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so I think it's very essential that in our life we can give it a more artistic

way of being that we are more caring we are more consider 80 value others more
we are concerned by others suffering and happiness that we can do naturally to
those who are dear to us are those who treat us well it's usually more slightly
more difficult and challenging to do it for strangers and for anyone in the
world but still we have a feeling of kind of solidarity to us all human
beings and when that altruism extend its kind of wonderful feeling members of on
human family so in our times they have been a strong sort of increase and
recognition and acknowledgement of every human being having basic rights human
rights the right at least to live and not to suffer and that we extend more
and more to every kind of beings even those were in terrible poverty we try to
work together to a more gender equality rights of the child not to be put to
force labor at a very early age so we have feel that we have progressed a lot
to add what we call civilization being more human to each other but still there
we have a real schizophrenic dissociation about that because after
however central for us
of course human species is we are one species and 11.6 million other species
and those are basically our course citizen in this world where all
interrelated they are different but
they do exist as sentient beings and if we look at the way we relate to those
other forms of life to this other sentient beings then there's a huge gap
in our morality in a sense of altruism compassion care and responsibility
every year we kill 60 billions animals just for our use whether to eat where to
use any possible ways land animals a trillion that is a thousand billion sea
animal for the same reasons now there is a complete continuum revolution from a
single cell to us and not too is actually too many other forms of life we
have taken different evolutionary part they are different but there's many of
them are sentient beings so the idea where the center of everything the
center of the universe that only ask matter that everything else is there to
satisfy our needs
this is just doesn't make any sense so all sentient beings which two ish escape
from suffering achieve some kind of well-being they want to preserve the
condition that forever their survival and avoid those with treating their
Survivor their physical and mental integrity
why should we not value that why now we value so much in our individual
individualistic society human being
no we cannot infringe the right of the individual but then when it comes to
other forms of life other animals we is the wholesale instrumentalization pics
become sausage making machines or egg-producing sort of mechanisms their
value is almost zero except commercial they become objects they become
consumption products to become something to make a profit out of it and we must
be mindful that when we start to dehumanize human beings treat them like
animal grass-like Vermes that's all what dictators have been doing the terror
after dictator from Hitler to kathy and others that the evaluation of human
beings into animals in our minds led to genocide mass massacre in the same way
we devalue our eyes animals by making them just like stinks like objects that
we can use until recently in the fresh french civil court animals where
classified as goods like almost furniture moving furniture a ship is not
it was nothing more than it moving table how absurd if we think that the
sympathies as in common with human beings 98.7 percent of the genome and it
even fly as fifty percent OMG no manners there's a complete continua t we can al
forms of flies up to us and there's a complete community between our human
ancestors that was there is no magic moment when suddenly this extraordinary
human being just come in the planet so it is not to bring down humans to the
level of animals we have very special characteristics for the great
intelligence where the faculty to expand our trading too many many more sentient
beings we also have the power to how many many more human other human beings

