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Temasek Polytechnic

School of Informatics & IT

Diploma in Mobile & Network Services (MNS)

AY2012/2013 October Semester

Requirement Specifications
Project Particulars
Project Number
Project Title
Project Teams Particulars
Student Number Student Name

Email Address


Mobile No.

Give a brief description of the project and the user organizations involved. Explain the
motivation behind creating this system and stating some the background regarding the
problem areas, bottlenecks or areas of improvement. State the aim of the system.
Objectives of System
Give a detail and accurate list of objectives the system should achieve. You may also
include the users' expectations of the new system. The objectives of the system should be
measurable and verifiable.
Definition of Terms and Glossary
Explain any terms that have special meanings within this document, for example
shall implies a mandatory requirement
should implies a desirable requirement
Define terms that are not commonly used or may be ambiguous to the readers, for
example for a Course Registration System: terms like schedule, student, course, etc
should be in the glossary.
System Functions
List and give a brief description of the functions of the systems that are to be
User Characteristics
Describe the characteristics of the users of the systems and the role they play.
General Constraints
Highlight any constraints such as dependency on other systems, existing
hardware/software platform or technology, restriction due to organization policy or legal
Processing Requirements
For each function, state the purpose and describe how the inputs can be transformed into
outputs and how the information can be captured process and generated.
User Interface Requirements
Describe any user interface diagram or draft screen shot drawn out during the
requirements gathering process. You may also describe the navigation mechanism if


Interface with Other Systems

Describe any requirements to interface with other system, either new or existing. List any
specification for interfacing and the required data format for communication between the
systems. Include any security considerations for such data transfer.
Record any assumption made or implied regarding the requirements you have gathered
for the system.
Operating Environment
Describe the actual operating environment that the system will be deployed.
Development Constraints
List any constraints that are given during the development of the system. (eg schedule,
platform, etc)
List the acceptable system response time for each function during time of operations; on
the average and during peak hours.
State the system availability requirements. For example, the system is required to run 24
by 7 or the system is required to run during normal working hours (8am to 6pm) from
Monday to Friday. State also the acceptable down time for maintenance and data
backup. For example, 2 hours per week.
Security and Access Control Requirements
Specify the user groups that can have access to the respective functions and the user
locations (if this is a distributed system). Specify user authority to facilitate control over
system access and data access. Identify any log required for audit purpose. List any other
security requirements such as data encryption or authentication.
Any other requirements that are not included in the above headings, like data archival,
List any books or web site that you have used when preparing this requirement