. I
label each task as which ones Im best at or I personally NEED to do,
and which ones are most delegable. I use this method to help me
organize my day, prioritize my tasks and be more comfortable with

At times, many of us are caught in a situation of moral conflict, where we have to choose between two
seemingly right alternatives. Give us one situation when you faced this conflict. How did you resolve
it? (500 characters including spaces)
In the 2nd year of my college , I was publicity head
Sometimes, we may find a group of people disagreeing with our beliefs/point of view. Give us an
instance where you had to convince a group of people on your point of views (500 characters including

When people have their opinions/POVs/ideas; let them come with them. Exhaust their
reasoning by either asking them questions on those views or by allowing them to butcher
out each others ideas. Then present your POV/idea and try amalgamating the best out of
the remaining ideas to yours and make it look as everyones idea.