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College of Liberal Arts?

The College of Liberal Arts
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1 What is the
College of Liberal Arts?
The College of Liberal Arts, originally the Vision
College of Arts and Sciences, was founded in We the college of Liberal Arts established
1918 and conferred its first Bachelor of Arts as an autonomous unit in 1982 exemplify a
degree upon graduates in 1920. Phased out dynamic community of learners responsive
in 1931 because of lack of personnel, the to a fast changing world. We aspire for an
College reopened in 1953 and awarded its integrative cultivation of human potential
first post-war degrees four years later. Since by actively engaging the intellectual
that time, expansion and improvements have resource of our members wile nurturing
made it the dynamic college that it is today. moral growth and deepening social
In 1982, the College of Arts and Sciences responsibility. As an institute of higher
was divided into two ---the College of Liberal learning being a Liberal Arts Tradition, we
Arts and the College of Science. endeavor to form and culivate creative
and innovative learners rooted in faith,
The College of Liberal Arts provides the integrity, and service.
student with a liberal education background
in the humanities and social sciences. It also Mission
develops the student's competence in any of With our competent and nurturing corps
the specific academic fields of study he or of scholars and professionals, we aim
she chooses to pursue. The sense of national to develop competencies of students in
identity and Christian orientation which the various fields through critical thinking that
College instills is the essence of a Lasallian safeguard human dignity and freedom
education. A Lasallian liberal arts education regardless of race, class, gender, and
distinctly places priority on the integrative religion. We aim to generate creative
development and cultivation of the human leaders and knowledge producers who
potential. bring academic excellence with a human
The Departments of Literature and English
are both recognized by the Commission Goals
on Higher Education (CHED) as Centers of 1. Uphold teaching and research excellence
Excellence. in humanities and social sciences.
2. Enrich students understanding of the
College of interdisciplinary nature of knowledgeable.
Liberal Arts
Room 214-C 3. Produce graduates with an educated
Miguel Hall mind, knowledgeable in theory and
2401 Taft Avenue practice who will contribute productively
1004 Manila, and ethically in their chosen fields.
Philippines 4. Strengthen valuable linkages with
Tel. Nos.:
(632) 524-4611 local and international organizations and
(632) 302-3899 institutions.
(direct line) 5. Foster a community actively responsive
to local and global issues.

The Office The Academic
of the Dean Departments
College of Liberal Arts Dean: Dr. Exaltacion E. Lamberte 1. Behavioral Sciences (WH 702)
Go to for the following concerns: Urgent necessities (Appointment to be made with the The Behavioral Sciences Department (BSD) focuses on social psychology, sociology, and
Secretary) anthropology in the development of human resources and management of change in
Vice Dean: Dr. Dominador F. Bombongan, Jr. organizations, communities and institutions.
Go to for the following concerns: Documents for signature
Academic Assistant: Ms. Maybelle Barraca
Go to for the following concerns: All academic concerns 2. Communication Arts ( M 209)
Secretary: Ms. Ma. Cristina Loyolla The Communication Arts Department focuses on media – particularly: print, film, radio,
Go to for the following concerns: Excused absence slips, EAF claiming, recommendations, photography, and television.
appointments, and inquiries

Behavioral Sciences Chair: Ms. Stella P. Go 3. Literature (WH 406)

