Saint Andrew the tumult for Christ

(6th century AD)
never Efkairisantos of Epifaniou







took him to his house, poiisai at rest

one week


anethinai him of the many pains. Notably those seated
singly, irxato asks him on either misery and variations

and certain other




how to speak will be confirmed the end of this world, and
whence known people







the evidence had signs of Doom ESTA. Oite uncles
crosses, and century holy images, and century sacred
and how our Polis
This new Jerusalem lapse, oite respect
temples what genisontai,



holy relics that chorithosi, and in tini





metoikisthosi. I pray you safinison me, As gar so causing
data synienai mysteries




let alone the world. The blessed
(Andreas) Effie:
On its release
This city (Kon / city) the top
many nations and cities prokathezomeni, consumables ethnesi genisetai and acheirotos (Will not be invaded by nations and will
not get human hand).The Virgin Mary in gar roof of taftin have kept themselves wings, and tais presveiais this invulnerable
diafylachthisetai. Unless nations speak trosousi(To beat) the walls thereof and the arches thereof syntripsantes in shame






nations and




apolafsousi. Why not the allegedly eisienai strain of Agarenes and capable crowds to these katasfaxousin sword, I do not
Fimios that the blonde maiden eiselefsetai outinos the common noun


mean eptakaidekato






while and

twenty four
the colons

of sinners

(Agarenes-Turkish) Land katastrosousin, not woe unto them by the two orpikon (Rivals Europeans and Americans), S
century swords breeze (Ie. The missiles running as air and more), and acute Drepani fire in ethers syncope, and to back th
non anthypostrepsousin ouketi, GUS '
th non herein
kataleifthisontai (And after the eruption will nothing left of them).
And about sorrows authority, and on how Doom thee adakrytei diexelthoimi (I'll


For in tais


the days




King of poverty,and marketable in righteousness, and genisetai by charity percent
pasin pleasing, not always war cease, and paupers rich apergasitai, and ESTA peace being so in the days of Noah, by
the non poiein war popote.
Esontai gar people rich in those days greatly, and that peace and








porefomenoi and amerimnos per giinois epanapafomenoi. And in the mean time is not on war
Saint Andrew the tumult for Christ, prophecies, p. 1



earth sygkopsousi Tash saber them in zivynas and in drills and in agronomic tools. And thereafter give his face on the east, and
humiliate the children of Hagar. Orgisthisetai gar unto them the Lord for such blasphemy not blasphemed our Lord Jesus
Christ(Because they do not consider him God)And for Sodom aselgeian not treated (Homosexuals not prohibited to

And many of them (Former Muslim) holy Baptism koimisamenoi


and timithisontai

in spite of that pious king. one another

ALL other (Lose)And empyrisei (Incineration)And violent death deliver.
De times some ekeinois apokatastathisetai all the world and the Illyrian (ie the current Albania) the Roman kingdom, and
Egypt bearers of the Paktika this (Will enter into a friendship agreement). And tinue his hand to his right hand to the nations
round about and domesticated

genera, and hate

this troposetai

(To defeat).

Thirty two (32) years keep the kingdom.
Twelve years kinson (Tax) and allowances th lipsetai (And other promotions
It will not take).Resurrect devastated altars, temples and holy rebuild. Trial qua ESTA those days, but neither of group or
aggrieved. Ptixei gar of person that all the earth(All the earth will fear him)And the fear of poetry sons of sofronein people (Not
only with words but also with fear will make people sofronoun)And the wrongdoers tycoons (Rulers) exterminate.

De times some gar ekeinois go gold, st Estin in oiodipote topo hiding
nodding God came to light the kingdom (Because in those times, everything valuable as gold, in any place and crypts, with
God's nod will be revealed during his reign)And he always spit goods (With peel) strew per need of having, and ploutisousin
the magnates thereof, and esontai as kings and paupers as

lords. And ESTA him great zeal of their ekdioxai
Jews. Israelite uh found in the city ID. And that great feats poetry,
and qua


the lyrizon,

or kytharizon,

The tragedy

or what obscenely


working. Always such a gar their hate, and destroy the city of the Lord all who practice lawlessness. ESTA s then joy and
gladness, and goods of the earth rises rich and ESTA being so were on the Ark in serenity and peace effrainomenoi until th(until)
came the deluge and iren (Efonefse) THEM ALL

