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sessions V o l u m e 1 : I s s u e 4 M a y 2 0 1 0
(TONS more sessions
available, make sure to

Creating a well developed study routine

check out the OLC in
your list of classes in

— you can do it!

Learning Center Assistance/
Success Strategies Jennifer
Stoker 7:30-10:30pm CST

Foundations of English/
Success Strategies Rebecca
By Heather Zink
2. Avoid trying to read too much
Sims 12:30-1:30pm CST 5/17 Tips for Developing Good at one time, take a five-minute
Med Term/Pathology/Med Study Habits break if you feel overwhelmed and
Law and Ethics Instructor fifteen between subjects.
Heather Zink 12-pm CST 5/10
One way to become a successful
Coding M140 - Anne Karl
EVERY Saturday this month at
student is to develop good study 3. Find a quiet place to study and
8am CST habits. Although most students try to avoid distractions.
HIM/HIT Instructor Tina
Reynoso 1pm CST 5/18, 8pm
dread studying or do not believe
4. Sit in a comfortable, but not
CST 5/23 that it is necessary, it is very too comfortable chair, in order to
Online Librarian - Bethmarie important. Very few people can stay awake and alert while studying.
Gooding 4pm CST 5/13, 6 pm
see something once and remem-
CST 5/16, 4pm CST 5/18, 4pm
CST 5/20, 6pm CST 5/23
ber it perfectly. In school you
5. Supply yourself with a healthy
snack and water to avoid getting
often have many classes at one distracted by being hungry or
time and information may seem to thirsty.
overlap from one course to an-
other. This can be an incentive in
you can be.
6. Review highlighted materials as

Here are some tips on how well as class work and notes.
that it reinforces what you've
Next club meeting: learned but it may also confuse to develop good habits: 7. Do not re-read everything,
Monday, May 17 you. Studying is very important focus on what's important.
and will help you to become the
7:00pm CST 1. Study during the time of day 8. Try a study group to reinforce
most success-
you are most alert. your knowledge through others.
Women’s Health ful student
Week event

National Women’s Health Week

Link to the club’s
Wimba room:
room=00_RAS_RCO_Student_ The 11th annual events in your area and for more Kristy Reinke, Nursing Faculty at Ras-
Org National information on how you can partici- mussen’s St. Cloud campus, will speak
Women's Health pate. As a student at Rasmussen, about healthy lifestyle choices at our
Week will kick we’d like to invite you to join other Women’s Health Week event on Mon-
off on Mother's members of the Allied Health Club day, May 17 at 7pm CST. For the men
Day, May 9 and and take part in the Woman Chal- in the group, have no fear – the meet-
be celebrated lenge. It’s starts with an 8-week ing is centered around general healthy
until May 15, commitment to exercise and leads to lifestyle choices so you will definitely
with the theme a lifestyle change incorporating benefit from attendance as well. We
"It's Your fitness goals into your weekly rou- are looking forward to a huge turnout
Time." The weeklong health observance tine. Check out http:// at this month’s meeting, as well as a
empowers women across the country to large presence in the online Woman
make their health a top priority and challenge/ and sign up! Join the Challenge ~ sign up today and join the
take simple steps for a longer, health- RasOnline Allied Health Club Team team! Contact Heather Zink at
ier and happier life. Check out http:// and gain support from other mem- with for local bers of the group. questions on these activities.
P a g e 2

Instructor Spotlight: Tina Reynoso

Current Position: What advice do you have for

HIT Program Coordinator students entering the Health
Information Management field?
How long have you worked for
If you have time, volunteering at a
I started teaching for Rasmussen
facility will help you get your foot
part-time in 2003, and was hired
in the door. It can provide net-
for my current full-time position
working opportunities as well as
in January of 2009.
inside information on upcoming
What are your credentials? openings and positions.
Registered Health Information
What advice do you have to be a
successful online student?
Tell us a bit about your experi-
In which state do you live? Plan ahead and schedule your
ence in the field of AH:
Minnesota study and homework sessions. If
I have worked in several clinics, a
you plan certain days and times to
What the classes do you teach? large level I trauma center and
work on school work, you won’t be
Several different ones. I most also a smaller rural hospital in the
tempted to put everything off
enjoy teaching Intro to HIM and roles of supervisor, coordinator,
until Sunday night.
Ambulatory Coding. and EHR Implementation.

On May 9th, thousands special feature of the physical activity each

of women across the year-long Woman Ac- week. Join now and get
country will embark on tivity Tracker pro- motivated with women
an eight-week physical gram that encourages just like you!
activity challenge for women to get at least See the first page of
better health. They 2 hours and 30 min- this newsletter for de-
will be part of the utes of moderate- tails!
Woman Challenge, a intensity aerobic


A common theme Career Services We’ll share professional guidelines
Advisors hear is frustration with to help set you apart from the
Register today using the links
the job search. Join your Career competition. By the time you leave
If you have any questions, below!
Services Team to learn how to this webinar, you’ll be re-
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Career Services Team! like a full time job. We will offer incorporate into your Job Search 11:00am – 12:00pm CST
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search? tend: Students, Alumni, prospec- Thursday, May 20, 2010:
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~ Can I apply for jobs when I don’t
We’re excited to have you join us!
meet all the qualifications?

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