Communication Chair: Dr. Maria Angeli H. Diaz The Department of Literature offers various services and specialized courses in literature
Filipino Chair: Dr. Josefina C. Mangahis and culture for all colleges in the University. The Department has a faculty that is strong in
History Chair: Dr. Rene R. Escalante creative writing as well as in research on Philippine literature and culture.
International Studies Chair: Dr. Julio C. Teehankee
Literature Chair: Dr. David Jonathan Y. Bayot
Philosophy Chair: Ms. Elenita Garcia 4. Filipino (WH 403)
Political Science Chair: Dr. Eric Vincent C. Batalla Misyon ng Departamento ng Filipino na magtaguyod ng mga patakarang pangwika ng
Psychology Chair: Ms. Angeles G. Lapena pamantasan, magsabuhay ng kamalayang Filipino, magsulong ng mga programang
Theology and Religious Education Chair: Dr. Rito V. Baring mahalaga sa pagpapayaman ng kultura at komunikasyong Filipino tulad ng Araling Filipino
Theology and Religious Education Vice-Chair: Dr. Ferdinand D. Dagmang at Aralin sa Pagsasalin sa pamamagitan ng pagturo, paglektyur sa loob at labas ng bansa,
pagriserts, pagsalin, pagkatha at pagsulat sa midya tungo sa intelektwalisasyon ng wika;
Research and Publications Director: Dr. Feorillo Demeterio at magpatuloy sa pangunguna sa larangan ng paggamit ng wika.
Bienvenido N. Santos Creative Writing Center (BNSCWC) Director: Dr. Dinah R. Sianturi
5. History (WH 302)
Lasallian Institute of Governance Director: Dr. Francisco A. Magno The Department of History seeks to provide students with an understanding of the broad
Social Development and Research Center (SDRC) Director: Dr. Ma. Elena C. Javier foundations of historical studies through a critical-theoretical approach. The AB History
Marcelino Foronda Jr. Center for Local and Oral History (MFCLOH): Dr. Rene Escalante program is ideal for students who wish to pursue law studies.

* You may contact the following via email thru: * The Department also accepts students who wish to minor in history.
6. International Studies (WH 701)
The International Studies Department (ISD) is an independent social science department
committed to a multidisciplinary approach in the study of human interactions across
national borders, inter-cultural relations, and the emerging global society. The ISD
encourages the study of international relations, international organizations, inter-cultural
interactions, area studies, and the process of globalization and its effect on the various
national societies around the world.

4 5
The Academic
7. Philosophy (WH 508)
2 Student
The Department of Philosophy seeks to stir the student’s intellectual curiosity and to
provide him/her with the tools for critical analysis. The course program gives the student a Enrollment
balanced view of nature and the human being.
Upon completion of the basic courses in philosophy, psychology, ethics, and theology,
a student is given a opportunity to design his or her program by choosing from a wide • registration into the different courses (subjects) which is done online through
range of electives that vary from Ancient Greek Thought to Asian Philosophy. the student’s My.Lasalle account
• encoding of the courses can be done wherever there is internet access
(even off-campus)
8. Political Science (WH 606)
The department has retooled its flagship undergraduate program by upgrading its core Steps to Enroll:
courses and introducing new ones. Upgraded core courses will provide students with the Log in My.Lasalle Account – Enroll in
essential theoretical and methodological background to the study of politics. Subsequently, courses – Claim EAF – Pay tuition fee
this will be fine-tuned through the practicum program.
i.Activating your My.Lasalle account: iii. Online Enrollement:
The Official Receipt number will be required On the specific schedule (date and time)
9. Psychology (WH 602 A) in order to activate the MLS account. of online enrollment, students should log
The Psychology Department offers an undergraduate psychology program and a graduate Students who lost their Official Receipt need in to their My.LaSalle account, through an
program in Industrial Psychology. The overall aim of both undergraduate and graduate to reactivate their accounts manually at the Internet-enabled computer.
programs is to provide the students a balanced and firm foundation in theory and research HelpDesk of the Information Technology
with a Filipino and Christian orientation. Center (ITC, G305). The online enrollment is generally open
ii. Academic Advising: • 0800 to 1900 (Mondays to Fridays)
Relatively new courses offered: You may do this yourself by referring to your and from
flowchart, where the list of courses (and its • 0800 to 1200 (Saturdays)
* Sports Management requisite conditions) are indicated
(for Student Athletes) You may also seek the advise of the For the specific schedules of online
Academic Assistant (Ms. Maybelle) enrollment, you may see postings on campus,
* Translation Studies Only regular courses and residency may be or through DLSU WiSE by sending:
enrolled on-line. DLSU ESKED ID# to 2333
* International Studies Thesis/Dissertation Writing and Defense and (Globe) and 211 (Smart)
Major in Chinese Studies special classes have to be enrolled manually Example: DLSU ESKED 09900001
at the OUR (Window 8, 9 or 10) up to Week
* Theology 2 of the term. iv. Claim Enrollment Assessment form (EAF)
Comprehensive Exam may be enrolled • This contains the list and schedule of
manually at the OUR up to Week 7 of the courses officially enrolled in and assessment
term. will be available as well
• You may check the Office of the Vice Dean
* Remember to copy the course codes and for the specific schedule of EAF claiming
other course details (such as schedule,
room, etc.) carefully.

