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Cadillac Area

A Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Publication

December 2016 Volume 22-NO. 6

Business Magazine

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Mission Statement

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is

a visible business leader that advocates and
drives business opportunities. Through business
alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership
and provide a persuasive regional voice
benefiting our communities.

2016/2017 Board of Directors

Dave Cox, Executive Director
Wexford Missaukee ISD
Doug DeYoung, Vice Chair
Consumers Energy
Trent Mulder, Treasurer
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC.
Kelly Smith, Past Executive Director
Baker College of Cadillac
Kelly Cater,
Rec Boat Holdings
Karl Marcusse,
Don Schepers,
Schepers Agency, Inc.
Jennifer Brown,
Cadillac Area Public Schools
Stephen King,
Law Office of King & King
Tim Knaggs,
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance
Dan Minor,
Cadillac Castings, Inc.
Tonya Smith,
Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hosptial
Pete Stalker,
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Brian Williams,
Blue Heron Caf & Bakery
Bill Tencza, President

Mike Acosta, Great Start Consultant
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant

Paula Jasper, Director of Membership Services
Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations
Printer:Pleasant Graphics
Publisher:Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The
Chamber reserves the right to edit or refuse articles
and advertisements submitted to the Cadillac Area
Business Magazine and reserves the right in its sole
discretion to accept or refuse inserts and other materials to be distributed through the publication.

Thank You

have had the great privilege of serving as President of the Cadillac

Area Chamber of Commerce since
June, 2000. As announced in early
October, and with full conviction, it is time
to retire and concentrate on personal pursuits at the end of December.
The most challenging aspect of my decision factored the combination of the love
for the job and the importance of the
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The
legacy of the CACC, the great acceptance
of business community and community
at-large all factored into my decision, but
ultimately it was centered on a desire to
transition to the next steps in my life.
I have been blessed to be surrounded by
so many wonderful and supportive people
who believe in the Chamber. However, to
limit that capture only to the Chamber
or my job responsibilities would be misguided. There were so many great personal gestures afforded me that I can never
repay with proper gratitude or accurately
forward as part of this column. I was able
to interact with so many incredible and
talented people inside and outside the
building. Athletes commonly discuss after
retirement that they miss everyday interaction with teammates, more so, than the
sport they played. I suspect the same will
play out in my world, it is the people. I will
miss running a non-profit organization. It
is not for everyone, it simply was for me.
The journey was extraordinary because
of the people I could interact with, admire
and ultimately respect for doing more than

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

222 Lake Street

November/December 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

I ever could and/or ever accomplish without their guidance and assistance. Beyond
the aforementioned, I want to add my gratitude to our team at the Chamber for their
dedication and quiet accomplishment
without fanfare or self-directed attention.
Moving forward, the Chamber will only
get better. We are well positioned, not
broken and the organization is focused
on attaining United States Chamber of
Commerce Accreditation in 2017 and
becoming a benchmark organization. The
CACC staff is professional and dedicated
and will carry organization forward, but
your continued support is necessary. That
support is never underestimated.
Additionally, I want to extend my appreciation to the board of directors, current
and past, and the countless names that
advanced the Cadillac Area Chamber of
Commerce. Unfortunately, this column,
limited by space, can only serve as generic thank you, but my appreciation to all
who have been part of the journey. I am
immensely proud of the many success stories seen and unseen, that we collectively
moved forward. My loyalty will always
remain true to the Chamber and I will
always be supportive and ready to assist
the organization. Onward, Bill.

Bill Tencza,
Chamber President

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Cadillac Hospital

Business Directory
Concrete Construction

Leadership Partners:

11014 S. Morey Rd., McBain, MI 49657 231-825-8051

Christopher Schepers, Owner

Walkley Agency of Cadillac

919 N. Mitchell -Ste. B
Cadillac, MI 49601
Renee Walkley
Agency Principal

Membership Travel
Insurance Financial Services


Edward Dracht

Build Contracting
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.


