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Prof. Dr. Adefioye Sunday Adewumi
Organization: Pratibha Systems Int’l
Founder and CEO
Description: World’s first and only professor of geography (2010), cosmology (2012), research
and development (2013); sustainable development (2014), international affairs (2016) and
psychosociology (2016)
The Final Resolution
1. There is a clear and distinct difference between people's origin, ethnicity and religion. Your
religion will never change your origin or ethnicity it may only influence your way of life.
Therefore, religion is abolished and ignored in this final resolution for Israel and Palestine
2. Culture, costume or complexion is also ignored in this resolution as these are only mere
outward features without any intrinsic values or significance
3. The territory presently called Israel is an absolutely illegal and unrecognized “country”
4. Palestinians do not want to be influenced or controlled by "USA" that is the major reason
they decided to be independent after the 2nd world war that never really ended until 2015
5. Since members of the ancestral Germanic tribe are still presently on their father's land split
between Northern Gaza, Central Israel and Central-Southern Palestine, the whole European
(particularly the Germanic tribe or original speakers of all varieties and derivatives of
German including English) have collected back their original land that span across this
territory and have establish an ultra-modern Kingdom of Judah with its capital at Zion (near
Jerusalem – close to its South Eastern border) which is the City of David (world's first and
only genuine, complete hybrid smart city with the smartest people since creation of man)
6. Therefore, the two “countries” previously called Israel and Palestine and colony of Gaza has
permanently ceased to exist since the Kingdom of Judah is fully established, City of David
(also known as Zion) officially commissioned and Jesus Christ installed as King of Judah
with the 21 Ancient Prophets appointed as the Ministers (Elders) of the Kingdom.
1. The remaining portion of land that represents present day Israel after Kingdom of Judah is
established is levelled up and converted to agricultural land to provide food for the entire
kingdom of Judah and for exports
2. The remaining part of Gaza (south Gaza) is reserved and prepared for foreigners that works
in the kingdom of Judah and its industrial suburb (Southern “Israel”)
3. Only the Northern region of Palestine (which has been officially declared as the
Independent State of West Bank with its Capital at Nabulus) remains autonomous
4. The words Gaza, Israel and Palestine has been completely erased from the history of this
world and for eternity world without end
The full plan and architectural design for Zion shall be revealed at the appropriate time
Warning!!! Any being (or thing) living or not living, visible or not visible that is not genuinely happy with
this judgment, immediately lost its, his or her existence without any remedy for eternity world without end
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