6 7
Erollment Shifting
v. Adjustment: late enrollment or revision of the selection of courses/sections made during • All courses taken at De La Salle University-Manila transferring from one
enrollment are reflected in the Transcript of Records (TOR) program to another of
• The grades of which are included in the computation the same level.
Steps in Adjusting: of the Term and Cumulative GPA
Log in MyLasalle Account – Reserve • Qualification for honors and awards (rules have
Adjustment Slip – Go to Academic been amended for 109 students and above: they
Assistant on date of djustment 15 mins should not receive any grade lower than 2.0 to qualify
before assigned time (Bring EAF & ID) – for Latin honors) still applies regardless of shifting
Fill out a Special Adjusment Form (while • Academic department may impose conditions and
waiting your turn) – Talk to Academic requirements for approval of shifting applications (See
Assistant when its your turn Vice Dean’s office)
• You may only shift when you have two (2) terms of
There are three schedules: residency in your current program

a. Advanced adjustment (for late enrollees, transferees, shiftees) Requirements for Acceptance to CLA programs:
* Transactions to apply for advanced adjustment are done at the office of the vice dean on
the specified schedule during finals week Major Pre-requisite Other Requirements
(Student must pass the
b. Regular adjustment (for adding/dropping of courses due to failures) following courses)
* Transactions are done at the Conservatory on the specified schedule before the start of
the term Behavioral Science Introp CGPA – 1.5
c. Special adjustment (for changing of sections and other late enrollees) Statlit
* The special adjustment is subject to special adjustment and EAF reprinting fee (Registrar
Window 1) and is on the first week of the term Sports Management No Pre-requisites required No CGPA requirement

What if a class has been dissolved? Seek the Academic Assistant immediately, there’s no Communication Arts Speecom CGPA – 2.0
need for an adjustment slip (open only every 3rd sem) Humalit

Development Studies Polisci CGPA – 2.0

vi. Payment: Citigov *Interview if necessary

• After enrollment, you can proceed to the Accounting office with the original or History Kaspil2 No CGPA requirement
revised EAF for payment of the assessed amount. Histciv
• There is an additional surcharge when the term has started (See Enrollment
Schedule at the Accounting office and at the Vice Dean’s office
• You may also pay your tuition over the counter at any UCPB branch International Studies No CGPA requirement
* You may visit this site for assistance: ISA (American) Spanone

8 9
What is LIA-COM?
Any CLA major combined with the following CBE majors:
BS in Accountancy (BSA)
Major Pre-requisite Other Requirements BS in Applied Corporate Management (ACP)
(Student must pass the BS in Business Management (BMG)
following courses) BS in Entrepreneurship (ENP)
*BSC major in Legal Management (LMG)
ISE (European) Intglos – 2.0 *BSC major in Management of Financial Institutions (MFI)
Polisci BS in Marketing Management (MKT)
Intoeco (LIA)/Econone (LC) BS in Advertising Management (ADV)
Spanone/French What is LIA-ED?
It’s a reestablished program that combines chosen CLA majors with CED majors.
ISJ (Japanese) none * See 2009-2012 Student Handbook for listed courses
Literature Humalit – 2.5 CGPA – 2.0
(open only 1st and 2nd term) Englres – 2.0 Qualifying Exam
Interview Facilities/
CGPA – 2.0 Equipment
(Open only every 3rd term) i. Computer Laboratories: ii. Photocopying Machines:
a. Y602 a.Animo Canteen
Philippine Studies Fildlar CGPA – 2.5 b. G302-A and B b.LS: 2nd floor
c. G304-A and B c.Central Plaza
Philosophy Crithin No CGPA requirement d. G306 d.SJ: Ground floor
Intfilo e. G404 e.Miguel: Ground floor and 3rd floor
f. L212 f.Velasco: Ground floor
Political Science Polisci CGPA – 2.0 g. L229 g.Gokongwei: Ground floor
Citigov Interview if necessary f. L320 h.Andrew: 2nd floor
g. L335 * Main Library and Andrew Library (2nd
Psychology Ntropsy – 2.0 GCPA – 1.75 h. V103 floor) has photocopying machines
i. V211-A and B * EGI and Lair are also available alternatives
BS Psychology Ntropsy – 2.0 GCPA – 2.5 i.V301
i. Internal Shifting (CLA to CLA) k.STRC314
ii. External (CLA to other colleges; includes LIA-COM and LIA-ED. See Office of the m. J212
University Registrar (OUR) for inquiries) n. C314
o. A1706
p. M306 (Smart Classroom)
* Library Cybernook: Main Library
and Andrew Building (2nd floor)

