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Application Information and Estimated Fees for International Students, School Year 2016-17
Program and Application Information
Program duration

Master of Arts, major in Journalism (MA JOURN)

Diploma in Visual Journalism (DVJ)

Certificate Courses

2 years for full time students (i.e. 9 units per semester)

1 year

(a) At least one (1) full year of work
experience as photojournalist, photo
editor, photographer or journalist;
(b) A college graduate with an average
of B or higher;
(c) Proficiency in oral and
Experience working in a
written English;
journalism/media organization
(d) Proficiency in photo editing
software and in basic computer and
Internet operations;
(e) Access to a digital single lens reflex
(SLR) camera system and a computer
with Internet connection and industrystandard photo-editing programs

9 weeks


For admission to Ateneo's
Graduate School/ACFJ

(a) A bachelor’s degree (civil degree);
(b) An undergraduate general
average of 85% or B;
(c) A minimum of 18 undergraduate units or its
equivalent in the major field in which the applicant intends to do
graduate work;
(d) Acceptable scores in the entrance tests
administered by the Fr. Jaime Bulatao, S.J. Center for Psychology
Services (Bulatao Center). See:

English proficiency

Declared upon application

TOEFL Paper-Based Test Score of 550; IELTS Over-All Band Score
Good level of written and spoken
of 7 (see: http://www.ateneo.edu/ls/graduate/application-proceduresEnglish (self-assessment will do)

Good level of written and spoken
English (self-assessment will do)


Subject to change without

3 units per course; 12 courses x 3 units = 36 units

5 courses

stand-alone course

Proof of completion of program

Issued by Ateneo/ACFJ

Master's Degree Diploma



Number of students per batch

Average only

20 per year


12 per class

Mode of delivery

Subject to change without

Core courses are hybrid (i.e. combination of online and face-to-face
sessions) while the rest are fully online

Combination of hybrid and fully online

Fully online

Type of study permit

Arranged with the PH
government's Bureau of

Philippine Student Visa (see: http://www.philembassy.no/consularservices/visa/student-visa)

Special Study Permit (see:

Start of term for 2016

Starting SY 2016-17

1st semester: August; 2nd semester: January



End of term for 2017

Subject to change without

1st semester: December; 2nd semester: May



Application fee

Upon submission of application $40



Payment mode

For both application and tuition through telegraphic transfer, net of the bank’s remittance charges

through telegraphic transfer, net of the through telegraphic transfer, net of
bank’s remittance charges
the bank’s remittance charges

Payment schedule

Paid to Ateneo de Manila

Full payment upon enrollment, per semester

Full payment upon enrollment but
ACFJ offers an installment scheme to
requesting parties

Full payment upon enrollment

Available funding source

from ACFJ only

ACFJ Fellowships for MA Journalism
those practicing journ for 1-2 years; and Senior Fellowships for 10
years and above in practice)

ACFJ Scholarships for Visual


Application deadline for 2017

Subject to change without




45 Comprehensive examination fee On-campus sessions a.000 ₱7.790.000 - - depends on point of origin - ₱107.50 - - - ₱595. Estimated amount of expenses lodging Arranged with the PH ₱55.65 ₱5.228. development fee.000 - Subtotal per term ₱130.000 Registration fee For MA Journalism. library fee. Duration ₱965 - Once only for the whole program Average only .017. administration fee.000 Visa Fees/Special Study Permit Application Fees Arranged with the PH government's Bureau of Immigration Estimated on-campus sessions expenses includes air fare subsidies.500/3 units or 1 course ID fee Add: Development fee Add: Development fee Issued by Ateneo/ACFJ for old/continuing students for new students After completion of core courses ₱100 ₱482.60 Total of estimated tuition and other fees ₱95.56 ₱57. and diploma/certificate fee Library fee ₱555.500 ₱15.228.932.depends on point of origin ₱59.45 Benefits and allowances (for MA Journalism Fellows.000 .000 - . and ₱70.000 - .017.90 ₱60.45 ₱63466.05/3 units or 1 course ₱53.000 - .873.500 - - ₱10. major in Journalism (MA JOURN) Diploma in Visual Journalism (DVJ) Certificate Courses Remarks 1st sem 2nd sem Intersession 1st sem 2nd sem Whole program (1 year) 9 consecutive weeks Number of enrolled units 3 units/course 9 9 9 9 9 N/A N/A Tuition fee ₱17. internet access.₱5.000 ₱10.g. and DPJ and DMJ Scholars only) Book allowance ₱5.05 ₱53.000 N/A N/A N/A N/A ₱5.62 ₱5.732.469.05 ₱53.932.40 ₱63.790.790.40 ₱59. this is being paid upon admission to the program ₱668.70 ₱668.82 ₱10. air tickets) during on-campus sessions Total of estimated benefits and allowances - ₱377.62 ₱1. and board & b.000 board & lodging Transportation allowance (e.50 - - - - - - - - .45 ₱511.000 fee covers the following: registration fee.56 ₱80.456.65 ₱4.₱44.000 - ₱5.65 ₱4.82 ₱708.Once only for the whole program 2 weeks - None 1 week None includes air fare.05 ₱57.920.70 ₱708.70 ₱668.000 ₱5.932.000 ₱10. ID.50 ₱511.Tuition and Other Fees Master of Arts.85/1 unit ₱4.₱482. Visa Fees/Special Study Permit government's Bureau of Immigration ₱15.466.000 N/A N/A N/A N/A Will depend on the country of origin - c.