(Ie. Too abruptly will worsen things).
About the World and end on the coming of Antichrist.

s the scepter result, then genisetai beginning of sorrows. Then

egerthisetai the son of perdition name Aran chiliarch and reign in the city ID three years and months onAnd poetry iniquity bla
st gegonen from world authority GUS 'th non genisetai. Pontificate gar and legislated as premixed father subsidiaries and son
dies, brother sister willingly and spears. And he opposes the death by Anders teleftato.The not so deceased over Prodromos
John katatagisetai in the day of judgment.Then shout zefchthinai monazousais monks, and priests alike, and plithynthisontai
century illegal mixes over all the earth, and he pornefsei mother and daughter. By the kataraton akolasian lysis beneficiaries of the
fools and uneducated prodigally tais themselves adelfais epichremetisousi.

And anavisetai the stench of incest in heaven, and the Lord orgisthisetai
God throughout the universe great anger, and ultimately vrontais tais tais and astrapais and arxontai after anger these akratos
feresthai on all the face of the earth. Many cities do not pyrikafstoi genisontai and people on the bang of those terrible thunder








astrapokafstoi genisontai (Will be burned by the lightning). Woe not then the land and the sea from the threat of the Almighty,
and the infinite wrath of supply takes over all the Oikoumenin! Genisetai garfamine on the landLast to people acid from the
famine. After these things genisetaigreat earthquakeSo sympesein answered building, and many of the workers iniquity
synchosthentes wrongly The Life katalysosi. Genisetai notthe sun melas and dark, and moon as blood by the

Saint Andrew the tumult for Christ, prophecies, p. 2

choirodeis people, and the stars pesountai on the earth. Pan not score and every island of the seat of this place, the fear
of the earthquake and the threat metakinithisontai.
Then God's priests after the kataleifthenton virtuous, and approved on fygosin
mountains and caves. Patachthisetai toigaroun the scepter end of iniquity: and in the darkness the Ministry of Foreign vlithisetai.
Blessed not the kataskinosantes the Priestess in Rome, or in Arsenoni or Strovylo, or Armenopetra or Skythopolei. In the cities gar
taftais complacency peoples, in particular the cities tais eterais wars and tarachai, when they said: "Mellisetai akouein wars, and
even wars" (Mark. Ig'7)

After these things egerthisetai kingdom; another on this city, and the king
he tightlipped ESTA and melas, denier of God and the saints, and alien reign










They were converted to Hellenism, and poetry war with the saints, and clear the Church of God. After Tina gar day of his reign
temples of fire incineration saints, the Holy Cross Furkan(gallows)named. Then poetry priesthood to falling out, and
sygkopsei(To kill) the common people in Tas public roads. For in those days, resurrect parents on children and children for
parents and thanatosousin them. Deliver gar brother brother, boyfriend and friends. Many not our Lord Jesus Christ confessed
God and King of the complete works, the crown of martyrdom emergence.

Then those who dwell And it shall nisois exedafisas (Removed from the lands
their) in the Thrace and Macedonia, Strymon switched parties esontai not islands unto desolation. Beats not genisontai in heaven
above foverotatoi, and large earthquakes, and cities symptoms. Resurrect gar nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom
and ESTA debris terrible on earth, tribulation and distress for the sons of man. Tbit that time FANIS fire apinthrakomenon(Like fire
from burning coals) from sky to Tacoma lightning overshadow all the face of the earth (Possibly comets or asteroids), Cocks
not synochai Many in his Aeri genisontai and serpents several land were filled, daknonton their sins in pollais viosantas and not

These things always start suffering eisin.
For in those days sent with the holy angels that the Lord, the
ordinates on exagein winds them out of his treasures, and anafraxosi Tash these breaths non anapnefsai most winds in the
entire universeSo happen tribulation










such as

stenochorithentes vlasfimisosin for the LORD our God. Then everything bring forth the Fimios on the earth, and the high
percentage of trees were dried and every mountain and mountain tapeinothisontai, and a third live in either beasts and fowls
and reptiles of tithasson and tameless teleftisousi. Genisetai not the sea into blood and direct the third part of teleftisei
fish,orgisthi unto them because God by Tash human sin and these unrepentant. Misisousi gar each other people from much
wickedness thereof, not stuffy vlepein or diorthousthai in the kreittona and salvation we have, but in the mean time "plithynthinai
iniquity", as the Lord said: "psygisetai love of many" (Matt. X ' . 12).