10 11
• Radio and Television Studio (M211- b. For Psychology Majors:
iii. Reserving Facilities: 212): Communication Lab Subject and * SJ308-309 are exclusively for your
This may be done online under reservation facilities Thesis experiments. Look for Mr. Allen for further
Manually, by going to the registrar and fill up forms Look for: Mr. Ric Macapuno (Mang Ric) assistance
* The Sports Complex facilities (ie. Table tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton, Duty Hours:
swimming pool, oval track) may be used when there are no PE classes and training M-F: 9-5:30 c. For Behavioral Science:
sessions Sat: 8-12 * The office is located across SJ
* The Iron Works (Gym) located at the 9th floor of the Sports Complex is open to Breaks:
membership. MTH: d. For International Studies:
10:00-10:15 * LS114 is open for exchange student
iv. Reserving Equipment/Using 12:00-1:00 programs
• The Editing Bay/E-bay (M220): For Video
Laboratories: 3:00-3:15 * The first floor of the library is available for
Production, Television Production, and
WF: your use and reference
a. For Communication Students (2nd floor 10:10-11:10
Look for: Mang Norms
Miguel) 3:00-3:15 e. For Literature:
Duty Hours: are seen on the sheets
* The Equipment Room (M217) is for Sat: * The Bienvenido N. Santos Creative
the sheets (in folders) of the
Photography, Production Classes, and 10:00-10:15 Writing Center is offers different programs
computer that you are using/reserving
Thesis. Look for Mang Ed for further Reserve your slots ahead of time. To do so: that caters to your need. (See section on
Equipment such as the machine that
assistance. Go to Mang Ric and ask for the Radio or Research Centers for more information)
“captures” videos can be requested from
- To borrow equipment: Studio Folder and write your name in the
Mang Norms (surrender your ID)
Ask for two (2) reservation slips from Mang time blocks given. f. For Sports Management:
Ed, have your teacher sign both, list the * The Office of Sports Development is
• Publish and Orgdesk (M204): Publish
equipment needed, go back to Mang Ed • CAM & OCM Lab (M215): Fotocom, located at the 9th floor of the Sports
and Orgdesk
for his signature, leave one copy with him Studios, and Fotoshop Complex
Look for: Mr .Jay Magoncia (Mang Jay)
plus any ID. • Photography Workshop (216A)
Duty Hours:
Note: If you need to bring out the * If you need to go beyond the alloted g. For Philippine Studies:
M-F: 8-5
equipment, go to the Mezzanine (located time, inform the person’s in-charge. They * The fourth floor of the Library is partly for
Sat: 8-12
in LS), Fill out Exit forms (3rd door to your will advise you to write a letter to the the Filipiniana Section
right), and then surrender one copy to department chair (Dr. Angeli Diaz).
exiting gate and keep one copy for entry 10:00-10:15
- Duty Hours are: 12:00-1:30
M-F: 8-5 3:00-3:15
Sat: 8-12 W:
Breaks: 9:45-10:00
M-F: 11:00-12:30
10:45-11:00 Sat:
12:00-1:30 10:00-10:15
3:00-3:15 Only classes for Publish and Orgdesk may
Sat: use the computers
10:00-11:15 Printing is available, inquire Mang Jay

