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A Message from Brother Roy

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Eastern Kentucky Report
~ Why Eastern Kentucky?
~ Chicago & Camden Updates


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Our website is filled with resources, crafts and audio materials put out by
Roy and EKY Mountain friends.
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1. Devotions both current and archived
2. C.D.s by Dr. Lauter are available upon request:
*Camp Meeting Sermons
*Kentucky Mountain Humor
3. Items available from Self-help Projects (proceeds help fund these projects)
*Outstanding hand crafted ‘Turkey Calls” – by Owen Tomlin
*Oil paintings of mountain scenes – by Pastor Jimmy Fraley
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Prayers and Praises:

1. God’s healing & provision for Roy and Sue
2. New teams to Chicago and Camden, NJ to
serve with the Salvation Army /Mission Year
3. Enthusiasm of Asbury students to serve in
Eastern Kentucky
4. Betsy Shifflett coming to serve with New
5. The Lord providing funds to do the many
different projects and outreaches we have in
6. Lives being transformed for the Kingdom day
by day

1. Continued health and strength for the
2. David Spencer as he directs the Eastern
Kentucky ministries and those pastoring
the small churches.
3. New team members to go and serve on
our outreach teams
4. Funding to do all the ministries God is
opening, especially in Eastern Kentucky
5. Vision for how to best come alongside
the churches we have help plant in





The journey of service continues for the Morleys.

John began middle school this year.. How can that be??
He is part of two youth programs here in Wilmore and
especially loves attending Delanco Camp, NJ each
summer. He has a compassionate heart especially for
little children. Zoe continues to a bright light in the
world of academia at the Univ. of Kentucky. John
continues to wear many hats between New Hope,
serving as board chair for AdventureServe Ministries
and serving/teaching at Asbury University. It's been a

joy to send teams to serve with Asburians around the world.
This past year we had teams in Chicago and Camden, NJ to
explore inner city ministry. Highlights of the year included taking
the Asbury Women’s soccer team to serve at our Eastern KY
ministry in August and teaching Dynamics of Spiritual Growth at
AU. Investing in the next generation leaders in such a privilege
and fruitful work. We are blessed to see servant leaders we have
journeyed with across many years impacting the world for Jesus.

2016 has been filled with planned and unplanned events.
Some were exciting and challenging and others sobering
and unsettling.

January was our time in South Africa. Working side by
side with our daughter, Lori, in her ministry with the
children in Kya Squatter’s Camp was such a spiritual
blessing. Being with family was special. We even got to
go on a safari. Revivals & Mission Conferences were an
important part of our spring. A ‘gathering’ of all of the
pastors and spouses in our Eastern Ky. Church Planting
ministry was incredible. A special thanks to the Frank
and Hope McFadden for help making this event
possible. Camp Meetings filled the summer months,
from standing in the pulpit of the Great Hall (seating
8,000) at Ocean Grove Camp, NJ to smaller camps
including Beulah Camp in Excel AL, Frostbridge
Holiness Camp in Waynesboro, MS, Beulah Holiness
Camp in Eldorado, IL. We experienced times of
spiritual harvest. People were saved, sanctified, and
several called into Christian service. Summer saw Tyler
come to live with us as he prepares for ministry. He is
the 123rd student across the years that has lived with

August was the ‘sobering and unsettling’ time. I was called home
from preaching Beulah Holiness Camp. Miss Sue was quite ill. She
spent 14 days in the hospital in serious condition. Our daughter
came home from South Africa to help us. The cancer indicators
have been elevating and a return trip to M.D. Anderson in Houston
was required. Thanks to the healing touch from the Lord and a
barrage of prayers from friends and family, the clouds of physical
problems have dilapidated. Miss Sue continues to regain her
health and is doing well. After tests and exams, my cancer doctor
said, “I see no need for immediate alarm. I guess that means I’m
OK for now. Revivals and mission conferences scheduled for late
August and September had to be canceled, but opportunities to
share Christ from our home were abundant. Anthony McDonald
from Jamaica was us in October to up-grade his prosthesis.
Because of improving health, we have been able to resume
preaching and other ministry dutys. Journeys to Eastern KY to
preach, revivals, mission conferences, and travel to meet with
donors again fill our schedule. Thanks be to the Lord! We are
looking forward to having our daughter and son-in-law (Lori and
Rich Wright) just moved back from South Africa to this area in
November. We welcome their help and support in the work of