Commercial Industrial Institutional Agriculture Churches
Offices Rubber Roofs Concrete Flatwork Complete Turnkey Projects
23350 100th Ave. Marion, MI 49665

Fax 231-468-3061

office: (231) 825-0035

fax: (231) 825-0038
cell: (231) 357-8718




(231) 775-1773 (231) 775-0703 FAX

9051 E. 48 1/2 Road Cadillac Shop Junction of M-115 & US-131

Craig Johnson, CEO 231-878-3550 Bonded & Insured

Belle Oakes Living Center Inc.
BorgWarner Thermal Systems
B&P Manufacturing
Cadillac Area Public Schools
Consumers Energy
DTE Energy
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance Agency
FIAMM Technologies LLC
Fifth Third Bank
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Michigan Rubber Products, Inc
Rexair LLC
Walmart Supercenter Store
Wexford-Missaukee ISD

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - November/December 2016 3

Cadillac Leadership Class of 2016-2017

Deb Gillies, Leadership Director

Members of the 2016-17 Cadillac Leadership class have been keeping

busy since they kicked off their two-day overnight retreat at Kettunen
Center back in September. In October we held our first full day session, focused on Education. They visited Cadillac Area Public Schools,
the Wexford Missaukee Intermediate School District and Career
Technical Center as well as Baker College of Cadillac where they met
with leaders from each of the schools. They now are more aware of the
educational opportunities our students have available right in our own
backyard. November brings Economy Day, the group met at Rexair
LLC, hearing from leaders in the economic sector. They toured the
three Cadillac area industrial parks on a CWTA bus learning the his-

tory behind our manufacturers and what they provide our community
today. The group took a facility tour of Rexair and at the end of the
day, proceeded to tour Piranha Hose Products followed by a class project meeting.
Special thanks to all the community leaders who share their time and
knowledge with us. The class members are enjoying the program and
they are learning a great deal from these experiences. They appreciate
their employers and scholarship supporters who allow them this wonderful opportunity to learn more about our area and further develop
their leadership skills.

Simply the Best

Kaycee Barber, Rexair


Chris Blessing, Wolverine

Jeff Durga, BorgWarner

Power Cooperative

Samantha Fent, Piranha

Hose Products

Travis Hepfner, Cadillac

Casting, Inc.

Michael Henderson, Rexair


Julie Larkins, Mercantile

Bank of Michigan

Sarah Moeller, Wolverine

Power Cooperative

Monica Malcomnson, Baker

College of Cadillac

Courtney Mulder, Munson

Cadillac Hospital Foundation

Mike Mullins, Piranha

Jason Owens, Cadillac

Sindi Powell, Avon

Hose Products
Casting, Inc.

Protection Systems

Jake Punelli, Cadillac Area YMCA

Tim Rigling, Wexford

Missaukee ISD

Devin Sharp,* Trusted Tree


Shaina Squires, Cadillac Area

2016-17 Cadillac Leadership class members

Eric VanHaitsma, BorgWarner

Public Schools

*RJ Blanchard Memorial Scholarship underwritten by B&P Manufacturing and Mercantile Bank of Cadillac

November/December 2015
2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Alliance Backs New

Tools For Redevelopment
By Kent Wood

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance threw its support

recently behind a package of Michigan Senate bills designed to
spur redevelopment of some of the most difficult properties and
buildings in the state.
Senate Bills 1061-1065 would allow certain redevelopment
projects those deemed transformational by the Michigan
Strategic Fund (MSF) to capture a certain percentage of the
increased state income tax and state sales and use tax revenue
once the development project is complete.
There is a high bar to be approved for the program, which
includes requirements that projects must be mixed-use development, have a minimal level of capital investment, prove the
project is transformational in nature and provides a net benefit
to the state, and have the projects tax capture approved by the
The Alliance was successful in advocating to lower the required
capital investment threshold from $25 million to $15 million for
communities under 50,000 people. This ensures that it is more
likely northern Michigan communities have the opportunity to
access the program for major, transformational development
Below is a high-level breakdown of the bill package.
The Problem: Northern Michigans growth and prosperity
depends on attracting and retaining talent. To do so, we need
to build vibrant places. Development projects in our communities and village cores continue to face significant economic
gaps particularly large-scale projects. Market rents do not support major ground-up construction or rehabilitation of large,
distressed historic structures. There is no economic development tool to help bridge the gap. The Community Revitalization
Program (CRP) works for smaller projects but not large scale,
transformational projects.
Proposal: Add a new category to the Brownfield TIF Act
for large-scale, transformational projects (Transformational
Brownfield Plans). Allows for capture of part of the incremental sales tax and residential income tax generated from within
the footprint of the project in order to make the development
possible. Applies only to mixed-use projects. Projects can
only be approved if the TIF results in a net benefit to the state.
Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) must approve capture. Strict
minimum investment threshold to limit eligibility to transformational projects, with strict caps on the number of projects
that can be approved. Fully consistent with all constitutional
Impact: Economic development leaders statewide have identified several billion dollars in catalytic mixed-use development