12 13
Scholarships, Dress Code & its
Loans, and Grants consequences
Scholarship and Financial Assistance (SFA) Office (near the South Gate)
- “The University recognizes the right of students to Appendix Z of the
- Students that apply for financial assistance have to go through a screening process
come to school dressed according to their individual Student Handbook
a. Star Scholarship: students that are chosen from the freshmen entrance exam
taste. However, they are encouraged to use attires that 2009-2012
consider the educational character of the University
b. SFA Grants
and the sensibility of other members of the academic
c. Academic Scholarship
community. Dressing appropriately is a virtue which the
d. Brother President Scholarship Program (BPSP)
University would like to cultivate among students,
e. Military Scholarship (PD577)
thus the University reserves the right to call the
f. Scholarship for Children of Faculty (SCF)
attention of students who dress inappropriately.”
g. Athletic, Cultural Arts, and Student Publication Grants
h. Family tuition privilege for three or more children enrolled in DLSU
i. The loan program
- Loans are available for upperclassmen who can’t meet the deadline These are not acceptable:
of payment of tuition - Tube blouse, spaghetti-strap (worn without vest/bolero)
- These are short term and interest free if paid within the term - Backless blouse/shirt (below the bust line)
- A loan can ONLY be availed once every academic year - sando
- There is no processing fee - plunging neckline
- First come, first served basis - see through tops or bottoms
- In order to enroll for the next trimester, the current trimester must be - blouse showing midsection while standing/walking
settled a week before the online enrollment *Shorts and skirts should not be higher than three (3) inches above the knee-cap
* Interested students may go to the SFA for inquiries * PE uniforms are not allowed inside classrooms, seminar rooms, and auditorium
* Caps must not be worn inside classrooms, seminar rooms, and auditorium
The Student Council Assistant Fund (SCAF) also offers loans * Hair dye of extreme colors (red, blue, purple, etc.)
- Its given to deserving and financially-challenged students who can * Only piercing on the ears are allowed
pay up to 60% till the end of the term - Open-toe footwear should have a back-strap or a heel of at least one (1) inch
- 0% interest loan for a term * Rubber slippers are not allowed
* Clothing with statements or pictures contrary to the mission and catholic nature of De La
* Interested students may contact Pierre Lim, SC Treasurer (Go to SC office located at the Salle is prohibited.
3rd floor of the SPS Building)
The Student Council Calamity Loans (SCCL) - 1st infraction: recorded without any offense
- SCCL is here to help those who have been afflicted by calamities - 2nd infraction and succeeding ones: minor offense
- Application forms are available:
* Interested students may contact Pierre Lim, SC Treasurer (Go to SC office located at the
3rd floor of the SPS Building)

14 15

A. Andrew B. William Shaw Departments

• Libraries: 1st floor

2nd floor- Law Library William Shaw Little Theatre
15th floor- CED Library
17th floor – Additional Library 2nd floor
College of Science (Vice Dean’s Office)
• Study Hall:
15th floor 3rd floor
La Salle Institute of Government (301)
• Cyber nook Social Development Research Center
2nd floor, 17th floor (1706) (SDRC)

• Canteen 4th floor

6th floor (La Casita) Literature Department: (404)
Filipino Department: Office of the president
• Parking Lots (401)
2nd to 6th floor Faculty (402)
Consultation Room (403)
Exam room: 3rd floor 5th floor
History Department: Full time Faculty Room
• Court Room/ “Moot Court” (501)
12th floor (1206) Chair Person (502)
Conference Room (503)
• English Department Part time Faculty Room (504)
ELL- 14th floor Philosophy Department: (505)
Professor’s offices- 15th floor
6th floor
Psychology Department: (602)
International Studies (IS) Conference
Room: (601)
Political Science Department (603)

7th floor
Behavioral Science Department (702)
International Studies Department (701)
TRED (703)

CLA Guide
C. Professional Organizations. (CAP10/ C10) BSS NKK
Behavioral Science Society (BSS) • reviewers for midterms and finals of • learn different aspects of the Japanese
Dalubhasaan ng mga Umuusbong na Mag-aaral ng Araling Filipino (DANUM) major subjects: easily accessed through the culture and society
European Studies Association (ESA) organization yahoo group • extend social network with the Japanese
Liga Historia • easy access to seminars and team
Literature Circle (LitCircle) buildings that can help widen social
Nihon Kenkyu Kai (NKK) networks SoPhiA
Political Science Society (POLISCY) • awareness to issues and concerns inside • review for majors: Comprehensive Exam
Samahan ng mga Mag-Aaral sa Sikolohiya (SMS) the campus Review Series, which attributes 100%
Students of Philosophy in Action (SoPhiA) • incentives from professors could be given passing rate
Team Communication (TeamComm) if a member attends activities • attend lectures, forums, tutorials, and
• opportunity for members to discuss
CAP10: PROF ORGS. DANUM philosophical issues openly with peers
Benefits • reviewers for majors • incentives from professors for attending
• take part in nationalistic projects some of the org’s activities
• extend social network