Across my 55 years of ministry, I’ve
encountered a multitude of directionless
people. Usually unhappy and disillusioned,
they wander, more or less aimlessly, through
the days of their lives. What a tragedy! God
has such a wonderful plan for each life; yet so
many never seek His plan. From scripture we
learn, “For I know the plans I have for you,”
declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and
not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a
future” (Jeremiah 29:11, NLT)
There are some humorous sayings that reflect ‘folk
wisdom’ on this subject:

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you
know when you get there?
To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call
whatever you hit the target.
I may not know where I’m going, but I’m making
good time
When a person has no worthy goal or no laudable
objective in life, materialism crowds out
commendable direction. Entertainment and pleasure­
seeking often become ends in themselves. The Old
Testament account of Esau serves as a warning to
those who hold God’s plan for their lives in light

Esau traded his precious birthright away to satiate
his immediate appetite. “Then Jacob gave Esau
some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank,
and then got up and left. So Esau despised his
birthright” (Genesis 25:34, NKJ). How tragically Esau’s
life seems to have ended: “For you know that
afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing,
he was rejected, for he found no place for
repentance, though he sought it diligently with
tears” (Hebrews 12:17, NKJV). Like Esau, we can ignore
God’s plan and forfeit our birthright. We are free to
trade away that which is of eternal value for that
which is temporal.
How wonderful it is to know where you’re going, to
follow a God’s plan. My heart resonates with the
Apostle Paul: “Brethren, I do not count myself to
have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting
those things which are behind and reaching forward
to those things which are ahead, I press toward the
goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ
Jesus” (Philippians 3:13-14, NKJV).
Prayer: Lord Give Me The Wisdom To Follow The
Plans You Have For Me, Plans That Give Me A Hope
And A Future.

Brother Roy




Newly commissioned pastors
of Eastern KY churches

David Spencer who is heading up
our Eastern KY ministry


This has been another productive year for NHIM’s
partnership with Eastern Kentucky Church
Planting Ministries.

We now have six church plants and are helping provide
pastors for two Ky. Mt. Holiness Assoc. churches. David
Spencer has accepted the position of Director of Church
Planting Ministries. Although the position carries full time
responsibilities, there is no salary provided. David
depends on gifts and support offerings to cover his living
expenses. We are working to secure monthly support
commitments from friends and family who believe in this
ministry. Can you help? Mentoring and on the job training
for our new preachers remain a priority. We’ve added a
new scholarship program to allow our preachers to attend
various Holiness Camp Meetings to learn from
outstanding evangelists and Bible teachers. An additional
benefit is fellowship with mature believers from around
the country. This time is yielding excellent benefits.
Revival meetings in all of our churches continue to be an
important means of strengthening our local
congregations and providing discipleship opportunities.
As funding is available, men’s and women’s retreats are
another tool to assist our new pastors and new converts
grow to spiritual maturity. The first annual ‘Gathering’ of
our ministers and spouses plus supporters Frank and
Hope McFadden gave great encouragement and a
challenge for all involved.

Through the commitment of our Bear Pen congregation, the
Abiding Hope Food Pantry continues to provide life-giving
nutrition to approximately 250 families. ϖ Visiting work
teams offer a vital link with our mountain people and those
who come to offer help and encouragement. Asbury
University Women’s Soccer team came to work and minister
in several churches. They were wonderful help. ϖ Self-help
Grants (in great need of funds) allow people to earn income
to support their families. Examples: Owen Tomlin’s
production of Turkey Calls and Pastor Jimmy Fraley’s oil
paintings of mountain scenes. There is a developing
awareness in our congregations of their responsibility for
missions and outreach. Examples: A work-team from the
mountains is traveling to Alabama to help with facilities
renovation at Beulah Camp Meeting; a ministry team from
our churches was in charge of a chapel service at Asbury
University; Jackson Community Church’s mission program
is sending Bibles to China. We have been able to provide
scholarship assistance for some mountain youth to attend
Mt. Carmel Christian School. Special help, the love of Jesus,
and a safe environment are paying dividends for these
children. The Medical Clinic bus donated to us by a
mountain ministry that closed has proven to be invaluable.
David has been able to convert the bus into a motor home.
It is presently parked behind our Green Hill Church near
Harlan, Ky. It is serving as a parsonage for David and Nora
on Wednesday nights and Saturday nights as they travel a
hundred plus miles each way to minister there.