of animals what animals themselves can only benefit or harm just a few around
then that's definitely we have those capacity but no matter what does
capacity are they don't give us any right to just wholesale utilize other
this all these animal just for our consumption imagine that someone
compliments of the planet and say our God told us that yo-yo human beings are
just there for our consumption and by the way we love human flesh
so let's go
for good banquet of human flesh you will Co how can be there to say that when we
really have to think carefully and by the way to change your attitude and
Gandhi said we can judge a civilization by the way through its animal not just
the waitress anymore because this is symptomatic if we lack compassion for
some we may soon like compassion for everyone
the first . Lamartine said what does not have two hearts one for human being 14
animals we have a heart we don't have a heart so whether his compassion
compassion cannot have limits barriers it should extend to all those who can
feel suffering want to escape from suffering so it's unacceptable in the
same way that we do mathematical human beings with you kind of saw side
massacre to again and again and again and again year after year to billions of
this is a complete in coherence in our mobile system we cannot go on like that
in addition to that everybody is losing about that
why of course the first victims at the animals themselves i mentioned 60
billions terrestrial anymore and hot thousand billions see anyone but not
only that it impacts on poverty on inequality among human beings because
today to produce this vast amount of meat basically for which countries we
use 700 million tones of soy corn and wheat every year that go that are
produced in developing country to go to which country to produce that meet in
animal factories and slaughterhouse and so forth that could be used to alleviate
poverty anger in those countries so it increase inequalities on top of that one
acre our plant can either feed one meter or 20 vegetarian of 50 Reagan's so that
land could be used too much higher purpose
it takes 10 kilos of good vegetable 14 at the end of the chain feeding those
animals to be clean for meat to produce 120 of meat so it's a reverse protein
factory button waist number two it harms future generations industrial farming
and this intensive sort of mass animal production for meat and the fishing and
so forth
turns out according to all scientific evaluation as gathered in the IPCC
report the International planet for climate change the United Nations it is
the second course of global warming of green house gas effect after habitations
industrial compounds and housing and so forth and before transportation all the
planes vehicles the cast ships before is fifty percent of the greenhouse gas
effect so it is one of the most sort of negative effect on the future of the
planet because of the maintain of the nitrates of the co2 that is emitted to
all those activities number tree is not even good for human hat people say oh I
need to sporting so badly I just remember if you didn't know that there's
meat has twenty percent of protein while go for so you extract after thirty
percent of 40 there's many other have animal vegetable or things that you can
get an emotional substrate way then meet again there are a lot of studies now
university and study done with more than 10,000 subject for over 20 years one of
then conducted in how that has shown the people with small meet compared to thos
with his little meat not just a vegetarian but very good meat there were
fifteen percent chance increased of getting a cancer and cardiac diseases so
you would say fifty percent of mortality by considerably reducing with conceptio
another recently published studies have shown following 10,000 people from its
52 68 over 18 years and they look at how many people died during that period and
then they divided us people into three categories hi meters media meters and
low meters or more exactly animal protein eaters meat or fish or whatever
they found that during this 18 years

seventy-five percent mortality among the top third of protein animal putting
consumers and compared to the lower terms that was not the case if it was
vegetable protein after 65 or 70 there's less effect but you can see how it is
detrimental to human health as well so everybody is losing the animals in the
first place first victims the future generation the pool people even human
hand so from all grounds we should just revise our attitude we should realize
that far from the eyes are from the art everyday single day there's millions of
animal slaughters in Randall's condition some of the never sea the sky some of
them they're just kept alive until the moment to kill them people sentimental
you react with somebody torture an animal last year in France one guy kept
on telling a little cat against the war in the air he was he was filming himself
he was laughing it was a huge uproar throughout the nation they call the guy
says into one year in jail
of course it's terrible unexcusable and the reaction was correct but the same
day 500,000 anymore were slaughtered in terrible conditions you should know that
peaks and cows they're supposed to be stopped
and to be unconscious until they're taken in the chain to be cutting pieces
but it turns out that because this is so fast and there's so many in one minute
you have to do that ten to twenty percent began cautious that when you
start cutting them in pieces well you don't see that but it happens every day
so we have to change our attitude
the question is not just to be only busy with animals to be have compassion only
for animals but to have compassion for human beings of course but also for
animals and when the city people to tell you how why you taking care so much of
animal you better go to do some inhumanity and works to human beings to
result conflicts great but what they do most of those people they do nothing
neither for human beings know for animals because it turns out in history
that it was the most strongest proponents of human rights of freedom
against slavery and others will also occupy the animals again if you have
compassion you have compassion for all and by the way nobody tells people when
they're in sunday afternoon they do their gardening or the collect stamps
are they play music all you you are such a selfish person you should go to Afric
to help poor people
why do they say that for animals because somehow it it reminds them this kind of
schizophrenic moral ethical in coherence in their behavior so we should now have
a real coherent ethics it is the time not to deal with human beings not to
raise animals to be the same as almost happiest this is all not necessarily
simply to embrace everyone with benevolence with kindness with
compassion and stop instrument amazing animals just to feed ourselves with
their flesh to distract ourselves by looking at Bulls being killed in both
eyes or all kinds of terrible distraction like know making any most
miserable just 24 own pleasure
let's be compassionate not only two humans but too