• maximize opportunities through embassy • reviewers for majors
visits, language tutorials, career talks and • gain wider social networks
seminars by European diplomats • broaden your perspective on psychology
• incentives from professors • attend talks and lectures that would help
• exposure to job opportunities and various your knowledge on psychology
Logo explanation: academic and non-academic supplements

The bird, often associated to liberty, is seemingly limitless in terms of exploring the aerial Team Comm
territories. Being the purveyor of liberal education, the College of Liberal Arts does not limit POLISCY • attend seminars, and workshops on Basic
itself to education within the four walls of the classroom. Avenues are provided for such • reviewers for majors Photography, Adobe Applications, and
through the ten professional organizations under CLA. The body of the bird logo forms a • widen social networks Graphic Design
discrete rendering of the letters C, L, and A, made to represent the initials of the College • learn more on the socio-political and • studio tours, film showings and other
of Liberal Arts. The ten feathers of the bird represent the ten professional organizations economic structure of our society media-related talks to give the sense of the
under CLA. Feathers help birds fly and soar to greater heights. In the same light, the • incentives from professors for attending field’s working environment
professional organizations under CLA help the College soar towards better degrees of some of the org’s activities • opportunity for officership, and for joining
holistic development. contest and participating in exhibits

• general benefit would be discounts for cardholders of each professional organization Liga Historia
because each is part of the green card alliance • reviewers for majors LitCircle
• enhance critical abilities and potentials • reviews for majors
• extend social networks • ignites appreciation for literature

18 19


please visit
*For more
A. University Library

the ACA
on your
The De La Salle University Library primarily supports the institution's instructional,
curricular, research, and extension programs through organized, relevant, and fast delivery
of information services.


Academic libraries, as the resource centers of excellence in information, should aim at


assisting the nation in producing professional, skilled and trained manpower by providing
YM! Address



timely and instant access to various formats of information in any part of the country and

of the world.

Regular Term Term Break Summer Term

M-F: 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM M-F: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-S: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
S: 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM S: 8:00 AM - 12:00 NN
E-mail address

1. OPAC: is used to search for books, journals/periodicals, audio-visual

materials, theses/dissertations, periodical articles and vertical file index, etc.
2. Library Services:
a. My Library: it allows you to see pending books you have borrowed
and returned, it also allows you to see if books you are looking for are available

Mobile Number

- Enter your ID Number and then press Submit










- Enter your desired PIN/Password (criterion is given), and re-enter

PIN/Password for verification, then Submit
- Next screen will display your name and items borrowed.
* You can use this PIN/Password to access OFF Campus Online Subscriptions
b. Course Reserves: allows you to access readings filed under certain courses
Neulfred Paul Torres

- Enter the course, or type the name of your professor

Paige de Guzman

Denise Pantano

Erin Batallones
Gale Maramba

c. Online Reservation of Books (If books are still unavailable, you may reserve
Steph Hapitan
Abigail Viesca

Mikou David

Erwin Roxas

Lyca Diesta

them through this option)

d. Personal Borrowing of Books (You may access this too under your “my
library”): This feature allows a user to keep/view a list of all books/items
checked out under the user's name. An option to delete items from the list is
also available.

f. Featured Lists: These show the different books or reading materials featured


by each department



g. Suggest a Purchase: You may suggest titles to the Library for purchase



20 21
3. Online Journals (Access for online scholarly journals: perfect reference for papers and Regular Programs:
- There are different databases suited to students’ need; you may choose which databases • Writing Fellowships. The Center awards one-year writing fellowships to DLSU faculty
to search from. members and non-teaching staff in selected genres with the end in view of publishing
- If a student cannot obtain full-access to an article, you may ask the assistance of library their work upon completion and submission to the De La Salle University Press.
personnel to open it for you. (Approach Reserve Section)
4. Ask LORA (Library Online Reference Assistant): The Information-Reference staff is • Campus writing workshops. In coordination with the Cultural Arts and Student
available to attend to your queries and/or concerns through this. Just send a message. Publications Offices, the Center holds writing workshops for the campus writers of the

• Public Readings. The Center invites well-known and emergent writers to read and
B. Research and Publication discuss their works with Literature enthusiasts.

