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of Multiplication & Division





Picks out any key words

Draws Pictures representing
Interprets problems correctly. indicating it is a multiplication multiplicative reasoning

Was able to accurately

draw picture representing
Has strong understanding of Understood and answered in "Mary's Cookie Jar"
group discussion that "in all" question. He also drew
what the word problems
out a picture to the pencil
were asking. Stopped at the indicates multiplication
word problem to help
problem with seeds and
Sahar understand her
went back to check his
answer and caught that he
did not include Tuesday in
his "groups"

Was able to pick apart the

word problems with little
trouble. Was not able to see
that Tuesday was counted as
a group, but was able to
reexplain after discussion. Discussed that "in all" means

Accurately drew picture

for "Mary's cookie jar"
and "Figure me Out"

Understood and answered in Accurately drew picture

Has a well developed and
group discussion that "in all" for "Mary's cookie jar"
strong understanding of
indicates multiplication
and "Figure me Out"
word problems and picking operation
apart the information and
applying them accordingly.
He is also able to do complex
4 digit by 4 digit subtraction,



Drew an accurate
reprentation for "Mary's
cookie jar", as well as
pencil problem. As
Understands key words in a
indicated, he wrote out
problem, however needs
Struggled with seed
seeds and days to give
help reading some problems
problem. At first, did not
him a visual represenation
and picking apart the
understand to apply Tuesday
to solve. This indicates to
appropariate info.
as a group, but rather saw it
me that using a visual
as a first addend. After
helps the student apply
discussing with the group, I
his multiplicative
noticed he wrote out each
day (Tuesday-Saturday) and
wrote the amt. of seeds
bought underneath each
day, which gave him a visual
of units and groups.

As mentioned, student is
struggling to understand the
Struggled to pick out any key information in the word
problem and how to apply it
words that indicate
multiplication operation.
Also seems to be in the
beginning stages of
multiplicative reasoning,
however still displayed
strong understanding of
place value.

Aiden assisted Sahar to

draw a picture for "Mary's
Cookie Jar". Sahar used
repeated addition to
represent her answer, and
Aiden assisted to draw a
picture of her reasoning.

Still struggling to see groups

of things in multiplicative
Has basic understanding that word problems and words
"in all" idicates multiplicative that may indicate the
reasoning. When asked to operation.
reexplain what "in all"
means to her, she discussed
that it means that she would
add all items together. This
shows that she is at a basic
understanding of
multiplicative reasoning but
needs extra help. Struggled
with seeds problem.


Drew a good
representation of "Mary's
Cookie Jar" problem and
Pencil Problem. Used
repeated addition to solve
Yu-gi-oh cards problem,
but no picture included.

Multiplication & Division

Uses traditional algorithm or other

Mostly comfortable using

traditional algorithm, however
when asked to represent his
reasoning with other strategies,
he was able to do so. One way to
represent his thinking is breaking
numbers into more friendly
numbers, using his understanding
of place value.

Needs to work on
EXIT TICKET: Can construct a story
What can we work on next
problem that asks for appropriate

After assesssing his work, it

His ticket showed his
is clear that he is ready for
understanding of groups and
multi-step multiplication
units of things in multiplication,
problems. His place value
and used "in all" at the end of
understanding is strong, and
the problem, showing that he
he is a proficient level of
understood that this term
picking apart information in
indicates the problem is asking
word problems and applying
for the multiplication
them in the operation
procedure, appropriately.

Although he is most comfortable

using the traditional algorithm, he
also showed other strategies to
solve, such as breaking the
numbers into smaller groups and
adding them up, showing
He had to leave half way
representation of groups and
through lesson for Violin
units in a problem.

Showed multiply strategies for

each problem: Traditional
algorithm, pictures, partial
product and adding each group

I would like to work one on

one with this student, giving
him problems similar to the
seeds to see how we can
bridge the gap from straight
forward multiplication
problems that give the
groups and units, to ones
that the student has to
assess each part and
determine if the information
is part a unit or group.

I have been thinking about

how I can scaffold this
Manny's word problem was the
student's work, in order to
most complex out of all the exit
keep him motivated and
tickets. He crated a multiengaged in his learning.
staged multiplication word
When he is done with work,
problem that indicidates he is
I would give him multi-digit
bridging over to muti-digit by
by multi-digit problems to
multi-digit multiplication and
solve and ask him to
possibly pre-calculus
construct a word problem
using those numbers.

Showed multiply strategies for

each problem: Traditional
algorithm, pictures, partial
product and adding each group
individually. He did this for all

Repeated addition seemed to be

the most comfortable strategy for
this student. She is at the
forefront of understanding that
172 added 4 times, is really 4
groups/weeks times 172 pencils.

I would give this student

more problems similar to
"Mary's Cookie Jar", asking
him to draw more pictures
Struggled creating a complete and create number
word problem, due to time
sentences asking for the
running out.
multiplication operation.
This will help him get more
comfortable approaching
problems like the "seeds

For this student, I would go

back to the basics to teach
this student what groups
Was not able to create a word and units represent in
problem. Page left blank
multiplication, and asking
her to create drawings to
help her visualize her
multiplicative reasoning.

Seemed most comfortable with

the standard algorithm, however
Similar to Micah, I would
used repeated addition for Yu-giDid not construct a
give this student more
oh problem.
multiplication word problem, problems similar to "Mary's
instead created a separate
Cookie Jar", asking her to
result unknown problem. I am draw more pictures and
not sure if that is because she create number sentences
did not understand directions asking for the multiplication
completely or she is at a
operation. This will help her
bridging point of understanding get more comfortable
the basics of multipliction and approaching problems like
applying it to word problems. the "seeds problem" and YuGi-Oh problems.