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PATTERN Summary Table

Middle Outside Inside Middle Outside Drop Progresn
0 Seam Quick Key defender
Seam Go Go Read off Jack!
VERTICAL Read Angle (5)
1 Seam Angle Pre rd Arrow:
Arrow Corner Post Curl Go Read Curl to BS
CURL Read Pop-up
2 Seam / Seam Tight U- Key defender
Corner Smash Go Read off CB to BS
SMASH Thin Read Kick
3 Arrow Wrap to Wrap to Seam Angle Object rec.
Go Read off Corner rt
CORNER Thin Post Corner Read Pop-up
4 Obj. off Flat
Seam / Seam Tight U-
Flat Go Pocket Go Read (1 saf); Key
FLAT Thin Read Kick CB (2 saf)
5 Seam Angle Pre-rd Arrow;
Bend Arrow Go Go Read Bend to BS
BEND Read Pop-up
6 Seam Quick Choice-
Out Drag Go Read Seam-Drag
CHOICE Read Angle (5)
7 Seam Seam Quick Key defender
Corner Out Go Read off CB to BS
OUT /Thin Read Angle (5)
8 Glancing Mini- Lookie Quick Object rec.
Crease . 3 step off Crease rt.
CREASE Drag Comebk Post Post
9 Key defender
Lookie Lookie Quick
Arrow Slant (3) . 3 step off OLB to
SLANT Slant (2) Post Post BS

- C l I c k h e r e t o r e t u r n t o M a I n P a s s I n g M e n u -

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