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(6) 3v3 Micro Clutter Islands v1.

Map Author: night_wolveX

Description - Total Starcraft Conversion Map, with 3D starcraft units played on

a 6 player top vs bottom melee map. All 3
races (Terran, Zerg, Protoss) to battle with, Unlimited resources,
exact gameplay of Starcraft and the addition
of a new unit and ability.
Table Of Contents:
1. Map Information and Technical Data
2. Map Updates
3. Frequently Ask Questions
4. Other Starcraft Map Links
5. Map Credits
6. Installation
7. Contact Information
1. Map Information and Technical Data
Map Author - night_wolveX
Map Size - 3.66 Megabytes
Map Dimensions - 64 x 64
Total Units - 91
Total Variables - 362
Total Triggers - 120

2. Map Updates

Version 1.5 Updates:

Game Constants - Changed 'Armor Damage Reduction MUltilper' to 0.00

Game Interface - Removed 'You Will Be Revealed...etc' text from map
Quest - Updated Credit Section with Crazy Duck, Abriko & Angelusz name's to the
credits list
Models - Added new compressed mdx files for all units reducing the maps size by
- New Medic Model Added
- New Dropship Model Added
Icon - Added New Black blank Icons
- Added New SC Style Attack, Move, Patrol, Stop and Hold Position Icons
- New StimPack Icon Added
Units - Added New 'SC Armor Abilities' to all affected units
- Fixed Glitch with Refinery, Extractor & Assimilator building anywhere on
- Increased Observer 'Selection Circle
- Reduced Dropship Flying Height
- Added 'Detects cloaked units' highlight text in unit description for det
ector units
- Edited Command Centre, Nexus and Hatchery collison sizes and pathing typ
Ability - Created New SC Armor Abilities for new SC Armor system
- Adjusted 'Haverst' abilities tooltips
- Changed 'Plasma Shield' & 'Detector' Abilities Icons to The New Black
Blank Icons
- Updated Plasma Shield Ability
Upgrades - Added New Effects to all Armor Upgrades in conjunction with the new S
C Armor System
- Added Requirements on all armor upgrades for Lv 2 and Lv 3
- Re-Edited some of the upgrade text info with more revleant informatio
Trigger - Created new SC Armor System triggers
- Adjusted and increased 'Zerg Creep Removal' radius trigger

Version 1.4 Updates:

Quest - Updated Credit Section with Kingofjunk & Norinrad name's for the work th
ey provided to the project
Icons - New Stim Pack Ability/Upgrade/Buff Icon Now Available (Project Acathla I
Models - New Dark Templar Model & Skin Added
Skins - New Build Progress Bar skins Implemented
- New Build unit Queue skin Implemented
- New Transport Slot skin Implemented
- New Zerg Console Skin Implemented (Project Revolution Console Skin)
Units - Have change Zerg Larva previous setting of 'Is unit a Building' from 'Tr
ue' to 'False'
- Have change all Zerg eggs previous setting of 'Is unit a Building' from
'True' to 'False'
- Have added resources cost to Protoss Carrier
- Spell Checked and Edited Zerg Larva Name
- New Protoss unit Added 'Dark Templar'
- Increased 'Protoss Interceptor' attack cooldown to 1.30
- Reduced 'Zerg Overlords' HP Regeneration down to 0.30
- Increased 'Terran Marine(dummy)'s' turn rate to 0.60
Ability - 'Select Larva' Ability created for 'Select Larva' trigger
- Changed Duration times to 0 for 'Permanent Cloak' ability
- New 'Spider Mine' Ability created for new 'Spider Mine' Trigger system
Trigger - New 'Select Larva' Ability/Trigger Implemented
- New 'Spider Mine' Ability/Trigger's Implemented

Version 1.3 Updates:

