“90” & “190” SERIES


Key Ideas
•The “90-190” Series is a series of quick patterns that use a 3-step drop! These routes should be thrown in 1.5 to 1.7 seconds! They allow us to attack defenses on fast rhythm! •The pattern rules we use for the 90 series are the same as in our 60-70 package, with some key considerations:


92 93 99

97 95


90-190 Protection

1. A “90” or “190” pass means that there are no backside Seam or Go Reads because there isn’t enough time. This means that we must do something different on the backside. We do 1 of 3 things: A) Many 90-190 routes are mirrored. That means that the backside receivers run the same thing as frontside receiver. 91, 92, 97, and 90 ‘Juke’ are all mirrored. B) Some 90 routes use ‘Quick’ rules, meaning both backside receivers run ‘Quick’ Slants (3 steps Outside, 2 steps inside). 90 Green/Gold, 93, and 95 use ‘Quick’ backside rules. C) On other 90s, we want the Slants to be deeper so the QB can get to them late. We call this ‘Long’ rules. On ‘Long’ rules, the inside receiver runs a Lookie Post at 8, the Outside receiver a ‘Quick Post’ at 7-10. 98, 99, and 90 Fake Green/Gold use ‘Long’ rules. 2. Many breaks are shortened because the ball is being thrown quicker. ANY BREAK THAT HAPPENS 10 YARDS OR DEEPER IN 6070 GETS SHORTENED IN 90-190! To shorten, divide the normal (6070) distance in half and add a yard. So, 12 yard breaks become 7, 10 yard breaks become 6, etc.

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