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Supplier selection is a multicriteria problem which includes both qualitative and quantitative factors.
In order to select the best suppliers it is necessary to make a trade off between these tangible and
intangible factors some of which may conflict. When capacity constraints exist, this problem
becomes more complicated as, in these circumstances, managers should decide about two
problems: which suppliers are the best and how much should be purchased from each selected
supplier. Some authors have applied mixed integer, goal and multi-objective programming to solve
this problem. As these techniques are mathematical, they have significant problems in considering
qualitative factors which are very important in supplier selection, especially when supplier
partnership is desired. In this article an integration of a analytical hierarchy process and linear
programming is proposed to consider both tangible and intangible factors in choosing the best
suppliers and placing the optimum order quantities among them such that the total value of
purchasing (TVP) becomes maximum. This model can be applied to supplier selection with and
without capacity constraints. A numerical example is presented and the model advantages are

Developing decision support systems for environmental applications is an intricate,
challenging task. The increasing complexity of environmental decision problems, the
growing number of subjects involved and keen competition between conflicting interests
make decisions and decision support difficult. Decision support systems have been
developed since the 1970s to help tackle semi-structured and unstructured decision
problems. Despite their popularity, the success of DSS development is uncertain and
many computerised decision-support tools have failed when dealing with complex and
unstructured problems. This article describes the development methodology and
progress of mDSS, a decision support system for water resource management that has
been developed under the European research project MULINO. The mDSS tool is
designed to integrate environmental (especially hydrological) models with multiplecriteria evaluation procedures. A number of prototypes have been developed and the
final version is expected at the end of the 3-year project. The system's development is
driven by the experience acquired in several case studies selected in five European
countries. Although the main aim of the MULINO project and the DSS is to help with
increasingly complex decisions of general water management, the concepts of
sustainable river basin management introduced by the water framework directive are
addressed as well.

Edmodo is an educational technology company offering communication, collaboration,

and coaching tools to K-12 schools and teachers. The Edmodo network enables teachers to share

content, distribute quizzes, assignments, and manage communication with students, colleagues, and
In the year 2013, Edmodo was included in the list of "The Top Apps for Teachers" by PC Magazine.
That same year, Edmodo acquired the startup Root-1 in an attempt to become the app store for
education.[4][5] Vibhu Mittal, Co-founder and CEO of Root-1, became the CEO of Edmodo the
following year.[6]
In 2014, Edmodo launched Snapshot a suite of assessment tools to measure student progress on
educational standards.[7] Edtech digest awarded Edmodo Snapshot the Cool Tool Award for Best
Assessment Solution.[8] The company has partnered with two major publishers in United
Kingdom, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press to provide access to educational
content on the Edmodo Platform[9] and bring Edmodo Snapshot to the UK.[10]
Edmodo was founded by Nic Borg and Jeff O'Hara in 2008. [11][12] It is backed by Index
Ventures, Benchmark, Greylock Partners, Learn Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Union Square
Ventures, Glynn Capital Management, Tenaya Capital, SingTel Innov8, and KDDI. [13] As of August
2016 Edmodo claimed to have over 66,900,000 users worldwide.[14][15]
In March 2015, Noodle named Edmodo as one of The 32 Most Innovative Online Educational