1. The La Salle Institute of Governance (LSIG): Research and training institution that • Individual Writing Clinics. The Center offers individual creative writing lessons to writers
aims to produce new knowledge, tools, strategies that promote transparent, accountable, who may have ready manuscripts and would like creative comments and suggestions on
participatory, and effective governance. their work. This project aims to encourage beginning and advanced writers to improve
their craft and publish their works after careful revision.
It coordinates training seminars, policy dialogues, consultation workshops, and learning
exchanges in four program areas: • Book Launchings and Fora. From time to time, the Center sponsors book launchings
1.Transparency and accountability and fora. These activities are usually held in cooperation with the departments in the
2.Local governance and innovation Humanities.
3.Democracy, rights, and citizenship
4.Peace, gender, and environment • Writing Craft Lecture Series. The Center invites noted writers to discuss with a limited
* To see specifics of each program areas visit WH301 or group of participants a particular aspect of the craft of writing and discuss techniques of a specific genre.

The Institute offers customized courses to build governance capacity and improve • The Writing Life: Interview with a Creative Writer. This project will enable participants to
development outcomes. It creates partnerships and knowledge-sharing mechanisms to hear a writer talk about relevant aspects of his/her development in the craft, and his/her
foster awareness, generate consensus, and build support for policy and institutional reforms. discoveries and insights related to the writing life. Participants will also have the pleasure
It seeks to find information age solutions to age-old governance problems. of hearing the writer read some of his/her work in the intimacy of a small, select group.

• Local Community Workshops. Through the assistance of the government and other
2. The Bienvenido N. Santos Professional Chair: Established institutions, the Center holds a series of writing workshops for local communities in
with the objectives of contributing to the literary development of the different parts of the country, usually in cooperation with a La Salle school in the area,
country and the improvement of the literary skills and expertise of La to tap potential writers and develop their craft with the end in view of furthering the
Salle students, faculty, and non-teaching staff. The Center answers development of Philippine writing.
the need for artistic training and literary outlets for persons with
creative writing potential. • Extension Services. The Center extends services to academic institutions outside DLSU
and other writing centers by providing them with resource speakers for writing workshops.
Located at the: M210
* To learn more about the BNSPC
22 23
3. Social Development Research Center (SDRC): Center for Service Request Form:
social science researches which focuses on build capacities for The Information Technology Center’s Service Request Form (SRF) shall be filled-up for
and promote public awareness and discussion of emerging social requesting services from the office, which include:
issues about the quality of life, social development, and the nation’s • Data Processing
growth. • Printing of Report
• Master File Updating
• Master File Printing
• Web Page Updating
C. ITC: visit this website for more information: • Web Page Design • Program Access Request
• Forms Design
The ITC provides services for posting announcements and promoting • Graphics Design
both academic and non-academic events such as seminars, • System Development/Revision
conferences, or exhibits, through the DLSU web pages and the
Intranet (via My.LaSalle e-mail). Note: The SRF cannot be submitted online and requires requesting party to submit it
However, announcements the ITC disseminate via the Intranet are personally to the ITC or by internal snail mail.
limited only to the following:
• Official announcements emanating from the University policies and procedures • Ask about Dial-Up Connection, EPurse, Wifi hotspots
and/or official decisions made in University councils/committees
• Office/Department meetings Help Desk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems our users
• Invitations to professional lectures or official University activities encounter. It is the central point to receive immediate help on various IT problems/concerns
• IT security information from the ITC through a wide range of activities including:
• Official announcements from the following offices:
Office of the President • Providing Internet accounts such as e-mail, remote access, hosting of web pages, etc.
Office of the Chancellor • Advisory on IT problems such as password retrieval, errors in operating systems and
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics (VCA) application software, computer viruses, etc.
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) • Distribution and installation of licensed software and other packages
Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Services • Repair and maintenance of hardware, and upgrade of software
Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Services • Consultancy on IT Equipment specifications based on the purchasing requirements of
Offices of the various Deans various offices.
External Linkages Office • Continuous tracking of network access failures.
Office of the University Registrar • Development and maintenance of Help Desk web site and its solutions database
Office of the Controller • Referrals to specialists on IT problems/concerns that cannot be directly addressed by
Office of the Library Director the Help Desk.
Office of the ITC Director
Information: Go to G305. Service hours are from M-F: 8-7 pm
The source of the information to be posted through the Intranet by the ITC should either be
the unit head or a designated staffer. All other requests for announcement via the Intranet
will have to go through a different process for approval.

