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The great Syrian victory at Aleppo in December 2016 ( just days ago)

was achieved by clever use of Syrian armor which was made up of

Soviet-era tanks such as the T-54/55, the T-62, the T-72, some newer
T-90s from Russia and the Soviet-made ZSU-234.
Together with tough army soldiers, artillery and air units, these tanks
wiped out the very evil NATO-backed jihadist presence in Aleppo.
Artillery, air raids and army snipers forced the jihadists to scurry, very
breathlessly, from one corner to another as they retreated from all sides
enabling tanks to move forward to mow down their strongholds.
The Syrian Army does not have too many tanks and many of its tanks
are old and aged but the SAA harnessed them well. Accompanying the
main battle tanks into combat were many old ZSU-234s which were
used to harass jihadist fighters lying in wait to ambush army units.
This clever use of tanks by the SAA reveals the importance of the use
of tanks armed with multiple guns / rapid-fire guns in modern combat.
Thus, modern armored formations heading into battle must never be
without tanks similar in class to the old (but still useful) ZSU-234.
The ZSU is only equipped with 23mm cannons. Modern versions must
possess heavier cannons such as 40mm or 57mm ones and equipped
with APS systems to ward off missiles heading for tank engine bays.