In 2014 the New York Times published a piece on the top 10 toughest counties to survive in in the United

The 10 lowest counties in the country, by this ranking, includes a
cluster of six in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky
(Breathitt, Clay, Jackson, Lee, Leslie and Magoffin)."


Why Eastern Kentucky?

CNN adds their take on the New York Times article:
"The county with the dubious distinction of being the worst of all is Clay County,
Kentucky, where residents can expect to die six years earlier than the average
American. But it's not a recent distinction for the Appalachian county. Its reputation
as a rough area dates as far back as 1899 thanks to clan feuds, while a recent survey
found Clay County had the worst health characteristics of any county in the state."




On our trip to Chicago we got to spend time
serving at a church in south side Chicago.
Throughout the week we got to fix up the church on
the inside and out. We cleaned, painted, organized,
and did plenty of other small tasks. During the week
we got to serve the homeless a meal at this church,
and were encouraged to sit down and talk with them
and get to know their experiences and share some
laughs with them. We organized clothes at there thrift
shop, and helped set-up for an unexpected funeral
that the church had to do after we left.
This trip changed my life forever. I got to see a side of
life I have never seen before. I got to see struggles and
problems that people where I am from never have to



It has really helped me let go of my selfishness and
decide this world isn't about me. To see people with
less than what I have, but filled with more joy than
ever, really showed me what should be important in
my life. I got to truly learn how different it is to grow
up in this environment, and how people face
difficulties people outside might never even notice.
We were able during this week to feed those in need,
along with give them someone to talk to. The church
we helped was in need of having some things cleaned
up and taken care of, and we were able to knock those
things out. On our last day we had a woman say, "You
all did in a day what would have taken us 2-3 months
to do." Little projects that kept getting pushed to the
side were finally being taken care of, and we got to
meet these incredible people that do them. We were
able to provide some important service that needed to
get done. It was an amazing experience.




During this past spring break, I had the
opportunity to go to Camden, NJ for a mission
experience with an awesome group of people.
I had not previously heard of Camden, so going on this trip
I felt an array of emotions such as excitement and
nervousness. In the weeks leading up to the trip, our team
met up once a week and we did some icebreakers because
we all did not know each other. We also got briefed on
some of the work that we were going to participate in.
The day came for us to start our journey. We left Asbury at
about 5pm and we drove until about midnight with the
occasional stops for bathroom and gas. The first place we
stopped was Cumberland, Maryland because we thought
that the drive would be too much to do in one night. The
Salvation Army pastors allowed us to sleep in their chapel
and we rested for the reminder of the journey that would
continue the next day.
Once we arrived in Camden, we got situated to the house
that we were staying at. On the first night the



Dunigan’s who were over the home and the mission
experience, oriented us on the city of Camden. .
Camden is considered to be one of the most dangerous
cities in the United States and has the highest number of
deaths caused by firearms and other violence. In
Camden, we would be working with The Salvation Army
Kroc Center that is in the city throughout the entire
week. This ministry impacted me by teaching me not to
judge a place or people by what they tell you or by what
you see. Though Camden is considered to be most
dangerous, the people still have so much hope for their
city. I remember one day we were working outside and a
group of three guys were walking on the sidewalk. They
were about 20 feet from us but the stench of freshly
smoked marijuana lingered so heavily on them. I
immediately thought the worst. As they came closer,
they began to talk to us and proceeded to thank us for
cleaning up a property and telling us how much they
appreciated it

2017 teams
*Camden, NJ
*Chicago, IL
*Northern Ireland

Meet Betsy Shifflett daughter of
longtime friends of NHIM/freshman
at Asbury and now serving as our
Office Manager.  She is already
making a huge impact trying to
keep Roy and John together

Many of you will be looking to make some end of the year gifts for purposes
of tax deduction. We would be honored and blessed if you would consider
investing in the ministries and staff of New Hope. God is truly on the move
and we are excited about the ways we have been able to partner with Jesus.
Of course, all things require funding. Our staff serve tirelessly and continue to
need financial support. As many doors across the globe are opening, we will
need resources to help build the Kingdom. This is the type of investment that
will always pay eternal dividends. Thanks from Roy, Sue, John and more

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