Succesful focus of Northern

Michigan Chamber Alliance
Passed Water Resources Development Act
(WRDA), guaranteeing funding for dredging
and harbor maintenance throughout the Great
Passed Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI)
funding authorization again
Maintained funding for Pure Michigan campaign in state budget
Defended Post Labor Day School Start Repeal
Successfully defended funding for rural hospitals in state budget
Defended northern Michigan downtown development authorities
Raised concerns over federal overtime rules
Supported repeal of the health insurance
claims assessment

projects that would have transformational benefits, but which

are not economically viable without a gap closing tool. This tool
will help unleash investment to regain Michigans momentum
as the comeback state and build the vibrant communities that
are essential to the states growth and prosperity.
In northern Michigan alone, many communities struggle with
long dormant properties or run-down historic buildings that are
ripe for a mixed-use development that could serve as a catalyst
for sustained economic growth in our communities. This package, along with the changes that have allowed smaller communities a better shot at using the program, is an important additional tool to help spur economic development in our state, and
in northern Michigan.
This is part of a continuing advocacy effort on behalf of the
Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance to create and defend
policies that enhance local development and economic growth

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - November/December 2016 5

DDA/TIF bills under Alliance scrutiny

The Chamber Alliance scrutinized separate bills in both the
Michigan House and Senate that would make changes to the
states laws that govern downtown development authorities and
tax increment financing (TIF) districts.
House Bills 5851-5856 were introduced in the House, and
Senate Bill 1026 was introduced in the Senate.
This past spring, the Chamber Alliance responded with concern to the House package that it would significantly harm small
and rural DDAs and TIF districts in northern Michigan. Many
of the concerns stemmed from proposed changes in the law in
response to situations involving larger districts in wealthier and
more populated areas down state.
Many of the initial Alliance concerns were fixed in the House
package introduced recently. However, a few needed changes
remain to ensure northern Michigan communities are not significantly impacted.
Both proposed packages are slated to be taken up in House
and Senate committees. Alliance representatives and members
will be in Lansing this week to work on desired changes.

Alliance working toward rural

friendly solutions on DDA bills
House: Rep. Lee Chatfields package passed committee narrowly 6-5 after some positive amendments. Alliance Director of
Government Relations Kent Wood had the opportunity to meet
with Rep. Chatfield and share a few concerns about the additional reporting requirements impact on small DDAs, and future
special millage captures. The Alliance was neutral in committee.
These bills have come a long way since his initial drafts and the
Alliance is thankful for that. We will continue to work with him
through the fall on amendment language and clarifications.
Senate: The Sen. Ken Horn bill strictly deals with reporting
requirements and has been far less controversial to this point.
It passed from committee unanimously. Kent Wood and members of the Lake Superior Community Partnerships Marquette
Ambassadors met with Sen. Horn the day after the hearing. The
group shared general concerns about new reporting impact
on rural DDAs, and will work with Sen. Horn and northern

Michigan State Senators Schmidt and Stamas to see about

amendments with similar language to the House bills.
Outlook: Both packages will likely be passed in their respective Chambers during lame duck, but will likely be headed for a
House/Senate conference committee to hammer out final passage. At this point, Wood prefers the Horn version, but will continue to engage with both law makers as we push for a few rural
friendly changes.