Map - Changed 'Quest' Info text for Credits Section Info
- Edited 'Map Descriptions: Loading Screen' text info
- Reset 'Idle Worker' images
Quest - New Credit Section in place of Quest Info
Model - New Protoss Observer Model & Skins Added
Icons - New Observer icon added
- New Terran Cloak icon added
- New InterceptorItem icon added
- Changed Pathing names for SCV, Probe and Drone icons to allow for 'idle
worker' display
Skins - Added New Terran Console Skins
- Added New Protoss Console Skins
- Implemented Smaller sized skins for the remaining large sized skins left
in maps
- Added New Ice_RuneBricks skin
Units - Added New Advanced Workers
- Edited Carrier stats for Carrier triggers
- Edited Interceptor stats and removed second attack for carrier triggers
- Added New Protoss Observer unit
Ability - New 'Build Interceptor' Ability added for carrier trigger
- New 'Interceptor Return' Ability added for carrier trigger
- New 'Clocking Field' ability now avaliable
- New 'Permanent Cloak' ability added for Observer
- Increased 'Build Scarab' ability cooldown to 7
- New 'Lurker' abilities added for 'Lurker' Trigger system
- Removed 'Larvea Select' ability due to glitches
Buff - New 'Cloaked' buff for 'Cloaking field' ability
- New 'Impaled' buff for new Lurker Attack
Upgrades - New 'Cloaking Field' Upgrade added
- New 'Apollo Reator' Upgrade added
- Increased Time Based stats for Upgrades 'Genade Launcher', 'Ion Thrus
ters', 'Optical Flare','Restoration', 'Siege
Tech', 'ComSat Station', 'Yamato Cannon' & 'Lurker Aspect'
- Decreased Time Based ststs for Upgrade 'Anabolic Synthesis'
Triggers - Added New Advanced Building triggers
- New 'Terran Liftoff' trigger added to simulate liftoff animation perf
- New 'Carrier' trigger added to simulate proper attack animation with
- New 'Cloaking' triggers added
- Edited 'Larvea Select' trigger fixing all glitches made in previous v
- Added New 'Lurker' Trigger system and removed the old ones plus i rem
oved the 'Hydra Rallypoint' triggers as well
- Removed 'Larvea Select' trigger due to glitches

Version 1.2 Updated:

Map - Altered 'Name' & 'Spells' from the Game Interface Funtions for Plasma Shie
lds Caster Art Icon
- Altered 'Divine' Defence Icon to the infantry Caster Art Icon
- Altered 'Divine' Defence type text info
- Altered 'Siege' & 'Piece' Comabt Dmg Bous Tables
Skins - Added New Starcraft cursor for all races
Icons - Added New Plasma Shield Upgrade Caster Art Icon
- New Plasma Shields Upgrade Icon
- Added New Infantry Armor Upgrade Caster Art Icon
- New Infantry Armor Upgrade Icon
Units - New Plasma Shield Type Armor icon on all protoss units (Added Caster Art
and changed Caster Upgrade names)
- Removed Second Attack for Dragoon
- Added Shadows to all units and buildings
- Changed Terran SCV, Marine, Firebat & Medic Defence type to 'Divine' for
individual INfantry art Caster Icons.
- Increaed interceptor turn rate to 3
Ability - Edited typo's in 'Detector Abilties' text
- New Spider Mine Abilities
- Fixed glitch with 'deploy interceptors' ability
Upgrade - new 'Plasma Shield' Upgrade
Trigger - Updated 'Optical Flare' trigger with new detector Raw Codes
- New Spider Mine Triggers

Version 1.1 Updates:

Map - Changed map tilset to Ashenvale form

Skins - Inserted Altered Firebat Skin
Icons - Added Starcraft Psi(Mana) Icon
- Added New LurkerTransformation Icons
- Added New TankMode (Tank & Siege) Icons
- Added Drone, SCV, Probe, Zealot, MachineShop & Vulture Disable Icons
Units - Zerg Extractor building is now working ingame.
- Increased Firebat scale size to 0.75
- Increased Extractor Selection Scale to 6.00
- Edited Tooltip text for Scout
Ability - Added text to the 'Heal' Ability
- Changed Scanner Sweep ability Hotkey to C
- Added 75 mana cost to 'Optical Flare' ability
- Set Carrier Dmg Return Threshold & Return Factor to 0
Trigger - Altered 'Building Mutation' Trigger for Extractor actions
- Fix error in Select larvae trigger

Version 1.0 Updates:

