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Movie Review: The King and I

Daniel Cappal
Grade 8 Responsibility

Last November 11, 2016 we watched the movie,
from 1956, the King and I. The said movies was directed
by Walter Lang and were produced by Charles Brackett
and Darryl F. Zanuk. It was derived from the musical
play by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. The
musical was based on the novel written by Margaret
Landon which was derived from the memoirs of Anna
Leononwens, the governess to the children of the King
of Siam in 1860s.


Plot Summary
Anna Leonowens, a strong-willed, widowed English
teacher with her son Louis, arrives in Bangkok after
being summoned to tutor the children of King Mongkut.
She was asked to introduce the western concepts and
etiquettes to the family of the ling. Their first meeting
was really not good. There was a language barrier
between them which caused the conflicts between the
two. But as Anna and the King spent more time, they
learned to show respect and appreciate each others


While watching the movie, I have realized the movie
emphasized on the importance of the existence woman.
Anna, being a school teacher, single mom, and a very
patient person, represents the compassion that a woman
have. She represented the inclusion of women in the
society will have a positive effect on the society.

Anna played a big role on honing the talents and

skills, of not only the kings children and wives, but also to
the king. She was a very patient and very compassionate
educator. No matter how hard things were, she still chose
to stay and continue in educating the king and his family.
The movie ended on a tragic scene, wherein the king
died. It is because when the king offered Anna his ring
because of his appreciation of her, Anna was offended on
how the king is acting. To her, the king sees her as just
another woman in his eyes. Anna started to open the eyes
of the king when she differentiated Monogamy (one
partner) from Polygamy (multiple partners).

The movie showed multiple symbolisms. Issues on
their time were
also shown in the film such as, the power of women in the
society and how men should not see women. It portrayed
issues on the gender equality, empowerment of women,
and involvement of women in the political society.


The movie was an eye opener on how women are
treated during the late 1800s. This movie showed that
the involvement of woman in the society really plays a big
role on building up a good one.
I recommend that the movie should be watched by
the next generation for them to understand how women
were treated during late 1800s.