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Contact me by:
Skype: nataliekcy
Phone: +852 8923 3242
Address: 32 Parker Ave, Sunland, Windiville

November 25, 2016

Raymond Loo
Head of Sixth Form Admissions

Sevenoaks School, Sevenoaks, Kent

Dear Mr Loo,
It is with my utmost enthusiasm to say that I have been personally researching schools that will help foster
my personal growth and allow me to blossom academically in my last years of high school, and I believe that
Sevenoaks School will do exactly this for me. As a student, artist, musician, writer, and social justice activist,
I have had much exposure to different academic, social, and personal experiences, which will make me a
choice for Sevenoaks School that you will not regret.
My activities and achievements have developed me to the person I am today - the differences between all of
them have allowed me to live truly unique days. Academically, I am a strong student, having achieved
certificates in the Honor Roll (IB marks of 5 and above) beginning from 2014 and continuing. I have also
achieved a Principals Award (IB marks of 6 and above) in 2015.
Sevenoaks curriculum is designed to create balance and instil strong cultural awareness, a determination to
be an influence for good and learning and discovery, which are qualities I believe I have demonstrated. I
enjoy expressing myself through artistic outlets, and writing is no exception. In 2014, one of my novels based
around the relationships between people and their surroundings, titled Paris, reached #1 on the Teen Fiction
charts on popular creative writing site Wattpad. I was also accepted to write for Affinity Magazine in 2016, an
online magazine with articles published by teens for teens based around social justice and politics-related
issues. I partook in a story-writing competition in 2016 held by The Reading Tree, a club at my current school
that aims to help educate underprivileged children in Myanmar, and won first place for my book Millie and
the Magic Mirror that was used as teaching material.
Visual arts is another one of my passions, and I have combined my strong belief for taking initiative on
environmental and social justice related issues with creative productions. In 2016, I co-founded the body
positivity project, #FLAWSITIVITY on Instagram, which is a project that aims to discourage body shaming
and promotes self love and self acceptance via visual and performing arts submissions by users worldwide. I
was also a finalist for the Doodle4Google competition held by Google HK in 2014, which was a competition
held by Google HK where students had the opportunity to design and recreate the logo seen on the Google
homepage. My submission was a creative interpretation on the topic, environmental issues, and I succeeded
in communicating my message as seen from my finalist status.
I thank you immensely for giving me this opportunity and taking a look at my resum in advance and will be
in touch by latest next week. I look forward to hearing from you - I am available at any time and you can
reach me through my Skype: @nataliekcy, my email:, by phone: +852 8923 3242
or through mail to my address: 32 Parker Ave, Sunland, Windiville.
Thank you and sincerely,
Natalie Kwok

Contact me by:
Skype: nataliekcy
Phone: +852 8923 3242
Address: 32 Parker Ave, Sunland, Windiville

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

First place in JUST WRITE For Kids Story-Writing Competition
- in-school writing competition hosted by Global Issues Network club The Reading Tree for kids in which
the books are used to teach children in underprivileged areas in Myanmar

Accepted to write for Affinity Magazine

- a social justice and politics based online magazine written for teens by teens that is read in over 178


Finalist in Doodle 4 Google HK Competition

- one of the twenty finalists out of hundreds of participants in competition hosted by Google HK


#1 on Wattpad Teen Fiction Charts

- received #1 for my novel Paris on online writing website out of thousands of books in the same genre


Recipient of Honor Roll (mark of 5 and above on report card) from Canadian International School of Hong


Certificate in Graded Examination in Rock and Pop (Grade 6 Drums) from Trinity College London
- international exam board that offers graded and diploma qualifications for performing arts and English


Certificate in Graded Examination in Rock and Pop (Grade 4 Drums) from Trinity College London
- committed drum player


Merit Certificate for Graded Examination in Dance (Classical Ballet, Grade 3) from Royal Academy of
- international exam board that specialises in dance education and training, particularly classical ballet


Merit Certificate for Graded Examination in Dance (Classical Ballet, Grade 2) from Royal Academy of


Active participant in Global Issues Network clubs UNICEF, The Reading Tree, SAGE (Student Activists
for Gender Equality)
- active member in clubs based around childrens rights, educating underprivileged children, and gender
equality that strive to create a change through community service in school and outside school


Co-founder of body positivity project, #FLAWSITIVITY on Instagram

- aiming to dispel misconceptions and prejudice set up by mainstream media about body positivity and self
love, while promoting and fostering a positive relationship between students and self image through the
creation of visual and performing arts


General Member of Photography Team, member of Digital Ambassadors

- developing and growing digital communication skills, expanding knowledge of cameras, computers and
other digital technology used daily within the schools learning environment, providing photographic
coverage of school events and establishing connections between the classroom and school IT Department


Work selected and exhibited at Find Arts Studio Art Exhibitions

- art pieces that have been developed and created over time through the creation of pieces in different styles
and using different medium and selected out of over a hundred pieces of my fellow peers to be exhibited


Active player in Emmy Badminton Club