Outlook for the Alliance now that a

new president has been elected
Our chamber partners in the Great Lakes Metro Chambers
Coalition are optimistic that, despite the uncertainty surrounding the new administration, that the Great Lakes region could be
well positioned in the next Congress. The Speaker of the House
Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin, Vice-President elect Mike Pence
is from Indiana, and President-elect Trumps newly appointed
Chief of Staff Reince Preibus also hails from Wisconsin.
You can also make the case that it was the Great Lakes region
that won Trump the presidency with Wisconsin, Michigan,
Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania all key states that went for
Trump. Chambers should use that as leverage to ensure the
Midwest and Great Lakes region is attended to.

Agenda items moving

forward in new Congress
Infrastructure bill one area we are feeling very positive
about passing with a Trump administration. Hes said he
would support major infrastructure investments.
Could be positive for getting a sustainable federal funding
stream, sustainable airport stream, major project like the
Soo Locks
More involvement in trade issues
Immigration play defense, support H1B & H2B visas
Trade policy NAFTA
Take larger role in advocating for Farm Bill
Support policies that promote ag innovation and ag technology

Experience, Integrity, Results

Its what you expect.
Its what we deliver.

The Lakeview of Cadillac is now...

Senior Living

The Lakeview
has aanew
will remain
We will
you and
and your
rehabilitation, memory
and skilled
skilled nursing
Call (231)
(231) 775-0101
visit to

Ben Hicok, Jeff Mankiewicz,

Steve King, Lorri B. King

231-779-9000 140 Paluster St.

November/December 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Key to
the City
During the 24th Annual
Cadillac Boards and
Commissions Volunteer
Appreciation luncheon,
Bill Tencza retiring
Chamber President,
received the Key to the
City Award from Mayor
Carla Filkins.

The All-New 2017 Chrysler


reinvented from the road Up
Honesty and Integrity are the Foundation of Our Business!


1110 N. Mitchell, Cadillac, MI 775-2413

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5:30 PM, Sat. 8 AM-2 PM, Other by Appt.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - November/December 2016 7

Ambassador Club
Ribbon Cuttings

Cadillac Splash Pad

Chemical Bank

Healing Private Wounds

Riemer Eye Care

Table 212 A Wine Bar

Cadilllac Wexford Transit Authority

November/December 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce


Rise Up! Cadillac

Hosted by:

Sponsored by:

VanDrie Home Furnishings

Cogent Technology Solutions

Legislative informat
ion as well as
Northern Michigan
Chamber Alliance
updates can be found
at: un
der Legislative
Advocacy, click on No
rthern Michigan Bl

November 2016

Rise Up! Cadillac

Health Tip:

Mental Health
Hosted by:

Sponsored by:

Fox Hill Event Center

Sponsored by:

McCurdy, Wotila,
and Porteous, PC

Hi Lo Outlet

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dynamic Physical

Blue Care Network
of Michigan

Sometimes a mental health day - a day off

that is specifically geared toward stress relief
and burnout prevention - is the best thing
that you can do for yourself. Ideally, try to
alleviate added stress by scheduling your day
off in advance. While one day may not solve
the heavy underlying problems that lead to
burnout, a mental health day can provide a
much needed break to pause, regroup and
come back with a greater level of energy and a
fresh less-stressed perspective.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - November/December 2016 9


Anderson Promoted to Vice

President of Power Supply

New Members

Wolverine Power Cooperative announced the appointment of Zachary

Anderson as Vice President of Power Supply.
Anderson started his career with Wolverine in 2011 and has held
numerous positions of increasing responsibility. His duties will be to
oversee Wolverines generation facilities operation, long and short-term
power supply planning, and management of merchant operations.
Wolverine is a generation and transmission cooperative serving the
wholesale power supply and transmission needs of seven member-owners: Cherryland Electric Cooperative; Great Lakes Energy; HomeWorks
Tri-County Electric Cooperative; Midwest Energy Cooperative; Presque
Isle Electric & Gas Co-op; Spartan Renewable Energy and Wolverine
Power Marketing Cooperative.

