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Alvin Nathaniel

Case 16: SAS
Section 1:
The software included in the typical SAS system provides tools for all sorts of projects and daily
tasks. Writing reports and creating graphics are easy using the tools provided. Research and
project management software aids in creating both operational and marketing strategies. Tools
that allow for quick and efficient data entry and retrieval make it possible to gather statistics or
other information for reports in no time at all. The system usually includes components that will
aid in departmental functions that range from information systems support to human resources
management and even customer care protocols. Underlying the function of the system is the
definition of series of commands that allow data to be stored as tables within the system. The
data can be retrieved and used by any of the software programs that are included, essentially
creating a central repository for data that can be used by anyone with the proper login
credentials. Using the protocols associated with the login controls, individual users can be
permitted access to certain tables while denied access to others.

Section 2:
1. SAS has a work environment that I would say is consistent with Maslows hierarchy of
needs theory in that they provide reasonable working hours, safe working conditions, the
corporate campus is a small town in itself, land options and low employee turnover rates.
This environment also would be consistent with Alderfers ERG theory. This environment
I feel is inconsistent with Herzbergs two-factor theory in that the employees appear to be
satisfied with
2. Goodnight has made it a culture and made employees first and foremost, people, and as
such, their individual needs, ambitions, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses must be

Alvin Nathaniel
understood to help them realize their full potential. Some of the most successful
companies of today have managed to find a healthy balance between hierarchy and
equality, life and work, and the all-important controlling vs. enabling. Employees must
feel that they are not only valued as assets to the company, but also supported as
individuals that have lives outside of the office. The amount of support that is given to
your workforce can be positively correlated with their productivity and job satisfaction,
which obviously works in the companys favor.
3. SAS should not be worried about their employees leaving for another job. SAS
employees, and their families, have free access to a massive gymnasium featuring tennis
and basketball courts, a weight room, and a heated pool. An on-site health care clinic,
staffed by physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists, and psychologists also is entirely
free. Deeply discounted child care is available, in addition to no-cost "work-life"
counseling which helps employees more effectively manage the stresses of everyday life.
And, of course, common work areas are routinely filled with snacks and treats.
4. SAS posted $3.16 billion in total operating revenue, up 6.4 percent in constant currency
(2.3 percent US dollars) over 2014. New software sales increased 12 percent in constant
currency. SAS total revenue growth was strong worldwide. New sales revenue percentage
growth reached double digits in most regions, showing the effect of successful
globalization efforts. In addition to boosts from new capabilities in risk, fraud and
security intelligence, all regions continued growth in SAS core technologies, including
data management, analytics and business intelligence. SAS plans to continue delivering
innovation in cloud analytics and analytics-as-a-service, BI/data visualization, data
management, customer intelligence, fraud detection, security intelligence solutions and
risk management. SAS will also introduce enhanced versions of SAS big data analytics

Alvin Nathaniel
products.In addition to software growth, SAS will expand operations next year. The
company will add sales staff and create new customer contact centers in Dublin and the
Asia Pacific region. In the US, SAS will open a new office in Detroit to support growth
in auto manufacturing. The company will also break ground on a new office tower at
SAS world headquarters in Cary, NC

Section 3:
SAS launched CodeSnaps on Tuesday at Stough Elementary, a Raleigh magnet school that
served as a testing site for the app. It allows students to program robots using tangible paperbased blocks. Each block has an accompanying QR code, and together they create a series of
coded commands for the robot to execute. Students used CodeSnaps, a new computer coding app
from Cary software company SAS, to scan QR codes accompanying each command. They
cheered when each teams Sphero, a round robot, rolled from one circle to another before
crossing the finish line. This app is a way to introduce students to coding and get them
exposed, said Scott McQuiggan, director of SAS Curriculum Pathways. Its helping them
understand all the technology around them thats available in our daily lives. ... Computing is an
integral part of our society. CodeSnaps, available in the App Store, requires one iPad and one
compatible robot, such as Sphero or SPRK. SAS has developed other educational apps, including
those that assist with English, math, science and other disciplines.

Alvin Nathaniel