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Luncheon Fare

At Hen Quarter, we believe in the power of the table, gathering, and community. When you dine with
us, we want you to come in and be a part of our family. We hold fast to our responsibility to support
the sustainable farming community within our region. We support local artisan food
producers and pursue precision and craftsmanship in all that we cook and create.

Small Bites and Shares

Chicken Corn Chowder

Deviled Hen Eggs GF

Sweet corn, chicken, potatoes,

leek, and cream, 6

Bread & Butter pickle relish,

chive, smoked paprika,
hickory smoked bacon, 6

Freshen Up


Chicken Crackling
Rooster hot honey, 8

Sweet Tea
Peach Tea
Squeezed Lemonade
Iced Coffee
Saratoga Water

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fresh churned
honey pearl butter,
Fig jam, (4) 7

Smoked mozzarella,
Sea Island pea salsa, 10

Belly-Pops GF

Hot Pimento Cheese & Naan

Skewered smoked pork

belly, rosemary sugar brulee,
fig gastrique, 7

Grilled flatbread with hot

pimento cheese skillet, 11

Garden Basket

Autumn Farmstead Salad

Bottoms Up

Roast butternut, cheddar cheese,

red onion, baby heirloom
tomatoes, ginger peach dressing,
waffle croutons, 13

Hen Quarter Julep

Southern Caesar Salad

Bourbon, muddled mint,

syrup, fresh mint, 10

Hen House Salad GF

Southern fried chicken salad, field

greens, ruby red grapes, winter
pear, julienne apple, 12

Winter Kale Salad GF

Shaved kale, matchstick apples,

winter pear, dried cranberries,
candied pecans, feta, lemon curd
vinaigrette, 11

Grilled romaine heart, sweet corn,

Sea island peas, Reggiano cheese,
garlic confit dressing, waffle
croutons, 10


Add to any salad:

Bulleit Rye, Peychauds

Bitters, Absinthe, 10

HQ Waffle, 5

Fried Chicken (piece), 6

Old Fashioned

Plowhand Punch

Mid-Day Flight

Sauteed Shrimp, 9

The Coop

Whiskey, muddled orange,

cherry, Angostura bitters, 9

Bourbon, rum, peach schnapps,

lemon, cranberry juice, 9

Smoked Chicken (quarter), 8

Chicken & Waffles

Hen Quarter Special

HQ chicken, cheddar & corn

waffle, compressed melon,
honey pearl butter, Tennessee
bourbon maple syrup
Half:16 Full: 24

2 pieces of our HQ chicken,

smashed Yukon
potatoes, collard greens,
biscuit, 15

Smokehouse Chicken GF

Quarter bird, Georgia peach

barbecue, whipped sweet potato,
collard greens, 16

Elijah Craig
Four Roses
Knob Creek

On a tasting board, 18

Sweet Endings

Sandwich Board
Chicken Salad Tartine

Choice of Old Bay chips, broccoli slaw,

sweet potato fries or house salad

Southern fried chicken salad,

arugula, celery, dried cranberries,
& candied pecans served
open-faced on multigrain bread, 10

Pecan Pie, 7
Apple Pie, 7
Whole Pie, 21

Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken

Raised Right

Grilled chicken breast on toasted naan,

maple-bourbon bacon, fried green
tomato, pimento cheese, arugula,
Goddess dressing, 14

Southern Frites

A few of our farm friends

who raised our food right!
Parker Farms, VA
Godfree Farms, MD
Richardson Farms, VA
Louis Farms, VA
Crown Orchards, VA
Anson Mills, NC

Slliced fried chicken served

open-faced on toasted
multigrain,potato smear,
skillet pan sauce, 12


Pulled chicken, smoky molasses mop

sauce, onion haystack, multigrain
bread, and broccoli slaw, 12

Try it ala-mode!

Carolina Hot Chicken


HQ Jumbo Chicken Wings,

sweet potato fries, Arugula
salad, Rooster Honey,
Goddess dressing, 15

Fried Catfish

Organic Carolina catfish,

red rice hoppin John, Cajun
remoulade, 17

Short Rib GF

Slow-cooked Creekstone flap

steak, bourbon onions, sweet
potato fries, Arugula salad, 18

GF= Gluten-friendly. We say gluten friendly rather than gluten-free because, although we do not use gluten in this menu item, we do use wheat flour
in our kitchen, and therefore we cannot guarantee there isnt some minimal transfer through the air.

*Can be cooked to order. Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, fish, shellfish, or eggs may increase
your risk of food born illness, especially in certain medical conditions.