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All About Me Lesson, Grade 2

Internship 1 | 9/27/2016
Lauryn Resotka & Amanda Chedid
Lesson Description:
The All About Me lesson will include Ms. Chedid and Ms. Resotka reading the books
they created about themselves to Ms. Tindalls class. We will share the following
Goal: something that you are trying to do or achieve
Accomplish: to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish
Balance: to put your body or something else into a position where it is steady and
does not fall
Hobby (plural hobbies): an interest or activity engaged in for pleasure
Habit: a usual way of behaving; something that a person does often in a regular and
repeated way.
Creativity: Using your imagination and ideas to make something.
Talent: Something you are really good at doing.
Travel: To go on a trip or vacation somewhere.
Hope: Something you want to do, have or be.
Materials Needed:

Legal Paper Print Outs - With lines for writing and a box for illustrations.
Colored Pencils
Dry Erase Markers
All About Me Books

This lesson is meant to share information about us as student-teachers to our
second grade students in Mrs. Tindalls classroom, while sharing advanced
vocabulary for them, comprehending through the context of the book and reviewing
the words at the end of the reading. The students will then use that vocabulary to
describe themselves as they illustrate their talents and interests. Students will also
get to know their peers through sharing their writing and illustrations.
Prior Knowledge:
The students may have prior knowledge of a few of the vocabulary words, but no
prior knowledge is needed.

SWBAT will be able to use new vocabulary words to write about their talent(s).
SWBAT will be guided into reflecting on their own interests, hobbies and talents.
SWBAT will complete an illustration connected to their own talent.

The Hook:
Our hook will be sharing our All About Me books with the class in the story/carpet
area of the classroom. We will both read through our books, share pictures we used,
review the vocabulary we used, ask if they know the vocabulary in their own words.
Lesson Activities:
1. Students will be asked to think about their own talents in their heads.
2. We will write an example sentence of how to explain what your talent is on the
Students will be able to choose how to write their sentences using the following
My talent is
My talents are
Something I am talented at is
______________ is something I am talented at.
3. We will then distribute pieces of paper for them to write their talents with a
corresponding illustration.
Students will be asked to share their talents and illustrations with the class.
We will use summative assessment by asking students if they can define our
vocabulary words after our read aloud.
We will also assess student work by reviewing their sentences for grammar and
detail and writing comments on each students paper.