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Education Grade Chair Meeting

November 7th 2016

Vision and Hearing Screenings
Dept. was doing all special ed. Screenings Labor Day-Oct. 21st.
Starting Nov. 8th, they will begin screening K, 2nd, and 4th grade students

Each school will now have 1 contact person for Vision and Hearing screenings.
Special Ed. Grade Chair will be that person (Ashley Antones). It is case managers job
to let contact person know when you open a reevaluation or an initial evaluation so
I can contact our screener to get them to do a screening.

As soon as I email our screener, they will have 3 school days to come do the
screening. I will get an email on Friday with who our assigned screener is.

I will have a folder in my classroom or in the office that has a list of who has been
screened this year and if they passed or failed and on what date.

Our screener will have 1 week to enter data into system to generate failure letters
and she will mail them out. If for some reason she is not able to mail or it is
returned, they will be sent to me and I will give them to the case manager to send
home with the student.

It is critical to let me know as soon as you open an initial evaluation for any service
(speech only, special ed, etc) because we only have a small window to get evaluation
completed and screening is first!

Document Translation

We are legally bound to give ALL Documentation (Parent rights, IEP, 504,
invitations, pych reports, etc.) to a parent in their native language. If each parent
speaks a different language, we must give copies in each language. PCG does have a
document translation program, but it is very expensive. County hopes to have a
permanent solution to this by January with a document translation program. They
will give us more info during Jan. inservice.

Misc. from Margret Abernathy

It is critical that we look at Least Restrictive Environment for EVERY student!!!!

Have students in general education to the max appropriate for the individual. All of
our Pre-Ks will be fully included starting in January throughout the county. We can
not stop at Pre-K! (We are doing great with this. Keep it up and try to find more
ways to include our students)

40% of the 7 hour school day is 2.8 hours. Self Contained classes try your best if
appropriate to have students included with peers for 2.8 hours (168 minutes) a day

or more. Lunch, recess, and related arts totals for roughly 1.8 hours. Need about 1
hour in the general education classroom a day for this.

New Form on EASY. AT/OT/PT consult form It was only OT/PT now includes
Assistive Technology. A consult does not require an IEP meeting, a referral form
does. If you fill out an AT consult form, they can come visit quicker and they can
help you use what you have and then can advise you when you need a referral.

New Special Ed. Teachers and Paras need to be CPI trained! There is a full day
training this Friday, November 11th. Check with your new people and make sure
they are trained. If not, they need to go on Friday. There will not be a full day
training again until sometime in January.

Special Education Lead Support and Supervisors will be out of their office for 3
weeks starting on Friday! They are getting new flooring put in. They most likely
will not have a fax machine for these 3 weeks, so please scan and email any
documents that you are sending them. Do Not Fax.

It is very important that we are not pressured by parents to put goals into an IEP
that are not appropriate and/or are too difficult for the child. If a parent is
pressuring you to include difficult or inappropriate goals into the IEP, listen to them
respectfully, then adjourn the meeting, and reschedule for a date when you can have
lead staff attend.

I will forward a parent flier regarding ECF choices.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ashley Antones