Teleftisantos not and therefore the scepter, then comes of the Ethiopian from
first horn, CN phase noon kratisein years of their reign tillers. He gar reign in peace, their holy houses under pre thereof
symptothentas resurrect, return te and tais nisois the people of these complete works, and as benevolent They loved by the
people, and eneflogithisetai in everything ethnei and ESTA joy and gladness in the whole world until th the scepter of this

Coming not paid him on Arabia, year by year days. And in the days of this,
possess the (People holding) ex Holy Cross lion, anoixosi the treasures and empty (Empty)robust. Nodding gar Almighty God
pooled holy parts and the whole is accomplished and integer, and engage themselves in him, Christ our God, and dothisetai
interim king.But he handles it marketable in the city of Jerusalem, and being made in the place of the Skull oikeiais Hershey
deliver the Holy Cross, the te

Saint Andrew the tumult for Christ, prophecies, p. 3


it upon his head lying

on the top of the cross interned,

elevation, partly: Lord Jesus Christ, It is finished and peplirotai vote and the number of years, being protethisafrikas
kingdom Romans (Finished and filled the preference and the number of years proapefasises be donated to the reign
of the Romans).Your tank and the aoidimou marvelous spear with him and not my spirit. And directly angel of the Lord from
heaven kataptas liftrood over diadimati, and the soul of the king. Then regresses the reign of the Romans.Gar Christians of
the kingdom the cross kechrimatiken. Blessed eisin the fygontes of the city unto this(Those who leave Jerusalem) and
Retiring (Departed ones hide) erimois and in caves and holes of the earth.

Thereafter raised in the city of our three younger, fools and cocky, and

and kratisousin




In the meantime not from diabolical







one hundred

each other of dososi

war per se mighty.
Impregnable s the first in eiselefsetai ThessalonicaAnd part. the Thessalonians
city, thou defeat your enemies, pride gar saints Thou exist, and igiase in the Lord. Tinikafta commitment that the people from
seven and above, no commitment and











Construct ships large marketable in Rome, and before Stas of this Gates, part. Chairois Rome trirrome, your sword sharp, your
arrows ikonimena, honest if thou krataios
your faith holds, not change it until

Doom. Blessed


dwell in thy oikois. Then conscription blond genera, and poetry nafs and their hetero ekdexetai this midst Delos and
And the second meirax campaigned and that the Mesopotamia and Tash Cycladic
islandscommitment and their priests, and their monazontas, terrible fury against the other moving. And impregnable come on
navel of creation. Some did not they say the Alexandria navel is the universe. Thitherwards s he eisdexetai up his hand, meth 's
must synapsai the war.




him too

from the city,

and camped


Frygian, Asiana, the Armenian, Galatian te and Aravian.And in Sylaios being made, such and such a part in this: Sylaios
epikeklisai, but th syllythisei been received nor even in any of polemounton in. However eirikos impregnable that the troops in
among the people asyntheto genisetai. S After the synachthinai them on this katenanti each other, sygkrousmou fact melidon
each other katakopsousin osper in macellum sheep.

And apoktanthisontai three kings after all the crowd, and ekchythisetai
their blood upon the earth as rain water flooding, that hath not katalifthinai thereof. Then sygkrathisetai the sea of blood simeiois
these twelve, and esontai Pasha wives widow. Seven gar women zitisousin a man and uh evrisousi until when he heard on
foreign land ixousin, and obtained the minors. Andrynthentes not, esontai as pigs and from the feeling not much profligacy. Then
it blessed and trismakarioi these Orestes and caves the Lord works because the public Thrakis ills th viewing, but esontai
particular ekdechomenoi post ofAntichristbattle and war. The idytatoi Arnes, future for Christ thyesthai(Sacrifice) under the evil
Dan, say public of cunning devil namely Antichrist (Native of the tribe of Dan).