First version of new map

3. Frequently Ask Questions

Q) What Is this Map About?
A) This map is a custom made Starcraft Total Conversion map, based on the classi
c '3v3 Micro Clutter Islands ' map design used by starcraft plays today. It has
all 3 races to choose from (Terran, Zerg & Protoss) and the map is desgined in t
he same fashion as any normal starcraft map is played on bnet. I have tried my b
est to make all parts of my Starcraft Converison maps as close to the actual sta
rcraft: Brood War game as i can, with my current map editor understandings. Ther
e are though, some parts that have been either changed or unavaiable for my maps
due to Blizzard Bnet Map size limit restrictions and i am unable to, at this ti
me to proceed to add new things to the maps and eventually complete them.
Q) What are the parts you have had to Change or leave out of ur maps?
A) The Units not found in my maps yet are;
For Terran -
Terran Goliath, Terran Science Vessel, Terran Ghost, Terran Science Facility, Te
rran ComSat Station, Terran Covert Ops, Terran physics Lab
For Zerg -
Zerg Scourage, Zerg Queen, Zerg Guardian, Zerg Defiler, Zerg infested Terran, Ze
rg Devourer, Zerg Hive, Zerg Greater Spire, Zerg Defiler Mound, Zerg Queens Nest
, Zerg Nidus Cancal
For Protoss -
Protoss High Templer, Protoss Archon, Protoss Arbitor, Protoss Dark Archon, Prot
oss Cosiar, Protoss Robotics Support Bay, Protoss Observatory, Protoss Fleet Bea
con, Protoss Arbitor Tribunal, Protoss Templer Archived
As you can see the Reaver, Carrier, Battlecruiser & Ultralisk are included in ma
p, but ive had to forego their proper tech tree requirements based off starcraft
, because their not available in my maps yet.
Most of the units here havent yet been created into models i can use or the curr
ent models are to big or i dont have the available space to included them at thi
s time.
Other changes or differences are
- Liftoff doesnt change units 'targeted as' setting from structure to air.
- Zerg Eggs dont have a cancel buttom and cant stop production
- Terran Spider Mines Dont Burrow, Seek, and become visble when attacking enemy
- unit sounds based from warcraft III due to map restrictions
- Workers cant seem to stack like Starcraft BW did
- no machine shop addon appears when upgrade terran factory (no Model and skin f
or machine shop)
- No Comsat Station appears when upgrade is researched (no Model and skin for Co
msat Station)
- armor system is based from warcraft III.
Q) So what units are in this map for each race?
A) I have tried to add as many starcraft units into the map as i can at this tim
e, without exceeding the 4 Megabyte limit restrictions on Warcraft III maps on b
net. Here is a list of avaiable units;
Terran - SCV, Marine, Firebat, Medic, Vulture, Siege Tank, Wraith, Dropship & Ba
- Command Center, Supply Deopt, Barracks, Factory, Engineering Bay, Acade
my, Bunker, Missile
Turrent Armory, Starport, Nuke Silo(Addon) & Refinery.
Zerg - Drone, Overlord, Zergling, Hydralisk, Lurker, Mutalisk, Ultralisk & Larva
- Hatchery, Lair, Creep Colony, Spwaning Pool, Hydralisk Den, Spire, Evolut
ion Chamber, Sunken
Colony, Spore Colony, Ultralisk Carven & Extractor.
Protoss - Probe, Zealot, Dragoon, Vindiccator, Shuttle, Scout, Reaver, Carrier,
Interceptor, Observer, Dark Templar
- Nexus, Pylon, Gateway, Cybernetics Core, Robotics Facility, Citedal Of
Adun, Photon Cannon, Stargate & Assimilator.
Q) Why Dont You Have All The Starcraft units in ur maps?
A) This question many players ask and the reason is manly the 4 Megabyte Map Siz
e limit restrictions blizzard has on its bnet server. If i was to try and host a
map over this 4mb limit i would b unable to host it at all and you would only b
e able to the my maps in a single player enviroment which my maps were not inten
ed for. I desgined my maps for playing over the Warcraft III Bnet server system
and i intend to keep it that way. Other factors include models and skins of unit
s of buildings being unavaible for implention to my maps or havent yet been crea
Q) Will You ever be able to add every unit into ur Maps?
A) I honstly dont know, unless blizzard lift there 4 Megabyte map limit restrict
ions, i and many players will have no choice but to use my maps in there current
state. After 3 years of developing the maps to what they are now, i have had to
change my position on optimising all my maps, because with all the new material
i now have added it is the only way i can get the maps below the 4mb limit.
Q) So you dont protect ur maps? Why?
A) The maps havent been protected, but optimised to compressed as many bytes as
possible to insure the maximum amount of extra space i will need to add more mat
erial as i add them. In doing this compression the maps will become unopenable v
ia world map Editor and you will no longer be able to see how ive done what ive
done. I am thinking of posting a utilities pack containing everything i used. Th
is compression is necessary for my maps development and may allow for the maps t
otal conversion to be possible one day.
Q) It says ur map is 3.66 Megabytes big, Why is it so big?
A) This is combination of the sizes of the models and skins i have imported into
my maps and many of the Advance triggers in Jass form that have made the map si
ze reach its current size.
Q) You said you have all 3 races from starcraft in your maps, how do i select th
A) When you are at the race selection screen before you start the game you can c
hoose them there. For some unknown reason if you are playing the map for the fir
st time you will only get the list of Warcraft III races to choose but the starc
raft races are still selectable this is how they work out;
Terran = Human
Zerg = Orc
Protoss = Nightelf
Just select the apporiate race you wish to be . If you have already played, the
stacraft races will appear now for easier race selection.
NOTE: Undead (Xel'Naga) is a dummy race and i have disabled the race interly and
if u select that race u will lose at the start of the match, SO DONT PICK UNDEA
Q) Are there any new stuff in your maps that aren't from the original Starcraft
A) Yes i have made one new unit for Protoss called the 'Vindicator'. Its due to
appear in the new Starcraft Ghost game. Its much like a Zealot but more heavily
armored and has a big psi cannon which it uses to attack enemy's with. The other
is a new ability for the terran marine called 'Generade Launcher' which is also
due to appear in the New Starcraft game. It does 60 points damage and has a goo
d range, gr8t against large units.

