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The year 2016 is similar to the year 1942 when highly triumphant fascists

began rolling downhill. Today, in December 2016, NATO fascists and the
Turk-Saudi or Takfiri-Salafist or T-S fascists are experiencing exactly the
same thing.
It all began when the triumphant Hillary Clinton was virtually assured of
her Democratic partys presidential nomination in early June 2016 when
she defeated her rival via rigged voting in a vital win in California.
Following that win for the US warmongers, the Syrian Army in late June
began its offensive to eliminate the jihadists in their capital of East
Aleppo. Tanks and mobile artillery backed by air raids, attacked jihadists
supply lines originating from Turkey to the jihadist lair in East Aleppo.
Fierce fighting raged to and fro, with NATO aircraft even bombing Syrian
civilians and soldiers to help the jihadists, but the Syrian Army (SAA) by
the end of September 2016, managed to surround the jihadists in the city.
In early October, SAA tanks in an offensive, broke through the frontlines
for the first time since NATOs jihadists first entered Aleppo in 2012. In
late November the SAA launched a new offensive on the jihadists. By 27
November 2016, the SAA and its allies had seized 75% of east Aleppo.
By early December 2016, the SAA had taken 85% of east Aleppo. On 9
December, it briefly paused due to verbal threats from the west to allow
the US and Russia a chance to negotiate. But the US dragged its foot in a
vain attempt to prolong and preserve the jihadist presence in Aleppo and
so fighting resumed. By 12 December 2016, the SAA had captured 98%
of east Aleppo and by the next day, it was in control of 99.99% of the city
and the jihadists minders in Turkey were forced to admit defeat and
they reluctantly agreed to take all their jihadists out of Aleppo altogether.
The victory in Aleppo was achieved using tanks, artillery, small units of
specialist fighters or shock troops and air attacks which angered the west.