On August 28, 2015 Shannon J. Miles, a Blackman, executed
Darren Goforth, a White Peace Officer who was engaged in the
lawful discharge of an official duty by shooting Goforth 15 times in
the head and back. What could have possibly have been Miles’
motive? The answer is he did it to become a cop killing hero in the
African-African community. If not for this act what would Shannon
Miles have been? Someone who drifted between homelessness
and fast food jobs who beat an assault charge by feigning insanity
then suddenly recovering six months later.
Harris County Texas Sheriff Hickman attributed the killing to
Black Lives Matter, a group that is part of the New Crow Jim’s Cop
Killing Lobby. Hickman:

When the rhetoric ramps up to the point where
calculated, cold-blooded assassinations of police
officers happen, this rhetoric has gotten out of control.
We've heard, 'Black Lives Matter.’ All lives matter. Well,
cops' lives matter, too. So why don't we just drop the
qualifier and just say, 'Lives matter,' and take that to
the bank?
Shortly after this cold blooded assassination a police
lieutenant in Fox Lake, Illinois, decided to take his own life in a
futile attempt to discredit Black Lives Matter and to escape a
prison term for embezzlement.
“GI Joe” Gliniewicz flipped his lid and concocted a scenario
that would never hold water. Gliniewicz had no real experience in
staging a crime scene but he did the best he could however the
scam fell apart discrediting police officers who died in the line of
duty. It has been a month since G.I. Joe killed himself and the
cover up of his death continues. It began when a back up team
discovered his body. The back up team reported to dispatch that
Gliniewicz’s fire arm and pepper spray were missing despite. The
dispatcher repeated the lie:
A male White and male Black has fled from scene
taking the officer’s sidearm and pepper spray.
Shots were fired unknown direction of travel.
The gun was found 2 feet away from Gliniewicz's body,
according to an unknown source close to the Task Force. The
backup officers reported the side arm and pepper spray missing
to make it look like a murder rather than suicide.

Fox Lake PD excuses for a lack of evidence is like “The dog
ate my homework.” "One of the canines ... positively tracked
away from the scene, indicating that it was tracking on at least
one suspect," Det. Chris Covelli said. But authorities say that
dog's handler had to abandon the effort after succumbing to the
heat. It was 90 degrees that day. Out of the 48 K9 units, one
picked up some kind of scent. The 47 other dogs found nothing. If
one unit was out of commission why not have another dog pick up
on the scent.
Fox Lake is divided into two areas one industrial and other
residential. Gliniewicz went to the industrial area and gave
thought to what he was about to do. You would think he would be
more interested in patrolling the residential and tourist areas than
a desolate semi-garbage dump of discarded concrete making
equipment. Here’s what he said as he pulled into an area where
there was unlikely to be any witnesses:
6740 I’m out here by the old concrete plant
checking out two male White and a male Black by
the equipment south of Honing. 740 10-4 Do you
need a second unit? Negative dispatch. They took
off for the swamp. Do you need a second unit?
Yeah now go ahead and start somebody.

George Filenko commander of the
Lake County Major Crime Task Force.

7:32 a.m. – Gliniewicz arrives by equipment north of Honing. 1 He
gets out of his patrol car and begins patrolling this desolate area
which Filenko says he took upon himself to do as there had been
homeless people there and vandalism.
7:52 a.m.—Gliniewicz calls in to report three suspicious people
7:55 a.m. – Gliniewicz calls for 2nd unit after three subjects ran
into swamp area
8:01 a.m. – Two officers arrive at the scene
8:09 a.m. – Officers find Gliniewicz with a gunshot wound 150 feet
from his cruiser in a marsh. The gun was “dropped at his body.”
The first reports presumably from the back up team had
Gliniewicz shot in the back of the neck execution style and also
shot in the torso. According to the coroner, who was first to hint
that Gliniewicz offed himself, two shots were fired - a shot that
didn’t penetrate the vest along with one from a downward
direction in back of the vest into the heart. But Filenko claims the
first shot that didn’t penetrate the vest was like a sledge hammer
and would have knocked Gliniewicz out. How does he know that
Gliniewicz didn’t take off his vest and fire the bullet into it before
he fired the fatal shot into his chest? Now Filenko claims there
were signs of a struggle. If Gliniewicz staged his shooting he also
could have made it look like a struggle took place during the 20
minutes he was patrol the desolate backwoods. He knew unless
he did this no one would believe it was anything more than a

1Two sources close to the investigation told Fox news it’s possible Gliniewicz
arrived up to 20 minutes before he radioed in about three suspects, raising
more questions about what happened that day.

