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Yuliana Garcia

English 1
Dec 12, 2016
1. How have you completed each SLO? In regards to SLOS (student learning outcomes).
There are several ways I have accomplished each SLO. For instance, we annotated The Shitty
First Draft by Lomatt, Ann to better comprehend, analyze and evaluate the text. This helped me
because it said when you write your first paper it is not always the best. This class overall has
made me become a better writer, as I wrote my essay there have been several method that we
used and that was very helpful. Some SLOs that we have used in the class that has improved
my writing skills are our shitty first drafts, those lead us to correcting errors, use better grammar
usage, meet at the peer workshops and working in groups, annotating from readings to get a
better understanding of the readings, etc. The peer workshop and free writes where some
examples of higher order concerns, getting feedback helped me to revise an older draft to resolve
issues like organization, LOCs and rhetoric.

2. How do you think your participation in our class discussions will affect your grade? In the
future how will you participate more in other classes?
Participation in general is very important to every class in college. For instance, if you miss class
its like youve missed a week of lecture or perhaps two weeks depending on what class. In some
classes participation is worth 25% of your grade or more. It doesnt know depend on showing up
but also doing class discussions, group works, free writes, etc. In my opinion participation will
affect me in a positive way. The more I work with peers the more Im comfortable to speak up. I
didnt do much volunteering in this class but for the most part I was in class frequently, even
after my C-section I still manage to make it to class on time. In the future Im looking forward on
participating more although Im very shy and quiet when in dont know my peers or professors. I
am more comfortable when we do group work and also do class discussions

3. Overall, how does your final portfolio reflect your best work?
Overall my final portfolio will reflect my best work because I choose the two papers I got the
best scores on and got the main ideas across. I absolutely loved the idea of being able to revise
two essay that already have been graded and looked over by my professor, now I know what
areas to improve. For instance, on one of my essay my introduction is short so Im having to
expand it a little more. On my essay I actually choose topics that will interested the readers and
also so they could see what Im interested on. For my portfolio I choose the literacy narrative and
the rhetorical analysis essay, the reason for that was because I got the best grades on that and the
feedback basically straight forward I feel like I will get a good grade and pass English 1.