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Board of Supervisors

County of Rice, State of Minnesota November 10, 2009

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm by Supervisor Knecht the pledge of allegiance was spoken by all. In attendance were Supervisors Knecht, Castore and Doran-Norton, Treasurer Pfahning, Zoning Administrator Braun and Clerk Norton. No guests with need of introduction were present. An additional item was added to the agenda regarding the cost of the new fire hall. Supervisor Castore moved to approve the agenda. Supervisor Doran-Norton seconded. All approved. The minutes from the previous township meeting from October 13th were reviewed with alterations to two sections. Supervisor Castore moved to approve the minutes, and Supervisor Doran-Norton seconded. All approved. Claims against the town were presented. Treasurer Pfahning brought to the attention of the board that a new federal ID number will be generated for the fire board soon, which has been an issue for a number of years. Supervisor Castore moved to approve the claims. Supervisor Doran-Norton seconded. All approved. The correspondence was reviewed. Clerk Norton brought one item forward regarding a confirmation of a roadway map from the Rice County Department of Information Technology which would be reviewed by residents. There was no public comment on non-agenda Items. Treasurer’s report was added to the list of approvals. Treasurer Pfahning advised that some funds still needed to be transferred before year-end. The township is in good condition financially. Supervisor Doran-Norton moved to approve the Treasurer’s report. Supervisor Castore seconded. All approved. Supervisors Doran-Norton and Castore then discussed the meetings with the Dundas Mayor and Councilman Prybil. Current suggestions would have an alteration to the Dundas Annexation agreement where the Township would control planning and zoning within the annexation area, the Dundas City Planning Commission would revert to a five member board without the requirement to have township residents on that board. Also suggested was

that the town board and city council meet four times a year to discuss issues of mutual concern. It was noted that a clear system needed to be set up to decide how to address issues between the two councils also how exactly changes to the annexation agreement will affect the township. A number of questions and concerns were raised on possible affects to the township. Meetings are scheduled to continue to get clearer suggestions and to discuss other options available. Dennis Brown advised the board on the current state of road maintenance for the township. The board asked, without the need of an answer at this time, if there was any need to work with grader operators in the future on techniques for better matenance. A question was raised about using reclaimed concrete over high grade gravel. Reclaimed concrete was more wearing on tires of smaller vehicles and not ideal for township. Also question for a different time was if a lighter solution could be used for dust control to lower cost. No new developments mentioned in the Gill/Prawer annexation except an upcoming meeting of the EDA steering committee. More information on the proposed annexation should be released in the near future. The first segment of the lower Heath Creek trail had been surveyed. Concerns about liability and maintenance were raised which will be addressed in trail ordinance and state law. A proposal was made to pay for the surveying. Supervisor Castore moved to pay up to $3,000.00 from the 75% of landfill fee. Supervisor Doran-Norton seconded. All approved. In regards to the Spring Brook/ Heath Creek discussion group, the report was expected to be complete this upcoming Friday. The suggestions from this report should help in the establishment of a formal agreement between cities and townships regarding the watershed. Supervisor Castore advised that the planning and zoning commission had discussed the request from the co-op to create a gas storage facility as well as zoning an area of the township for AG related businesses, although no formal proposal has been made. It was mentioned that the landfill hosting fee may not always be around and this could be a good step for future income for the township. The planning and zoning commission also discussed transfer of development rights but no resolution has been made. Zoning Administrator Braun discussed the planning and zoning report


A representative needed to be assigned to the Rice County committee on zoning. Possible names were mentioned. It was decided that a budget work sheet would be made and a work session would be set up on November 24th to begin discussing the 2010 budget. It was restated that all claims for the month will only be collected until the first Tuesday of the month to be paid in that cycle. It was also decided that a work session would be set up on December 1st as well as a notice that the supervisors may attend the Northfield planning commission meeting on November 24th The Board then discussed the new fire hall to be built. It was the opinion of many that the cost to build is too much. In addition, rural fire department fees may need to be increased to pay for the fire hall. That could lead to an additional cost to Bridgewater residents. It was advised that if a resident felt strongly about this issue to write or call the Northfield representatives with their concerns directly. Supervisor Doran-Norton moved to adjourn. Supervisor Castore seconded. All agreed. Meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM Michael Norton, Interim Clerk


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