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Patient recovery and risk of complications are greatly reduced using this technique, and it
is one which is employed by the expert team of surgeons at the Retina Macula Institute.

Retina Macula Institute Services : Although there are more than 130 million retinal
receptors, there are only approximately 1.2 million fibres (axons) in the optic nerve; a
large amount of pre-processing is performed within the retina. The fovea produces the
most accurate information. Despite occupying about 0.01% of the visual field (less than
2° of visual angle), about 10% of axons in the optic nerve are devoted to the fovea. The
resolution limit of the fovea has been determined at around 10,000 points. The
information capacity is estimated at 500,000 bits per second (for more information on
bits, see information theory) without colour or around 600,000 bits per second including

Retina Macula Institute Bio

University of California, Irvine, Irvine, California
B. S. School of Biology, Magna Cum Laude
University of California, San Francisco, CA
M. D., School of Medicine
Ph.D., Neuroscience

Dr Ron P Gallemore : Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a treatment that uses a combination of drugs and then an
activating process to target and destroy particular cells, typically cancerous.

Retina Macula Institute Contact This in turn causes the Ga-subunit of the protein to bind
and degrade cGMP inside the cell which then cannot bind to the Na+ cyclic nucleotide-
gated ion channels (CNGs). Thus the cell is hyperpolarised. The amount of
neurotransmitter released is reduced in bright light and increases as light levels fall. The
actual photopigment is bleached away in bright light and only replaced as a chemical
process, so in a transition from bright light to darkness the eye can take up to thirty
minutes to reach full sensitivity (see Adaptation (eye)).

Dr Ron P Gallemore Awards and Honors:

Jules Stein Eye Institute Alumini Research Award, 1999
Ronald G. Michels Fellowship Foundation Award, 1997
Heed/Knapp Fellowship, Heed Ophthalmic Foundation, 1997
Heed Fellowship, Heed Ophthalmic Foundation, 1996
Society of Heed Fellows Fellow, Heed Ophthalmic Foundation, 1996
Jules Stein Eye Institute Laboratory Research Award, 1996
Schepens International Society, Outstanding Research Paper Award, Mexico City, 1995
Jules Stein Eye Institute Laboratory Research Award, 1995
Dr. Henry and Lilian Nesburn Research Award Los Angeles Society of Ophthalmology,
Robert J. Prentiss Original Research Award Mercy Hospital, San Diego, CA, 1993
National Eye Institute Research Service Award, 1989, 1990
Dean's Summer Research Fellowship University of California, San Francisco, 1986
Fight for Sight Student Fellowship, 1985
Dr. W. F. Holcomb Research Scholar Award University of California, Irvine, 1985
Dean's Academic Achievement and Service Award - University of California, Irvine,
Robert Ernst Prize for Excellence in Research in the Biological Sciences, 1984
Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society, University of California, Irvine, 1984
Swedish Club of Los Angeles Inc. Academic Scholarship Award 1984
Chancellor's Scholar, U.C. Irvine 1983, 1984
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society (Sophomore) 1983
President's Undergraduate Research Grant, U.C. Irvine, 1983, 1984
Excellence in Research Award UC Irvine, 1983, 1984
Committee for Undergraduate Development Research Scholarship - U.C. Irvine, 1983
Excellence in Research Award Southern California Academy of Sciences, 1982
Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Community Service, RCU #324, 1982

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