4. Other Starcraft Map Links

I have made a few maps and have posted them all on various sites, due to frequen
t updating most of the links for certain maps change so im only going to post th
e website links where my maps can be found and downloaded freely for your enjoym
ent. The easiest way to find my maps on these sites is to type my name 'night_wo
lveX' in the search engines of the sites and find simiular maps posted by me tha
t way or search for my maps name directly.
here r the map site links;

5. Credits
This section is dedicated to all the people who have supplied and or helped cont
ribute to this map:
Map Author
Map Designer
Starcraft Model & Skin Designers
Samuro, Killst4r, Max666, T - Rex, ChevronSeven, Markus3832, night_wol
veX, Norinrad, Abriko
Trigger Developers
night_wolveX, ShadowWeaver, Samuro, IceWhiteDragon, Dr. Super God, Dr
agonZombie, Vexorian,
qwerty, cdp726, Fulla, KingofJunk, Angelusz
Starcraft Icons
TimeMachine, Boom_Heffer, BlackRockClan, night_wolve
Spell Developers
Vexorian, IceWhiteDragon, cdp726, Fulla
Miscellous Map Function Contributors
night_wolveX, ShadowWeaver, VGsatomi, Dr. Super God
Beta Testers
night_wolveX, LightSorccorer, ong_elvin, Kaolla Sunrider, Azoreth,
bounty_hunter, Crazy Duck
And thank you to everyone who has helped me test all of my maps over the span of
a year or so. Your hard work and patience in this matter has not been forgotten
and i thank you for all your support.

6. Installation
Once you have downloaded my maps you must first extract the map file (.w3x) from
the winrar or winzip file into your deafualt warcraft III directory folder eg.
c:\program files\warcraft III\maps\Downloads. Make sure that the .w3x file is no
t in a sub folder inside the downloads folder. eg.c:\program files\warcraft III\
maps\Downloads\FastestPossibleMapEverv2.4 or this will cause problems when joini
ng a online hosted game. If you have any problems with the installation process
email me and ill explain a more detail explaination of what you need to do.

7. Contact Information
Name - night_wolveX
Email -
If you have any other questions or enquires about anything regarding my maps ple
ase feel free to email at any time and ill email you back as soon as possible