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Lesson Plan


Tayler Mehsling

Grade Level(s)

5rd Grade

Lesson Title

The Revolutionary War

Subject area(s)
5rd Grade Social Studies

Academic Standard(s): What academic standard(s) will you address?

SS 5.4.1.a- Describe concepts of time and chronology
SS 5.4.1-b- Select and record key national events in chronological order
SS 5.4.1.c- Examine the chronology of historical events in the Unites States and their impact on the past, present,
and future
SS 5.4.2.a- Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of people, events, ideas, and symbols, including various
cultures and ethnic groups, by era
SS 5.4.4.d- Describe the cause and effect relationships among key events in history
Essential learnings/questions: What question(s) should students be able to answer upon completion of
the lesson?
Name the 13 colonies
Name the historical figures involved in the Revolutionary War
Put the major events of the Revolutionary War in chronological order

Process: Summarize the lesson plan process.

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Teacher and students will read the chapter over the Revolutionary War in their textbook and answer the
essential questions at the end of the chapter.
Teacher will read over the expectations/rubric for the assignment over the Revolutionary War that will include
creating a timeline of major events/historical figures using Prezi which has already been introduced previously
in the year.
The students will use their textbook and internet safe websites as references for this assignment.
Teacher will split the students into groups of 2 for this timeline assignment.
Teacher will provide students with feedback, and answer any questions they may have as they work on the
timeline assignment.
Students will present their timeline project to the class while being recorded, and also submit it to the Teacher
for grading
The presentation will be uploaded to the class Youtube account so students are able to see views and
comments left by the public.
Product: What will students do to demonstrate understanding?

Students will put together a timeline of the major events/historical figures using Prezi to demonstrate their
understanding of the Revolutionary War using their textbook and internet safe websites as references.

Reflection Questions
ISTE Standard 1a: How does this lesson address ISTE Standard 1a?
Promote, support and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness.
Students will express their creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness by creating a Prezi to show a
timeline of the Revolutionary War. The students have the opportunity to express their timeline in a way that
represents themselves to the class.

ISTE Standard 1b: How does this lesson address ISTE Standard 1b?
Engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and
The students will learn about the Revolutionary War from their textbook, as well as their own individual research
using internet safe websites. The students will be able to put emphasis on specific details of the Revolutionary War
that were not explained in their textbook. The students will learn how the events of the Revolutionary War shaped
the world we live in today.
ISTE Standard 1c: How does this lesson address ISTE Standard 1c?
Promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students' conceptual
understanding and thinking, planning and creative processes.
The students will research beyond the textbook to collaborate on the Revolutionary War to put together a timeline
using Prezi. The teacher will then be able to capture the students comprehension of the material, and the thinking
processes the group went through to put the information together in a presentation form.

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ISTE Standard 1d: How does this lesson address ISTE Standard 1d?
Model collaborative knowledge construction by engaging in learning with students, colleagues and others
in face-to-face and virtual environments.
The students will present their material face-to-face to their peers, as well as post it to Youtube to explain
understanding of the material and how they interpreted it. Students will also send their presentation to the teacher
online for grading.

Formative Assessment Plan: How could you use technology to formatively assess your students? What
will your formative assessment(s) tell you? How will your formative assessment help student(s) manage
their own learning?
Kahoot is a great way to formatively assess my students on their knowledge of the Revolutionary War. It can be
little quick quizzes at various times during the chapter to check for understanding before continuing on with the
chapter to ensure students have a firm grasp of the material before moving on. You can also add in videos at
various times to further the students understanding. I think Kahoot will allow students to self-reflect on what they
are learning, and to make the necessary changes to accurately recall the information.

Summative Assessment Plan: What is the summative assessment in your lesson?

A summative assessment would be a google form assessment on the chapter material that they learned from
reading the chapter, and also researching for their presentation. This will accurately show their comprehensive
knowledge of the chapter, and also compare them to their fellow classmates. It will also cut down on paper use,
and I think it will engage the students using a computer/tablet.

ISTE Standard 2a: How does this lesson and assessment plan incorporate digital tools and resources to
promote student learning and creativity?
This lesson and assessment plan incorporates a presentation using Prezi, as well as Kahoot and Google Forms
to promote students learning and creativity. They are able to express their creative side as well as continue
learning with the Prezi, and also check themselves for understanding with Kahoot and Google Forms.

ISTE Standard 2b: How does this lesson and assessment plan enable students to become active
participants in setting their own educational goals, managing their own learning, and accessing their own
This lesson and assessment plan enables students to be active in understanding and managing their progress
because it is up to them to put together a presentation on the Revolutionary War, and also answer comprehension
questions about the Revolutionary War.

ISTE Standard 2c: How does this lesson and assessment plan personalize learning?

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It personalizes learning because it allows students to show their uniqueness and creativity through the
presentation. Using Kahoot and Google Forms it also allows students to be critical of their own understanding.

ISTE Standard 2d: How does this assessment plan inform learning and teaching?
It informs learning because it causes students to go and seek out their own information, as well as being tested on
the core information that is presented in the book. The students will also teach their peers about their
presentations to help their peers understand a different side of the material.

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