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Rema Kodaimati

UWRT 1104
17 November 2016
Unit 3: Studio Activity 1
Option 1
Part I-Writing Situation and Brainstorming
1. The purpose of my digital essay is to raise awareness and inform people about an issue
that does not have much attention placed on it.
a. The argument I want to make is that more emphasis should be placed on the teaching
of languages as part of the education curriculum and that more people should try to
breech the language barrier dividing the worlds population as well. I want to argue
that governments themselves should make more effort towards breaking this barrier.
I will place my argument towards the end of the essay after I have given
evidence and background information on the issue. I want the reader to be
engaged and connect to my words and then come to the same conclusion and
argument as me.
2. My audience is the human population in general but I am speaking more towards the
people that have access to education and have the capability of making a change. I am
also speaking to the American people that lack cultural diversity and can spark a change
in their lives. The people I am speaking to are white Americans that have grown up
speaking only English and have been privileged with an education and a chance to create
their own platform.
3. Many people, including the members of my audience, are unaware of the implications of
language barriers and how it affects the lives of people that do not speak the common
language. They are unaware of how it affects the livelihoods of these people and how
they dont get fair treatment over something like language. They dont receive proper
medical care nor do they get access to many of the government resources that are the
rights of the American people. These people work and pay taxes but do not get to see any
of the benefits and are forced to struggle because they dont speak English.
4. I plan on addressing the cultural perspective of the issue and how learning to speak a
language is more than just learning how to say something or understand. A language of a
people is a culture in itself. I also plan to address the issue from the other side. I plan on
speaking about how these people are viewed by the majority and how the majority feels
about them. I will address societys point of view, the minoritys point of view, and the
point of view of the presiding government.
5. The care of immigrants and minority peoples that do not speak the language of the
country that they have immigrated to is an issue that needs addressing. As well as the
treatment of these individuals in society as well.

a. The issue is not one heavily discussed and is often overlooked, so I plan on
addressing it towards the end of the digital essay. I want the audience to be well
informed and have a proper background knowledge on the issue before I address it.
They should know the significance of the issue and the depth of its impact before
6. My essay is going to follow the typical essay genre, but because of the nature of my topic
I have to arrange the content in a manner that will prove to be most effective in achieving
the purpose of my essay.
a. I will first provide background information and history on the basic concept of
languages and then begin mention the issue at hand. From there I will give evidence
and details about the issue in different circumstances. Then I will make my argument
and provide a plan for action based on what I believe the situation requires. Lastly, I
will formulate my conclusion and restate the main points that comprise the issue.
Part II-Rhetorical Appeals
Pathos: Seeing as my topic, language, is what allows humans to connect with one another
and communicate it will be fairly easy to appeal to the pathos of the audience. I plan on
describing the experiences of individuals and their life stories and using that to make the
audience connect with those people and sympathize with them. I plan on using a good amount of
descriptive language to make up for the few images I will include, which will be of the
individuals I am speaking about. Also, by including a few key statistics I will make the issue
more of a reality for my audience and gain their sympathies that way.
Ethos: I grew up speaking two languages and have been surrounded by parents that had
to learn how to speak English and still struggle with it. Most of my family lives outside of the
United States, so I have good personal experiences that support my argument and I plan on
utilizing them to appeal to the ethos of my argument. The tone of my essay is strong but not
overtly so as to scare or make my audience feel like they are being preached to. My sources
themselves are highly credible and the citation of them will also appeal to the ethos of my
audience. I have a good overall knowledge on the issue and I believe that it will show through
my essay and speak for itself in regards to how trust worthy I am. I will also mention various
sides to the argument and acknowledge that my side is not the only side, even if its the right
Logos: My topic is abstract thought wise but in reality, it is something that is easily
understood. The background information and the history on the topic that I am providing with
appeal to the logos of rhetorical appeals. Everyone is human, therefore everyone will care to
some extent and is concerned about the treatment of other individuals residing within their
communities. My argument advocates for that, so it is only logical for them to support it.
Moreover, the various sources that I will include will hit on other perspectives and make it make
sense, so to speak.