Then by non-being has since that time aidesimon man, but all men of perdition,
resurrect evil harridan and aischrotaton of the Sea, and reign in the vasilidi


not genisetai



and drugs,


apaxaplos devil's daughter. For in the days that esontai epivoulai and sfagai by Tash FDMA the city. Apoktenei gar each, if
force has, his neighbor, and











epanastisontai each other and katasfaxousi and ESTA much malice, hatred and de sons of men, and countless murders in the
city ID.

Saint Andrew the tumult for Christ, prophecies, p. 4

In particular the holy Church endothen esontai aselgeiai, adulteries, asoteiai, aimomixiai,
kitharai and orchiseis te, te mockery and games, Upper man neither saw nor when he heard. And gar the kings that the
unclean Theano herself called God battling, manure a holy altars, and wash the body of this water and always infect people
and turn away her face from God, and enyvrisei the holy of holies, and arpasei utensils honest from the Churches of saints,
either the holy Cross and Tash venerable



te Gospels


the Apostles,

, and all



rally on this and poiisasa soron megan and valousa fire always kataflexei, and the Churches ruin to the earth. Ask and holy
relics katakafsai them uh and ye shall find. The gar God invisible force from the city tisde transduce them.
Then talaina the great Church of God of Wisdom destroy the holy
Banks, and the place of the church mianasa statheisa eastward fryattomeni, partly to the utmost. non katoknisa(Maybe tired),
Oh God called, apoleipsai you the memorial from the earth. Behold what thee concocted and have done, and quite a
LAWFULLY even my hair efapsasthai. Stay me micron, and if am herein and scuff firmament, and show thee to the gods that
is stronger and Fimios theais. These things speak gangrene, or several, and act manually at height expectorate Stones fifth.
Up to(skip) gar speaking that the deinotera (worse).

For in the interim that time clinical Lord God Almighty in this arc, and
this anger and terrible potential of this extensive his hand power over the great city taftin (Kon / city). And draxitai this current and
interim swaths of his strength to contain a ypotemei him beneath unto this city, and part per YDAS the abyss of katapiein her,
Upper foveros ypakousanta on of either(Of the two) Parties briefly fierce and echoes foverotato anavlysousi, and beneath this
elevation of the land, and wave it in height as mill gyrovoloumenon, horror lot so thrinein and odyresthai,











(Katavivasthisis) that in the abyss of either Party, on anavlysanta waters avidly kataklysanta
and katakalypsanta




this interim terrible and vast pelagic







syntelesthisetai (Will katasrafei). Upper and not behind thee eirika mellousi symvainein that are in the world suffering,
those eisin, Upper our Lord Jesus Christ efisen principle of sorrows.
About the end of the world.
And after the lapse of the city unto this, the Doom recommended. Fassi not
some did that after the destruction of the city and the fullness of the kingdom nations mellousi the lead Israel exanistasthai
(This is the kingdom of Israel be rectified), To vasilefsai
the remnant


in anaplirosin





filled years of the 7th century)bearing witness to the subject of Isaiah Said. ESTA and in latter days, fisin, lift Lord God point in
the complement of the nations over all the Judas sheep, dieskorpismena de ethnesi and gather the aposmenon Israel in the holy
city of Jerusalem. And ESTA in Israel as the day,(in which)came out of the land of Egypt (Isaiah ia'12,16) and the following. And
by the blessed Apostle Paul Said: "When fisi, the crew of maturity financial assets nations, then Israel go is saved" (Rom. Ia'26).
And these hand so they say and isofonousin,Hippolytus not the witness that efisen the first outbreak of the Antichrist Jews
planithisontai. Christ not promartyramenos said during unto them that, "I, fisin, came in the name of my Father and th taken with,
another coming in his own name and he lipsesthe and in sin among you apothaneisthe" (Jn. E'.43) .

