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Bach Chorale

Teacher: Christian Bechtol

Grade: 8
1. Learning Outcome/Behavioral Objectives: Students will warm-up by creating a
triad in the key of Eb. Tonic in the third row, 3rd in the second row, and 5th in the
first row. Starting at measure 45 in Bach: Chorale and Variation, clarinets and the
trumpets will play until the end fixing notes and intonation problems. Bass
clarinet, bassoon, and trombone will play the same measures. Flute, oboe, and
horn will then play the same measures. The ensemble will then be put back
together to finish section of the composition.
2. Required Prior Knowledge and Skills: Students must know their major keys
and have a basic understanding of their instrument.
3. Anticipated needs: For intonation problems have the students fill up their
stomachs with their instruments in their mouths. Have the students fully release
the air through their horns playing a concert Eb. Most intonation is due to lack of
air supply.
4. Standards and Frameworks:
National Standards
Creating: AS1 Imagine AS2 Plan, Make AS3 Evaluate, Refine, Present
Performing: AS4 Select, Analyze, Interpret AS5 Rehearse, Evaluate, Refine
AS6 Present
Responding: AS7 Select, Analyze AS8 Interpret AS9 Evaluate
Connecting: AS10 Synthesize, Relate AS11 Relate for deeper understanding
State Frameworks Singing Reading and notation Playing Instruments
Improvisation and composition Critical response
Purposes and meaning in the arts Role of artists in communities
Concepts of style, stylistic influence and stylistic change
Inventions technologies and the arts Interdisciplinary connections
5. Assessment: Students will play from measure 45 until the end in front of the
6. Materials, Repertoire, Equipment needed: Piano, Chorale and variation score
with copied instrument parts, instruments, music stands.
7. Accommodations:
a. Special needs- - If a student is having trouble playing an instrument
due to disability, move them on different instruments to se how they
b. ELL- Explain directions clearly and mirror if needed.

8. Lesson Sequence:
a. Activity: Activator/Warm Up: Warm-up and create an Eb major triad and fix
Estimated Time: 2 min
b. Activity: Clarinets and trumpets will play starting from measure 45 until the
end. Fix intonation and notes if needed.
Time: 2 min
c. Activity: Bass, clarinet, bassoon, and trombone start at measure 45 and play
until the end. Fix intonation and notes if needed.
Estimated Time: 2
d. Activity: Flute, Oboe, and Horn will play starting at measure 45. Fix intonation
and notes if needed.
Estimated Time: 2 min
f. Activity: Summarizer/Foreshadowing: Put the ensemble together and play from
measure 45 until the end of the piece. Fix intonation, notes, rhythm if needed.
Estimated Time: 4

9. Assignments: Students should practice starting at measure 45 until the end of the
piece for next rehearsal. Students should always practice with a tuner inside of the
practice rooms.
10. Contingency plan: If students are getting antsy by not playing for a while, keep
the students on edge. Say everyone play me a note after four. Then count to
four. It will keep the students on their feet and paying attention and it only takes
less than a second.
11. Evaluation/Diagnosis/Remediation: