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Informal letters are letters written to friends and family members regarding personal
matters. They are also known as friendly letters. Informal letters are written to:

Ú Keep in touch with family members, relatives and friends.

Ú Thank someone
Ú Give advice/encouragement
Ú Say goodbye
Ú Congratulate
Ú Give condolence

Format of Informal Letters




_______   ______


_______  6   ___________________________________________

____________________________________ _______________________________

________   ________________________________________________
_____________________________________ ______________________________


______   ________________________________________________

_____________________________________ ______________________________





a. Write your address at the top right -hand corner of the letter
a. Write the date below the address.
b. The date must be written formally but can be written either uppercase or
i. 1 MARCH 2010
ii. 1 March 2010
a. Write the salutation on the next line on the left -hand side of the letter.
b. Address the person you are writing with ³Dear´«..,
c. Make sure you have a comma after the greeting.
a. Enquire after the person¶s health or well being by asking
i. How are you? I hope you are fine«..:, I am glad to hear that«.´
a. Use informal language. Keep the tone personal
b. Use simple sentences
c. You can use contractions like
i. I¶ll
ii. She¶s
iii. They¶re
d. Use informal linking expressions such as ³anyway´,´yet´,´still´ and ³also´.
e. Do not use slang or too many casual expressions.
f. Minimise the use of lengthy sentences.
a. End your letter with a reference to the reason you wrote and send regards
where appropriate. Writ e the closing for your letter using informal phrases like
b. ³Love´, ³Best Wishes´ and ³All the best´.
a. Only the first word of the signing off begins with a capital letter and the last
word ends with a comma, for example :
b. ³Your cousin´, ³Your belove d granddaughter´, and ³Your concerned friend´.


 ! "    #  
Your friend in Singapore has written to you to inform you that his cousin in Penang was
down with dengue fever. He would like to know the situation in Malaysia as he plans to bring
his family over for the holidays in April. Write a letter to brief him about the current situation.
In your letter, include the following:
Ú Express concern over the health of your friend¶s cousin
Ú News about the situation
Ú Steps taken by authorities
Ú Present situation

Do remember to:

Ú Use the informal letter format

Ú Use all the points given
Ú Expand each of the points given
Ú Write in paragraphs


12 Taman Damansara Heights,

Sri Damansara,
57000 Ipoh
26 March 2010
Dear Calvin,
How are you? I¶m sorry to hear that your cousin in Malaysia had dengue fever. This
problem seems to have become very serious all of a sudden. We always feel that the
problem is not our concern until someone close to us affected.
My neighbour¶s daughter who was in Standard 6 last year could not sit for the UPSR
exam because she was down with dengue fever on the eve of the exam. Fortunately, the
authorities gave her an exemption so she is now in Form One.
According to the news stude nts made up nearly 30 per cent of the 1500 suspected
cases over the first three weeks of the year. About 53 per cent of 621 confirmed cases last
year comprised children and youths under the age if 24.These statistics are quite worrying.
This has prompted the health ministry to increase checks on aedes breeding grounds in
schools and public areas. The construction sites are largely to be blamed. The problem is
made worse by the rainy season.


The authorities have taken various steps to control the situation. Fogging has been
carried out in many public areas and most of the housing estates. Contractors at
construction sites have been instructed to take appropriate actions and warned to clean up.
They could be fined up to RM3000 for breeding aedes mosquitoes. B efore the long holiday
for the Chinese New Year, schools all over Malaysia carried out a clean -up campaign of the
school compound. The residents¶ association in my housing area also organised a family
day clean-up of the housing estate. There were huge pil es of rubbish especially old tyres
and containers littered by the hawkers near the might market site.
The situation in Malaysia has improved since the end of January. There have been
no reports of new cases of dengue. So, don¶t worry. You can bring your f amily for a holiday
here in April. I¶m looking forward to seeing them again.

Yours sincerely,

$ J
Your junior, a Form 5 student in SMK Sri Kelana has been recently appointed as head
prefect to replace you. Write a letter to congratulate him on his new appointment.
In your letter, include the following

Ú Congratulate him on his new appointment

Ú Assure him that he will do well
Ú Ex-head prefect in your school ± advise him on how to carry out duties
Ú Send regards to his family

Do remember to:

Ú Use the informal letter format

Ú Use all the points given
Ú Expand each of the points given
Ú Write in paragraphs



Ranjit a former classmate who had to start working immediately after SPM has decided to
stop working because he has to look after his father who is recovering from a hit and run
accident. He would be working on a part -time basis. Write a letter to him, expressing your
concern and advising him about furthering his studies to build up his career and how to take
care of his father .

In your letter, include the following:

Ú Express concern about his situation

Ú Advice him on his career and working part -time
Ú Ways to take care of his father
Ú Offer help to him

Do remember to:

Ú Use the informal letter format

Ú Use all the points given
Ú Expand each of the points given
Ú Write in paragraphs