That while s gather them God in the city of Jerusalem, And this unto them
apodositai, Evdilos as dispersing the hearing loss en excuse in his ultimately into these ekkopsitai. Emmelon gar speaking at the
conclusion that if drew us unto Jerusalem, and our restored, former if epistefsamen Christ, the aformin envy exeosantos the sake
protimithinai nations for us. Now they synachthentes, and their pay, and that this infidelity meinantes, how is saved? directly
theAntichrist outgoing, oh and believing (Which will believe) during the terrible voice

Saint Andrew the tumult for Christ, prophecies, p. 5

God mellousi: God gar th lying, the only begotten the being said, "I am the truth and the life" (Jn. id'.o). Finally in these interim
synachthinai, firstly apology deprive them unto this. And gar Paul them sothisesthai eiriken qua million of eternal hell, but instead
of tosouton-year extension, and on alien periplaniseos, and the shame of the nations, and the ineffable shame(Unexpressed
entropy), that in tosafti,




this all the more



years under



komodoumenoi, slavery is saved and the balance, as synachthentes in themselves. Th mint, as I said, of eternal hell
rysthisontai. S gar the tribulation qua persuaded pistefsai interim revive and only begotten Son of God, persuading them that
the putative grace? and the following.


said. Forgive Father spiritual,

on the cross his enemies

Christ, this is not me announce, eutin they say, not sympontizesthai after the city the great church of God, but unseen
forces kremasthinai it on the air.
THE fair


What sayest,








perisothisetai this? or Estin the entrant in this instance veneration? not God in temples cheiropoiitois lives? s my hand, O
son, false Estin why he. Not only in his condo wear post since they possess honest nails, gar he only stays and is saved,
so paragenomena








klafsousi and thrinisousi Babylon taftin the Eptalofou, Saying: woe to us, that our great city and ancient vevythistai, in the
eisiontes and Tash treatise poiountes, eploutoumen well operators. ESTA and mourning that forty days, and from the trouble
of those days dothisetai the kingdom and rule the Priestess Rome, and likewise in his Sylaios and in
Thessalonikisubordinate mean time in Rome reigningTowards the end of the world already engisantos and therefore
lifeless things genisontai and deinotera and pernicious.

In those attached gar eventually occlude Lord God the gates which are in idol (in.
Otherwise India), let ekleisen Alexander the Macedonian king (Through prayer and symbolic port*), And exit the seventy
two** after kings of these people, called filthy nations, The vdelyrotata all synchasias and stench, and diaskorpisthisontai in
chorais tais tais into heaven, the flesh of live people esthiontes and blood drinking, dogs and Musca and frogs, and all
nemomenoi ryparian. Woe not the world as any in the marketable by their faces. Tash hand s those days, not even a Christian
Lord, if not possible. But one thing I know that esontai.

Then the days ekeinai skotisthisontai thrinousai-like in his Aeri by hate, opera
the abomination nations working. Skotisthisetai The sun and the moon th give glimmering thereof sighted abominations on
emulous land. Fagontai gar and contain a land and altars Kythreas houses working, honest and holy utensils in miasmati use. The
inhabitants of Asiana fefgetosan In such islands Valley. Mourn gar Asia the isles. Ou gar marketable in this folks, but esontai
bereaved day pv '. = One hundred fifty (in. Otherwisesix hundred threescore).

About Antichrist.
Then egerthisetai Satan, the Antichrist Fimios, from the tribe of Dan, Th Menton
own wishes being made man,

but found

sake of this dish and Obscene

filthy, as in him fulfilled the prophets. and apolythisetai(Satan) of hell ties,





being made



eiselefsetai in utensil aischrotaton and vdelyrotaton. And andrynthentos in this age period, and vasilefsantos then arxetai the
fallacy that epispeirein, Katha fisi thereofJohn the Theologian.
Then it, Fassi, raises war on Tash valley (in Al. Cycladics) islands, islands
not eisin as Isaiah fisin, century Gentile churches. Paraginetai not thenEnoch before the law, and Elias the in the law and
Johnin the new grace, kiryxai the whole universe the time of Doom, and the epidemiological plan. Crossing it in simeiois and
Terrassa and prokiryxousi of our Saviour Jesus Christ Monday Elefsina. those toigaroun(Well) thelisousi of apokteinai them (To
kill them) or otherwise

