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Library Bar Employees

Dailaine dos Reis, CEO
Connor Coyne, Co-Founder; Nikolas Dimopoulos, CFO
November 15, 2016
Sexual Misconduct Procedure

I. Instructions
The following document is designed to help the Library Bar employees understand what is
expected of them regarding the Sexual Misconduct Policy. Sexual misconduct encompasses a
range of possible behaviors used to obtain sexual gratification against ones consent. This
procedure is applicable to all staff members, employees and customers. Inability to comply with
the policy or report acts of sexual misconduct can significantly impact the work environment.
If Sexual Misconduct is reported, an investigation will take place with the parties involved. Due
to the severity of the report it can often a few days to fully asses evidence, therefore please remain
If you are a victim of Sexual Misconduct, follow the following procedure. It is important to
remember to stay calm and report Sexual Misconduct when the incident occurs.
II. Application Process
1. Speak to a supervisor, managers or executive board member regarding sexual misconduct.
It is important to give precise and accurate details about the event.
If at any point you feel uncomfortable or in an unsafe environment, contact a
supervisor or someone you trust immediately. If in extreme distress call 911.

2. When a formal complaint is submitted, a supervisor and human resources representative

will assess the merit of the sexual misconduct charge.

Merit of charge is heavily dependent based on evidence provided.

All complaints will be investigated equally regardless of level of evidence.

3. When investigating the incident, a supervisor and human resources representative will meet
with both individuals separately. During the meetings, both parties can submit
supplemental evidence relevant to the charge.
List of relative and or supplemental evidence can be found on Section III of the Sexual
Misconduct procedure.
4. If sexual misconduct is proven, the accused will be terminated, if an employee, or band
from the Library Bar, if a customer. If either party wishes to appeal the final decision, either
can submit a written appeal.
III. Supplementary Evidence
To help a third party properly asses the sexual misconduct complaint, it is beneficial to provide
supplementary evidence. Some examples of strong supplementary evidence include:

The Library Bar

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

v CopyXofXapplicationXofXSexual
Misconduct Complaint Form
v List od witnesses
v Time frame

v RelativeXdocumented
evidence- such as e-mails, text messages,
social media posts etc.
v Security camera footage

IV. Conclusion
Sexual misconduct incidents are not taken lightly, and accusations should not occur without merit.
The Library Bar intends to create a safe and welcoming environment for all. By issuing a formal
complaint you will be helping to support the proper work environment as well as possibly
preventing future assaults. The severity of the issuing a sexual misconduct complaint should not
be taken lightly.
Please contact our Human Resources Department at or call 1-860-281-9988
x369. For more information regarding other support services and polices, visit
The sexual misconduct procedure is taken directly from the Nichols College Sexual Misconduct
Policy and can be found online at

The Library Bar

Tuesday, November 15, 2016