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Chell Ataiza

R02 Sir Miguel Lizada

October 16,

The Boy Next Door

She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best ...and you chose to
break my heart. John Lloyd Cruzs name was immortalized in the eyes of girls of all
ages in what is now known to be the ultimate break-up movie, One More Chance.
This movie starts with the end of Popoy and Bashas long-term relationship and
progresses with the couples individual struggle as the find themselves and meet other
people who can possibly take each others places.
In our present showbiz industry in the country, mestizo and chinito actors
dominate the romance-comedy movies produced and then advertised for the public to
consume. Upcoming actors like James Reid, in addition to the other older and semiveteran rom-com artists like Gerald Anderson and Xian Lim, all exude the traits of the
usual members of the bourgeois or upper classes with their foreign-looking facial
characteristics and well maintained bodies. Even imports like Mario Maurer are
starting to steal the scene with their out of the ordinary features and their cultural
Now in this context, its a wonder how John Lloyd Cruz movies sell out in
the box office whenever he stars in one, no matter who he is paired with. It is
noticeable that he mostly leads in rom-com movies or drama as well, but his distinct
charm and style always stands out. His physical features are very Filipino as
compared to the other artists mentioned, although he is not as tan as others. His
muscles are not as pronounced as Piolo Pascuals or Sam Milbys, and his abs have
yet to be developed. Despite these, a lot of people still support and watch out for his
productions mainly because of the allure of his charisma. In his movie My Amnesia

Girl, he is portrayed as a funny, down-to-earth and hopeless romantic named Apollo.

His quirky and enthusiastic gestures that are distinctly John Lloyd in addition to his
female lead, Tony Gonzagas acting skills and the movies appealing and cutesy
storyline itself made the movie such a hit. John Lloyds overall appeal has made him
into the boy-next-door everyone admires. Unlike the usual personas Jake Cuenca or
Coco Martin take on, Lloyds carefree vibe and sense of humor on screen makes him
seem more real. Filipinas are given the hope that their very own John Lloyds are
waiting for them out there.
At present, the main upcoming star everyones talking about is the famous
(and somehow infamous) Daniel Padilla. Fans and bashers alike are carefully
watching out for his every move. Daniel Padilla completely contrasts John Lloyd
though. Padilla exudes the manly and rebellious vibe his family mainly projects while
the qualities John Lloyd convey are more closely related to the male best friend every
girl desires to have. His projects and the way he carries himself make him seem like
the approachable and friendly actor fans can have conversations with if they come
across him in the supermarket or malls.
In John Lloyds movie, A Very Special Love, he plays a role somehow
different from his usual characters. He plays Miggy Montenegro, a son of a very
wealthy man and owner of the Bachelor magazine. To balance out his positive traits,
Miggy is the son of a very wealthy man out of wedlock, thus making him the black
sheep of the Montenegro family. He is portrayed as the sad, rude and serious head of
the regular people who works for him. In the end though, he succeeds in his business
and somehow proves himself to his siblings who had always thought less of their
youngest brother. Miguel Montenegros character comes out closer to the John Lloyd

roles we are all familiar with in the end of the movie, through the intercession of Lyda
Magtalas, his leading lady portrayed by Sarah Geronimo.
As compared to this, his iconic role as Popoy is seen as the tangible and
more attainable guy. At the beginning of the movie, he is shown as the controlling and
dominant boyfriend of Basha. They have been together for five years, and had come
to the stage where they are already too comfortable with each other. Basha then
decides to break it off with Popoy when he had come too far, deciding whether Basha
would eat the skin of the chicken he had brought her for lunch or not. Popoy then
becomes depressed and starts drinking a lot, then meeting his future rebound, Tricia.
After getting reconnected with Basha and the friends he lost after their break-up, he
realizes that Basha is still the one he loves and is meant to be with, although he still
needs time for himself. The movie ends with him visiting Basha at the site of the
building she designed after two years of working abroad.
Part of the appeal of One More Chance is how real it is. The movie is said
to be based on the director, Cathy Garcia-Molinas past relationship, where she and
her Popoy did not end up together. Popoys attributes are very dynamic and are not
unusual. This and how John Lloyd portrayed him really clicked. Because of how good
of an actor John Lloyed is, most audience members could not find it in themselves to
hate Popoy. His cheating on Tricia is quickly forgiven if not forgotten the moment he
cries and his yearning for Basha wins the viewers over. If just any other actor played
John Lloyds Popoy, this could not have been fully possible. His charisma and charm
perfectly fits Popoys character and mashes with Bea Alonzos Basha really well.
One of the most prominent rom-com actors of our time is John Lloyd Cruz
and this would stay that way until another matches his technique and style as an actor.
Although a lot of people are not personally acquainted with him, they would believe

him to be a the good guy because of the vibe he gives out. No matter who is paired
with him or who hes supposed to cry or yearn for, he is always seen as the John
Lloyd Cruz everyone could not entirely hate and secretly roots for.

Word Count: 1,024