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The Meal
I. Appetizer (, 2015)
- a small portion of a food or drink served before or at the beginning of a meal to stimulate the desire
to eat.
A. Types of Appetizers (, 2015)

Finger Food
- food that is to be held with the fingers for eating (, 2015)

2. Soup
a. Clear or Unthickened Soups – based on a clear, unthickened
broth or stock. This type can be served plain or garnished
with a variety of vegetables and meats.
b. Thick Soups – opaque rather than transparent are of this
classification. To provide a heavier consistency, soups of this type
are thickened by either adding a thickening agent such as roux, or
by pureeing one (1) or more of their ingredients.
c. Specialty Soups – do not fit well into the main categories
and those that are native to particular countries or regions.
3. Salad
a. Appetizer Salads – give the customers a satisfying food to eat while waiting for the other
food being prepared.

II. Main Course
- The most substantial course of a meal (, 2015)
- The principal dish of a meal (, 2015)

III. Dessert (, 2015)
- the sweet course at the end of the meal

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