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HP's Tim Ste Step by Step Tips (p/bl/et/blogid=46)

What's Wrong with This Densitometry Picture?

Emily Krutz

Step by Step...
Status T?
Status G? Whatever it Takes!
(pssstwhats Status G or T?)

Densitometery has standards follow them, or youll have problems!

What is wrong with this picture?

If you know anything about densitometry, and you know where the HP Indigo presses are built you know that its the Status T setting on the X-Rite 500 Series
HP Indigo presses conform to a COMMON EUROPEAN standard for densitometry Status G.
There is NO DIFFERENCE between the North American standard and the European standard in CYAN, MAGENTA and BLACK. But, there is a dierence in YELLOW. The
EXACT same color patch in Status T registers a dierent density value in Status G.
Why does this matter? Unless you have the brand new HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press which uses internal tile plates to calibrate the inline densitometer you have to
calibrate the INLINE densitometer with a HANDHELD densitometer set to the right color mode, OR YOU WILL INDUCE ERRORS INTO YOUR YELLOW READINGS. This will
cause diculties in keeping your color calibration in line over time (specically in the yellow this shouldnt cause any issue to the other colors).

The changeover is simple on most densitometers:

Step 1: Change the Status Conguration (XRite 500 Series shown):
1. Choose Conguration from the Main Menu Enter using the up/down arrows and the Selection button.

Step 2: Select Density Opt:

1. Density Opt (or similar, depending on the manufacturer) is the setting for Status/Response.
a. Choose G from the list, and exit back to the main menu.

Thats it! Recalibrate your inline densitometer with your correctly congured handheld, and you should be all set to go!

Keep in mind, this procedure should be redone every month, or so, based on densitometer manufacturers standard recommendations.

Additional Advanced Steps:

Step 1: Make sure your densitometer uses NON-POLARIZED optics:
1. Polarized Optics are used with wet trap oset press printing
a. The polarized lens helps avoid light reection on wet ink. Its a plastic lter (similar to the additional cover lens on an SLR camera) that reduces glare and reections.
b. HP Indigo ink is dry trapped and doesnt suer from liquid reections so polarized lenses arent necessary.

Step 2: Set Density Options to AUTO and ABSOLUTE:

1. Color Auto this will adjust the measurement based on the color patch chosen (ie if you read a Magenta Patch, it will only provide the Magenta reading)
2. Mode Absolute this WILL include a paper reference in the measurement (the alternative is REMOVING the paper reading as a reference. You dont want this choice,
as the press software is already referencing the paper. Using - Paper would remove the paper TWICE)

For more information, please feel free to contact me:

Tim Ste
Solution Architect, Northeast - HP Indigo & Highspeed Inkjet, Americas - Hewlett-Packard Company

165 Dascomb Road - Andover, MA USA 01810

Oce: 978-304-0829 / Cell: 781-820-4507 / (

Released: April 7, 2014 11:55 PM | Updated: April 7, 2014 11:55 PM

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