Above and Beyond

Screenprinting & More
Jenny Hoaglund
6490 South Seeley Road
Cadillac, MI 49601
Jason Elmore
Wexford Prosecuting Attorney
437 East Division
Cadillac, MI 49601

King elected to Property Law

Section of State Bar

Kiwanis Club of Cadillac

Dave Burrill
P.O. Box 518
Cadillac, MI 49601

Lorri B. King, attorney with The Law

Offices of King & King, PLLC, was
recently elected as an officer of the Real
Property Law Section of the State Bar of
King has been a Real Property Law
Section Council member for the past
six years and is the only attorney from
Northern Michigan sitting on the
Council. With her election as an officer
of the Real Property Law Section, Lorri
will continue to be a voice for issues facing real estate practitioners in out-state

Tammy and Scott Weaver
1536 North Mitchell
Cadillac, MI 49601
Northern Christian Radio
P.O. Box 695
Gaylord, MI 49735

Autumnwood of McBain...
Memory/Dementia Care
Skilled Nursing Hospice Care/Respite

Cadillac Plant

Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.



220 Hughston St., McBain

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center



November/December 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Thermal Shutter


Baker College, Kirtland

Community College
partnership opens door
to police academy

Does your business or

organization need a website?

We can do that!

Baker College is partnering with Kirtland Community College

to offer a new associate degree law enforcement academy
(police) at the Cadillac campus. It includes basic police training at the Kirtland Regional Police Academy, Roscommon.
This associate degree program is for students who want to be
licensed police officers. Graduates will be qualified for immediate career opportunities at the local and county levels and
qualified to apply for work at the state level and with federal
agencies such as the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, Border Patrol
and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Baker College takes the

gold for providing veteranfriendly higher education
Baker College has been recognized with a gold ranking for
the second year in a row by the Michigan Veterans Affairs
Agencys (MVAA) Veteran-Friendly School Program.
American veterans deserve the opportunity to pursue their
academic goals, and that means educators must give their all
to help them succeed, said Bart Daig, Ph.D., Baker College
System president and CEO. Baker College has long understood the many challenges faced by returning and active-duty
military personnel and we are proud to routinely go the extra
mile for our veterans.

Kiwanis Club
Celebrates Anniversary
On Monday, October 17, 2016 the Kiwanis Club of Cadillac
celebrated their 80th anniversary as a community service organization in the City of Cadillac. The event was held at Lakeside
Charlies with a delicious buffet dinner for the members and
their guest.
The club has a long history of community service such as the
construction of the disc golf course at Diggins Hill, the Kiwanis
playground at 5th & 2nd Avenue and multiple projects at Camp
Torrenta. The Kiwanis organization can be seen at the concession stand at Cadillac High School Memorial Field and participates annually at the Cadillac Art Fair. Currently Kiwanis
members volunteer their services at Cooley High School with
the backpack program.

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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - November/December 2016 11

Gibbs joins local

accounting firm
Amy Gibbs has joined the team
at Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C.
Amy has 27 years of experience in
the accounting field with the last 10
being in public accounting preparing
tax returns and performing monthly
bookkeeping and payroll.
Involved in various organizations,
she also owns a local business with
her husband. Amy is a Cadillac native
and with her husband, Rod, their
family includes four children and
two grandchildren.

Blarney Stone Broadcasting

expanding in Northern Michigan
Blarney Stone Broadcasting, Inc. and Northern Broadcast, Inc.
have entered into a purchase agreement that will enable Blarney
Stone to increase reach and coverage throughout Northern
Founded in 2012 by Jerry and Sheryl Coyne, Blarney Stone
Broadcasting owns and operates WQON (FM), licensed to
Grayling; WGRY (FM), licensed to Roscommon; WMQU (AM),
licensed to Grayling.
Traverse City-Petoskey-Cadillac is the 160th largest radio market
in the country with a Metro 12+ Population of 297,300 according
to Nielsen Media Research. The region is a destination to more
than one million visitors each year.

