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Technical Essay Writing Preparation 2016

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Technical Essay Writing Preparation

Course Dates & Prices 2016
Please tick the box corresponding with the essay preparation module(s) that you wish to book.
Please note we will not be able to examine you if you have taken a previous exam (in the same module) within 90 days.

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Please note that Instructors do not pre-empt the examination questions.

Guidance on essay construction and various assignments appropriate to the subject module are given however these
assignments cannot be guaranteed to cover the actual examination questions.
PDF Notes will be sent once full payment has been received. We expect all students to of completed the full Module and multichoice examination before attending these technical essay writing courses.

Course fees are non-refundable or transferable.


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Maintenance Practices
Human Factors
Aviation Legislation

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LRTT Ltd trading as Resource Group

LRTT General Terms and

1 General

6 Performance

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided

by LRTT Limited. Customers own General Terms and Conditions are
not applicable. Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions
must be agreed upon in writing to be effective.

The customer is responsible for compliance with any requirements for

participants qualifications. The requirements for participation as set
out in the training programmes shall apply.
Training will take place at the LRTT training premises in the UK or at
the client premises as specified.

2 Offer: Conclusion of Contract

In the case of client specific courses, LRTT will issue a written offer
upon preliminary negotiations with the customer. The offer will contain
a service description and an acceptance form as contract
documentation which is legally binding when completed and signed.
The written offer will specify any variances from these General Terms
and Conditions.

Daily schedules of training will correspond with the customary working

hours of LRTT unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. LRTT is
responsible for performing the training. LRTT reserves the right to let
the training be partly or wholly performed by duly qualified third parties
in LRTTs name. In all circumstances, certification will be effected by

In the case of individuals attending open courses, the acceptance of

contract is effected by returning to LRTT a signed registration form,
which contains all relevant elements, together with a 10% deposit. The
balance will be payable 4 weeks before the commencement of the
course, unless otherwise agreed with LRTT in writing. If the course is
due for delivery within 4 weeks of the order then the total fee payable
is due with the order. Failure to pay will invalidate the order.

If a successful completion of the training requires any test or

examination, the test or examination will be made according to the
applicable LRTT rules. LRTT does not warrant that the participant will
reach the intended training level, nor does LRTT warrant that a
participant will pass the exam.

After the deposit has been paid, the customer will receive a letter of
confirmation, setting out details of the course and giving information
about the training facility.

In the case of training courses, the services are specified in the

training description, which is the basis for the contract. The applicable
prices for the different courses are set out in the registration form or
written offer as applicable. Applicable value added tax, other taxes or
fees for services performed will be charged to the customer.

3 Termination of the Contract by Customer

The Customer may terminate the contract by written notice to LRTT.
In case of such termination, LRTT may, at its discretion, charge
cancellation fees. The amount of these fees depends on the time of
receipt of the cancellation notice as follows:
Full days between receipt
of cancellation notice and
course start
180 and more

Cancellation fee as percentage

of the contract price
80 %
50 %
30 %
10 %

Any costs incurred by LRTT in preparation of the agreed service will

be charged to the customer but will be limited to a maximum of the
contract price less any applicable cancellation fee.
4 Delay of the Course
If, due to force majeure or other reasons beyond LRTTs reasonable
control, the course cannot be performed at the agreed date, or only be
performed with unreasonable economic effort, then the course will be
performed on the next possible date agreed. The same applies in
case of illness of a trainer.
The customer may terminate the contract without any cancellation
charge if, due to the delay, the service is no longer of interest for the
customer. In the case of such termination, any fees paid by customer
will be refunded. Any other claims shall be excluded.
5 Termination of Contract by LRTT
In the case where LRTT has declared a specific training programme to
be subject to a minimum number of participants, LRTT may terminate
the contract if such minimum number is not reached.
In such case, the customer will be notified two weeks before the
course start date at the latest. Any training fees paid by the customer
will be refunded. Any other claims will be excluded.

7 Specification of Services, Prices, Terms of Payment

The agreed total price shall be due and payable without deduction as
per clause 2. Once the booking and deposit payment have been
received an appropriate invoice will be issued. Payments shall be
made in Sterling and at the customers cost and risk. Any payment not
effected when due will carry interest at one per cent (1%) per month.
LRTT will not bear any of the participants travel expenses.
8 Liability / Safety Rules and Insurances
LRTT shall not be liable for any kind of damage arising directly or
indirectly out of or in connection with the performance or nonperformance of the training, unless such damages have been caused
by the gross negligence or intent of the officers, employees or agents
of LRTT or its directors. The customer shall abide by the relevant
safety and accident prevention rules applicable for training within
9 Copyright on Licensed Material
Copyright on material provided by LRTT including but not limited to,
courseware, training documentation, procedural know-how, working
documents, software and manuals the licensed material - remain
with LRTT. Customer and training participants may not copy licensed
material, make it accessible to third parties or use it out of the scope
of the agreed services without LRTTs prior written consent.
It is further understood and agreed that monetary damages would not
be a sufficient remedy for any breach of copyright and that LRTT shall
be entitled, in addition to all other remedies available in law or equity,
to equitable relief, including injunction, as a remedy for any such
10 Other Duties
LRTT will treat any information about training participants and/or any
internal business information of customer as confidential.
11 Applicable Law, Place of Jurisdiction
This agreement shall be construed in accordance with and governed
by the laws of the England and Wales.

The same will apply in cases where the training cannot be performed
due to force majeure or other reasons for which LRTT is not
responsible. Notification will be made without undue delay.
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