Saint Andrew the tumult for Christ, prophecies, p. 6

adikisai, fire exit devour them (called. ia'5) marketable gar in great power

the Antichrist



by him

in the city

JerusalemAnd ripsosi their bodies unburied in the midst of the city, and episynachthentes epigelasosin such as
unprotected. (Ibid 6,7,8,9,10).
Poiisousi not on the plateian texts holy bodies of these three days. middle
not the fourth kataptasa dove from heaven as a kind of lightning, and on these peripatisasa, life inspire unto them and
ischysantes egerthisontai before all things, and tremor lipsetai orontas these. Then genisetai voice from heaven saying unto
them. To ascend with my friends, and directly descend cloud Mars them and camped in Paradise. (Ibid 9-13). Bitterly not
humiliate their deceiver then Christians until those of last breath, grieve and deinos punishable, the hopeless Agan. Then if the th
deceived and may believe attached Antichrist, great and high anafanisetai friend Christ our God, blessed everyone gar saints,
trismakarioi not on the Antichrist martyred. Maximum gar them diadexetai joy and gladness in century century.First apoktenei
Elijah, Afterwards a Enoch, later the son of thunder, and then the non-believing him death by bitter deliver.

Then ESTA terrible war between him and his Despotou Christ. Top gar
knowledge-being towards the end of this world things, terrible fury to the man antiparataxitai, lightning and thundering beats te
Whose so attached echoes of the acclamation into heaven doneisthai and periicheisthai avidly. And then my ptixei(Fear) and
oh son?


as he said,

non skandalisthentes


Despot Christ our true God our interim, interim sarkothenti and born of the holy Virgin Mary, believing the resurrection of the dead
and eternal life, and the kingdom of heaven, itis qua end has. Blessed eutin by the love that the stillborn, and elenxousi on his face
the dragon and his apoplanisin. Blessed are those who are against the dragon andrynthisontai and bravely that the plight
elenxousin. The luminaries, the handsome, the filtatoi pearls, centuries glykeiai hearts and terpnai and mellifluous, and those in the
Father and Son and Holy Spirit, in the Holy Trinity consubstantial and the vivifying, pistefosin.

However the blessed and saying, seated, Epiphanius heard futures
acceptance by the Ecumenical happen, ethrinei radically his soul. Afterwards a saith unto the budgetary. I pray thee, to me
said,how future apoleifthinai by the humanity land, And so the resurrection happen? the receiver Saint Effie:their hand, O son,
the atrocious nations consume, the








Moreover it


Antichrist. Those who should believe him and worship, sent with Lord God beasts petomena, when having Ezekiel And it shall
Caudal these goad virus memestomena (Full sting poison).And those uh power the sign of Christ's soon pen and integer de
metopois them, into these beasts kentoumenoi and attached Io aliskomenoi Aleppo death by bitterly teleftisousi. Then once the
saints to Christ seal soan diafylaxantes in deserts and Orestes matanastai genisontai, s this God spirit force gather in the holy city
of Zion. Utu eisin the grafentes unto eternal life.

The Antichrist already patachthentos inter daimosin this under fiery angels

mean criterion





on souls,


lost. then s(Well)the trumpet sounds and sound, and the dead are raised incorruptible. Then the living, as said Paul (I Thess. D
15), in the presence of the Lord perileifthentes(The remaining) allagentes twinkling of an eye from damage in incorruption upon co
GRAB unto them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. When s Idi abomination of the nations in the world exelilythota,
then let knoweth that always imminent and that after micron Judge occurrence apodounai each according to his
works.These things spake Blessed Andreas interim Epiphanius at that overnight agrypnounti him, present and emis humility. And
wood krousantos Church thitherwards eporefthi Epiphanius. And I blessed Andrew in the house was in itself praying ...

Eteleiothi not the ever crypts sun and sky-scape fire, the blessed

Saint Andrew the tumult for Christ, prophecies, p. 7

Andrew, by Lord pauper and Salo and stranger and despised by everyone and exouthenimenos nyni not son of God by grace and
being made inheritor of the kingdom of heaven, Minia Maeotians ab '. (28) to sixty percent on (66) LAPT fight the good kryptos
goodness agonisamenos. I do not Nikiforos mercy God eldest of the great Church of vasilidos the surname Wisdom God cities
syngrapsamenos the marvelous evasion and polythrylliton bios, venerable father and the saints Andrew, Upper, a hand oikeiois
ofthalmois eoraka, a receiver and despite the aoidimou Epifaniou , the fact herein archbishop memathika and tode as co enrolled,
grace and charity of our Lord Jesus Christ, meth 'my Father, when the Holy Spirit now and forever and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Note LMD: * As says
(Pseudo)Callisthenes because it is considered rather spurious
text, however ancient and probably known to St. Andrew, Alexander the Great met with the folks parts of India who lived in bestial
state, and feared they later occupy territories conquered and destroy civilization. Therefore he prayed to God: "