Brunink joins Mitchell Investment

Jennifer G. Mitchell, CFP and Mitchell Investment Advisors, LLC, has announced the addition of Brittany Brunink to the firm as a Junior Financial Advisor. Brunink is a 2012 graduate of Calvin College where she received her B.A. in Business Finance and Marketing.
As a native to our area, Brittany brings experience in commodity trading and accounting.
She is highly organized, client service oriented and dedicated to continuing her education,
making her an excellent asset to our team said Mitchell.
In Bruninks free time, she enjoys traveling, playing softball and horseback riding with her
friends and family.

The All New

2017 GMC ACAdiA

4G WI-FI HOTspot
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility
Up to 5 USB Ports
Driver Alert
And much more...

South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac

(231) 775-1222 1-800-828-9852


November/December 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

The chamber staff would like to wish

you a healthy & joyous holiday season!


24/7 Emergency Service.
We make it our responsibility
to keep you dry!

Home of the Springfield SmartRoof

Phone 231.263.5300 Toll Free 888.469.0059
Fax 231.263.5723 6509 M-37 Kingsley, MI 49649

An Authorized Duro-Last Contractor

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - November/December 2016 13

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Cadillac Leadership
Rummel Orthodontics
Great Start Collaborative Wexford Missaukee
Samaritas Senior Care
Sams Club
Servpro of Manistee, Ludington, & Cadillac
Shively Supply a division of Shively Bros.

Chamber Exhibitor Partners:

November/December 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Wolverine to Add Largest Solar

Array in Northern Michigan
Wolverine Power Cooperative announced that one of its member-owners, Spartan Renewable Energy, Inc. will construct a 1.2 megawatt solar array in Cadillac (SpartanSolar - Wolverine), across from Wolverines headquarters facility.
Wolverine will purchase 100 percent of the output from the project the largest in Northern Michigan, for the benefit of
its member-owners.
SpartanSolar represents our ongoing commitment to Michigan renewable generation built in Michigan, with
Michigan labor, and Michigan panels and equipment, said Eric Baker, Wolverines President and Chief Executive Officer.
Wolverine continues to add clean energy resources to power our members future. We will take our first step into solar
with SpartanSolar and intend to add more solar power in the months ahead, said Baker.

Data track 2015 and 2016

Wexford County Jan. 16 Feb. 16 Mar. 16 April 16 May 16 June 16 July 16 Aug. 16 Sept. 16 Oct. 16 Nov. 15 Dec. 15
Labor Force
14,474 14,558
14,465 14,612 14,677 14,560 14,504 14,289 14,175 14,412 14,541
13,576 13,634 13,615 13,688 13,885 13,923 13,702 13,773 13,638 13,480 13,679 13,775

Unemployment 898 924 934 777 727 754 858 731 651 695 733 766

6.2% 6.3% 6.4% 5.4% 5.0% 5.1% 5.9% 5.0% 4.6% 4.9% 5.1% 5.0%
Missaukee County Jan. 16 Feb. 16 Mar. 16 April 16 May 16 June 16 July 16 Aug. 16 Sept. 16 Oct. 16 Nov. 15 Dec. 15

Labor Force
6,867 6,978 7,032 6,951 7,014 7,119 7,189 7,058 6,917 6,729 6,887 6,962

6,405 6,473 6,524 6,547 6,676 6,760 6,790 6,719 6,625 6,417 6,575 6,614

Unemployment 462 505 508 404 338 359 399 339 292 312 312 348

6.7% 7.2% 7.2% 5.8% 4.8% 5.0% 5.6% 4.8% 4.2% 4.6% 4.5% 5.3%
For more information go online to

Investing in the
Local Community.

At Mercantile Bank were committed to strengthening business here in the Cadillac

area. Over the past year we have financed numerous construction projects, helping
businesses to develop and expand. All of this impacts new job creation and
promotes economic prosperity which helps to build a stronger community.
Moving business forward, its just another way Mercantile is
Here to get you there.
Member FDIC

231.775.9000 - Downtown Cadillac

231.779.8954 - Cadillac North
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - November/December 2016 15


Chamber of Commerce
222 N. Lake St.
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874

Take good
care of the
you keep.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network offers the complete
insurance solution to protect the overall health and well-being of your employees.



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are nonprofit corporations
and independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.