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Classical Composer Biographies

Discover the history behind many famous and not-so famous classical composers in
the biographies that follow.
A. R. Rahman
Famed film composer, A. R. Rahman has been awarded and nominated for over 100
different awards. A. R. Rahman won the Golden Globe for Best Original Score for his
work in "Slumdog Millionaire" as well as earned 3 Academy Award nominations for
the same film. Learn more about A. R. Rahman in this composer profile.
A Profile of Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky was an extremely introverted person, despite his ability to hold
incredibly animated conversations. Learn more about the life of Tchaikovsky, one of
the great composers of the 19th century.
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Clint Mansell, Film Composer
Clint Mansell, born in 1963, is a noted film composer. His most famous works come
from the movies "Requiem for a Dream" and "The Fountain". Learn more about Clint
Mansell in this composer profile.
Howard Shore
Howard Shore is best known for composing the score for "The Lord of the Rings".
Learn more about Howard Shore in this profile.
A Profile of Claude Debussy
Claude Debussy was a key composer during the transition between the late
Romantic Period to the 20th Century. Learn more about Claude Debussy in this
classical music profile.
Charles Ives: A Profile of Charles Ives

Charles Ives, one of the greatest American composers of the 20th century, lead a
very different life from that of other famous composers. Discover the history and life
of this well known classical composer, Charles Ives.
Newman, Thomas: A Profile of Thomas Newman, Film Composer
Thomas Newman, a Hollywood composer heavy weight, has composed the scores
for many of Hollywood's best movies. His classical style of music is addicting.
Thomas Newman has been nominated for four Academy Awards for Best Original
Score and has also won a Grammy for composing the main theme of HBO's hit
series Six Feet Under. Did you know several of his family members are also highly
credited film composers? Find more about Thomas Newman, the great Hollywood
Mahler, Gustav: A Profile of Mahler
Gustav Mahler was a passionate composer and an extremely talented conductor. His
romantic period symphonies became persoanl statements of his innermost feelings.
Because he was a perfectionist, many of the people he worked with, especially the
musicians and performers, did not like him all too well. Nevertheless, Mahler's
musical career was extremely successful. Discover more about this amazing
composer and conductor in this profile.
Handel, George Frideric: A Profile of Handel
George Frideric Handel was a remarkable composer. Did you know he created the
English oratorio? Handel's "Messiah" is probably his most famous work and is
performed every year during the holiday season. Handel was born in Germany in
the same year as Bach, but later moved to London. Come discover how different the
two composers were.
Haydn, Franz Joseph: A Profile of Haydn
Haydn, unlike most composers, had a "reliable and steady" job composing music,
directing, teaching, performing, and managing musicians from the royal Esterhazy
family. During this time, Haydn composed many pieces of music for the courtly
orchestra to perform. Did you know Haydn composed over 100 symphonies? Haydn,
aside from Mozart, is the pinnacle of classical form.
Brahms, Johannes: A Profile of Brahms
As a result of Brahms' extensive travels and eagerness to meet composers and
musicians, Brahms gained a large circle of friends including the Schumann's,
Wagner, and Liszt. His thirst for knowledge lead him to amass a library of over 800
books. He also collected rare manuscripts and autographed scores by the many
famous composers. Because of his vast resources of friends, talent, and knowledge,
Brahms was able to create magnificent music.

Dvorak, Antonin: A Profile of Dvorak

Dvorak's musical talents and skills earned him honorary doctorates, prestigious
awards, and other special honors. Despite his rough beginning, Dvorak was able to
break through into international fame. With friends such as Brahms praising his
music, nothing could truly get in the way of this great composer.
Chopin, Frederic: Profile of Chopin
Frederic Chopin lead an increadible life. Unable to further his talent, he moved to
Paris away from his parents in Poland, never to return again. He yearned to be with
them, but couldn't. He was an extraordinary pianist and teacher. Discover the life of
this truley amazing composer, Frederic Chopin.
Profile: Vivaldi, Antonio
Antonio Vivaldi wrote an extraordinary amount of music. He composed 500
concertos, 21 operas, and 90 sonatas. Vivaldi, taught by his father, learned to play
the violin as a child. Of his 500 concertos, 230 are for solo violin and strings.
Profile: Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner was to opera as Beethoven was to symphony. Wagner, unlike any
other composer of his time, was not formally trained in music as a child. However
untalented he was playing instruments, his muscical genius within was able to
create masterworks. Discover the interesting life of Wagner and his works of art.
Profile: Johann Sebastian Bach
This profile of Johann Sebastian Bach will give you the information necessary to
understand the life of the "father of counterpoint".
Profile: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
This profile of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will provide you with the information you
need to learn about the life of this magnificent composer.
Ludwig van Beethoven - The Magnificent Master
Beethoven's biography, works list, composition history, and picture gallery can all
be found on this web site.
The Mozart Project - Biography
A website devoted completely to W.A. Mozart. You will find a detailed biography,
discography, compositions, and selected essays.
Antonio Vivaldi

An in-depth biography covering Antonio Vivaldi.

J. S. Bach Home Page
Bach's biography, complete works, and recommended recordings are featured on
this site.
Erik Satie
Erik Satie, a colorful man with a fascinating personality, was a French composer who
lead the avant-garde movement in music. Learn more about the life of Erik Satie.
Giacomo Puccini
Born in 1858, Giacomo Puccini was a great opera composer. Many of his works are
included in almost all of the world's opera companies standard repertoire. Learn
more about Giacomo Puccini in this profile.