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CLA Linkages
D. Instructional Media Services: COUNSELING SERVICES
The Instructional Media Services (IMS) unit provides the De La Salle University academic Individual/Group Intake Interview
community with multimedia and audiovisual resources and services to meet their instructional Personal/Academic/Career Counseling
and research needs. Crisis Intervention
Psychological Assessment
The IMS houses and circulates more than 2,000 video tapes and Consultation
assorted resources such as audio tapes, slides, and multimedia Research and Evaluation
sources in CD-ROMs and a wide array of audio-visual and projection Supervised Site Practicum and Internship
equipment and devices. All resources however, are strictly for use Programs for Students’ Specific Needs
within the DLSU campus premises.
The IMS takes charge of the scheduling of the use of multimedia rooms located at Velasco Graduate Listing Services
Building (V210), Miguel Hall (M406) and IMS Office. It maintains the overhead projectors Resume File Services
placed in all the classrooms and the television sets with video players mounted on mobile Job and OJT Postings
cabinets which are stationed at different strategic floors of every building in campus. Job Expo
Company Profile Library
Other services provided by IMS are the scanning of graphic materials, transparency and Career Education
other slide production, video and photo coverage for a reasonable cost. The IMS also issues
referrals for users who wish to borrow films and other multimedia materials from outside STUDENT VOLUNTEERS PROGRAM
lending institutions. Peer Facilitators Program
Student Representatives Program
To borrow equipment: you may approach the front desk located at the left side (as you enter
the library, across the bag counter)

F. Arts College Assembly

What’s the Arts College Assembly?
Visit this website for more information and modules: In line with the Student Council’s vision and mission, ACA aims to protect student’s rights, promote student’s welfare and partake in
social transformation by becoming the college at the forefront of
In its work with the students, the Office recognizes the holistic and developmental nature of social action. Together with the Executie Committee, composed of
a student’s life, thus, various services will assist them in establishing their educational goals, the College Assembly President (Lorenz Pielle de Castro) and the
developing a career direction and making personal adjustments to get the most from their Executive Board of the four different batches, FAST 2006, FAST
college experience. The Office will also ensure the University students the best possible 2007, FAST 2008, and FAST 2009, ACA works hand in hand with
chance of landing a job by maintaining strong linkages with possible future employers. the College of Liberal Arts Professional 10 (CAP10).

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Arts College Assembly Directory

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E. The College of Law: Committed to excellence. Impassioned to serve.

De La Salle University aims to contribute to the development

of future leaders in the legal profession with the establishment
of the College of Law. The DLSU Juris Doctor (JD) program
offers a multi-disciplinary approach to learning, developing in
law students the research and communication competence to
practice the profession. An outstanding corps of faculty will
provide hands-on mentoring throughout the program, to fully
prepare the small but select group of students for the Bar

The program will also provide for the enrichment and enhancement of the communication
skills of the students, to enable them to confidently and competently establish themselves
in the legal profession.

Legal aid and externship programs will expose these students to La Salle’s national and
international network of communities, organizations, as well as linkages with law firms.

While following a curriculum mandated by the Supreme Court and the Commission on
Higher Education, the program also underscores the teaching of human rights, which will
be offered as an elective and infused in core courses. The many reputable programs of
DLSU, including economics, engineering, information technology, sciences, and the arts, are
valuable resources for legal research undertakings.

At the heart of the program is the University’s tradition of excellence and service. By
developing in tomorrow’s lawyers the compassion and commitment to promote and uphold
the rights of every individual and to protect the environment, the College of Law of De La
Salle University brings to reality a path breaking vision, with a passion to transform lives.

• To place it in the forefront of excellence, a list of names of invited students

from the institution has been posted at the bulletin board in the first floor of
St. La Salle building. (fronting the Animo Foodhaus)

• College of Law (Dept.) - A1207- Dean and Vice Dean

- A1208 - Faculty

• Reference materials (COL library) are in the second floor of Br. Andrew
Gonzalez Hall