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Trouble At The Inn (C-0)

Encounter 1

It has been a long day of travel...

"Breathing heavily you barge into the gloom of the inn.

You can hear the goblins getting closer, however
However, you're finally out of the thick of the forest
something stirrs in the darkness. Horrified you see
and fast on your way to Arhynn, as the last signs of the Gerald, the fat inn owner and his wife Muriel coming
sun disappear on the horizon. Luckily, the chimney of a towards you, thier faces white as snow and their dead
big old structure looms over the trees in the distance.
hungering eyes."
It's the Meat and Mead Inn! Located just half a day's
walk west of Arhynn, many adventurers spend the
The master zombie is Gerald and has +2 Health per
night here on their way out or into the city.
hero, the minion zombie is Muriel and has +1 Health
per hero. The door to the cellar is locked and Gerald
A spirited conversation sparks as you all remember tales has the key. Once Gelard is defeated the heroes have
of nights spent at the inn. Drunken brawls and songs of the key and may open and close the door to the cellar
valor, you have been regular customers back then. The entrance. Then read the following:
banter between you suddenly comes to a halt, as you
enter the courtyard and realize the complete silence
"A final blow to the head and the fat corpse finally
around you.
stops moving, but a scream from somewhere below
doesn't give you a pause - you grab the keys and head
The inn is dark and lifeless. You feel like someone is
down to the cellar as quickly as you can!"
watching, as you slowly approach the building. The
leaves above your head gently move, was that just a
breeze or was it something else?
If all heroes are inside the inn a hero may spend an
Suddenly you hear a branch snapping and someone
action and attempt to barricade the inn door by
yells "Ambuuush!". Goblins pour out from every side!
performing a check. When 2 checks are passed the
door is closed and barricaded and cannot be opened any
"Draw your weapons, defend yourselves!"
more. Furthermore, the goblin archers become inactive.
"Run for the inn!"

The Cellar


Heroes may exit the map at the cellar entrance for 1

movement point and place their figures on one of the
"X" marked locations on the cellar stairs. Once the
cellar door is opened the Overlord places the open
group on the cellar stairs.

Goblin archers. Zombies. 1 open group.

Heroes place their figures on the Courtyard in the
unique spaces marked with an "X."
Place the goblin archers on either the entrance or the
overgrown garden divided as the Overlord wishes.
The zombies and the open group are not placed during
Place search tokens based on the number of heroes.

Special Rules

The chamber door may be attacked by monsters and

has 15 Health, but rolls no defense die. Heroes may
open and close the chamber door as normal. When the
chamber door is opened for the first time (or detroyed)
Ariel joins the heroes and the goblin archers become
active again. Then read the following:

"You enter a room unlike any you have ever seen,

potions, books and scrolls everywhere, magic teaming
in the air. At the center a young woman stands trying
to put on a brave face. Seems the monsters where trying
to get her. "Quick" she says, pointing to a trap-door on
the ceiling."

Before the heroes take their first turn the Overlord

activates a number of goblin archers equal to the
number of heroes. After this play proceeds normally.


The Inn

Defense - 1 Gray

The inn door may only be open and closed by heroes.

Once the inn door is opened for the first time the
Overlord places 1 master zombie and 1 minion zombie
on the inn (not adjacent to the door), than read the

Speed - 4

Health - 8

Ariel cannot attack and cannot suffer fatigue to move.

Ariel acts last, after all heroes, and is controlled by the
last hero to play. She is considered a hero, but has no
attribues and fails all checks.

Secret Passage
Heroes may spend 1 movement point and move
between the blue quest markers as if they are adjacent
only after they have entered the secret chamber.

Time Is Running Out

At the start of each overlord turn (do not count the
ambush) the Overlord places 1 fatigue token in his play
At the start of the turn in which he places the5th
fatigue token, he places his open group on the stairs and
may activate that group as normal (if he has not done so
At the turn in which he places the8th fatigue token the
goblin archers become active and have discovered the
secret entrance. From that moment on goblin archers
may use the secret entrance.

At the star of each overlord turn in which the goblin
archers are active, the Overlord may place 1 goblin
archer on the overgrown garden and 1 on the entrance
ignoring group limits.

If Ariel leaves the map through the entrance read the

"In the distance you can still hear them, but surely they
will not catch you now with the outpost in sight. You
realize that person you just met is little more than a girl.
When you finally reach the outpost she tells you her
name and insists you must press on to Arhynn tonight.
"We must find uncle, we must find uncle..." she keeps
Heroes win this quest!
If Ariel is knocked out she is fatally wounded, read the

"The monster's delight was great as Ariel collapsed.

Sensing their job was done, the minions dispersed as
quickly as they have appeared. You feel awful that you
couldn't protect her as she must have been important
As you kneel to her there's the slightest movement,
quickly you check her pulse - she still hangs on! Maybe
there's hope yet, if you can get her to Arhynn before
The Overlord wins this quest!

Both the heroes and the Overlord gain 1 XP.

Trouble At The Inn (C-0)

Encounter 1

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