™ de »qh toà Theoà ™ ktenîj

; ka

prost £ xei AÙtoà (sun)»Gage p £ ntaj aÙtoÝj ka t|j guna <kaj aÙtîn ka t| tškna ka p £ saj t|j parembol|j
aÙtîn, ka ™ x »gagen aÙtoÝj ™ k tÁj gÁj aÙtîn ka kated ... wxen Ñp ... sw aÙtîn
, > Wj oá e "s» lqosan ™ n to <j pšrasi toà borr ©. Ka
oÙk œstin oÜte e ‡ sodoj oÜte œxodoj ¢ pÕ ¢ natolîn

mšcri dusmîn, di' Âj

dun »seta ... tij per © sai À e" selqe <n ™ n aÙtÍ

, diÒti parek £ lesen Ð 'Alšxandroj

tÕn TheÒn". Ie. It was not the property gates but accepting the call of God
Alexander, who limited the abomination nations. Note that as written in the Old Testament, and stresses in interpretation
of the prophet Daniel St. John Chrysostom, Alexander the Great worshiped the true God when he came to the territories of
Palestine, because the revealed God's glory surrounding the high priest of the Jews who greet full pontifical attire.

"Gèg, Magèg, 'Anèg,

**The above text speaks of 22 kings, and not 72:
G £ g,. .oátoi p £ ntej kb(22) basile <j'.
And complements thrylologoumena reassign and protective gates:
"Ka ™ p »kouse tÁj de» sewj aÙtoà ka prosštaxe KÚrioj Ð QeÕj dÚo Ôresin

, ïn ™ stin ¹

proshgor ... a Mazo toà Borr ©, ka ™ plhs ... asan ¢ ll »loij

¥ cri

kateskeÚase pÚlaj calk|j ka ™ pšcrisen aÙt|j

no <xai)



sid »rou, m¾ dunhqîsi

À dialàsai


x) ¢ sugcUtou, († na)

¢ sugcÚtou oÜte sid »rou Øf ... statai kat £ lusin oÜte purÕj di £ lusin

dèdeka. Ka
™ |n boulhqîsi

pur .... ¹ g|r



. en toÚtoij aÙt¾n

t¾n miar|n ka ¢ p £ nqrwpon ka misÒqeon kat »rghse dunaste ... an
, éste m¾ dÚnasqai aÙtoÝj
m »te pur m» te sid »rJ À oƒvdhpotoàn ™ pino ... v
toiaÚtaj ¢ namocleàsai pÚlaj ka
( t|j)
¢ podr © sai".
It seems that the hardware construction, the gates, as well as on the



it was


to convince


they had ylostrefi,


cumbersome in spiritual intellect, that really made sure their safety.
"'En d ?? to <j katasceqe <sin œqnesi tîn aÙtîn pulîn e "si;
Gèg, Magèg, 'Anèg, G £ g, 'Ebhli £ z, Dif £ r, Fwtina <oi, Leba <oi, 'Annšoi, Cariza <oi, Dekelmo ..., Dermatiano ...,
Zelmatiano ...,
Canana <oi, 'Amazacarto ..., Garmhadeo ...,
¢ nqrwpof £ goi

( oƒ)

'Arsuna <oi, 'Asartario ....

legÒmenoi Kunokšfaloi, Serbio ..., 'Alano ...,

oátoi p £ ntej kb basile <j

tîn -ïn ™ kateskeÚasen 'Alšxandroj-

Fisolonik ... oi,

kaqest »kasin ™ n frour' œndon

pulîn Øposfragisqšntwn ØpÕ tÁj doqe ... shj aÙtù

-c £ ritoj- ™ k toà oÙranoà di| e ‡ douj ¢ sugcÚtou


It is worth noting that any prophecy does not belong to rule the Old and New
Testament, may not have reached us well for many reasons. So I arrived at that
us from St. Andrew by the Salò Christ, to be compared with other prophecies (eg. the Apocalypse), and historical reality, to be
considered fully reliable.
The icon of Saint in oneorpage is the work of the elder Ioannikios Dionysiatis (2005).
Saint Andrew the tumult for Christ, prophecies, p. 8