The backup cops were on the scene in 6 minutes after the
event yet three managed to disappear into thin air after wading
through a swamp. It was too early in the day for criminals to be
awake. The morning is not a good time to commit a burglary as
people have not left for work plus there was nothing to steal in
the neighborhood except for salvage metal. Black and White
criminals don’t generally work together so this would make it
more of a political action. Two Whites and a Black were
questioned then downgraded from suspects to persons of interest.
Around this time the FBI figured out what happened and pulled
out of the case. The two Whites and a Black had maybe 10
minutes to escape a massive dragnet.

This is the equipment south of Honing as seen by Google Earth.

This was where Joe’s patrol car was parked.

The green area is the swamp the Rainbow Coalition Gangbangers
were headed for. You could get bogged down in a swamp. Filenko
claims that because of the swampy terrain there were no
footprints. He didn’t deal with how the perps were slowed down
by it.
The three cop killers would have had pants that were wet at the
bottom. How deep is that swamp behind the equipment?
Someone should “Wade in the Water” and see how wet you are
when you come out the other side. This is assuming the trio
continued on their escape path of choice after shooting Joe in the
vest then pulling the vest out from his chest and sticking the gun
between his chest and the vest while Joe just stood there
dumbfounded while one of the pulled the trigger. If they got
across the swamp they would still have to go a considerable
distance to get to a place where they could have parked their
getaway car. Maybe Gliniewicz thought that by having the
imaginary trio go through a swamp the fact that the dogs couldn’t
pick up a scent could be written off and the cop killing scenario
would hold water.

The cops have released information on the results of a
paraffin test to see if Gliniewicz had gunpowder residue on his
hand. The claimed it was inconclusive because the residue could
have come from firing the gun or from his being near the gun. The
cops have admitted that he was killed with his own gun. Put two
and two together bullet fired from his own gun and residue on his
hands. This is a high profile case. Filenko claimed they have
shared limited details because they don't want to compromise a
potential future prosecution by giving out information that only
the perpetrator or a witness would know. There were no witnesses
as the suicide occurred in a rural area and it is ridiculous to think
the perps wouldn’t lawyer up and refuse to talk with the police.
The Fox Lake PD has tacitly admitted Joe killed himself: “Several
areas were tested. The lieutenant's hands, arms, body, and items
at the scene were tested. Speaking to that, all I can say regarding
that is that it does not support or exclude any specific theory."
That means there was gunshot residue on the cop's hands. If
there was no gunshot residue on his hands, suicide in this manner
of death could be ruled out.
The one hope for Joe is the DNA. But we don’t know where it
was found or what it was found on. DNA evidence has a long halflife: 521 years. Whatever they found could belong to literally to
anyone who has been in that area in our lifetime. To date, they've
ruled out 80 people interviewed in connection with the
investigation and everyone checked so far was not in the DNA
What made Joe, Mr. Normal, Mr. Niceguy not only take his
own life but perpetrate a hoax on the public that caused Fox Lake
residents to live in fear of three imaginary killers, that cost more
than a million dollars for the manhunt, and that gave Joe a heroes
funeral that he did not deserve.

Joe had spent most of his life in LE and was about to retire.
He didn’t want to do this and according to the cop's Facebook
page (and his son), he'd applied for a chief's job in Antioch and
had been applying for other chief's jobs; none yielded
employment. He complained about stress and lack of money but
nothing out of the ordinary. There was an internal Fox Lake PD
investigation that was ongoing but if he thought he was going to
be busted he would have been applying for police chief’s position.
GI Joe doesn’t strike one as the kind of guy who would take graft;
however he also doesn’t strike me as the kind of cop who would
make his suicide look like a gangbanger murder. 2 Filenko flunkie
claims Gliniewicz was not involved in this investigation.

2. Chicago TV Matt Finn of Fox has the best coverage and sources on this