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BizChannel@CIMB Application Form

Please complete the following checklist before submitting your application :

Application Form

Please complete all the section marked as Mandatory

To be signed by the Authorised Person(s) appointed in accordance with the extract
Board of Directors Resolution or Extract Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
enclosed herewith.

Extract Resolution /
Extract Minutes
(Applicable for
Company Sdn Bhd /

Please submit the extract of Board of Directors Resolution or Extract Minutes of

Board of Directors Meeting in the form and substance as enclosed herewith.
Please specify/provide clearly the items below:
Date of Board of Directors resolution/minutes passed
The identity of the Authorised Person(s) who is/are appointed to operate the
Specimen signature(s) of the Authorised Person(s)
Signing condition
To be signed by 1 Director and 1 Company Secretary.

Supporting Documents

Please submit certified true copies of Form 49 (or Form 25 if applicable)

Please submit certified true copies of M&A (only applicable if circular of resolution OR
full resolution is submitted)

Documents Submission

Attention to: Processing Team [for BizChannel@CIMB]

25th Floor, Menara CIMB
Jalan Stesen Sentral 2
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur


BizChannel@CIMB Call Centre at 1-300-888-828.

For Bank Use Only

Submitted By:





Staff Name: ___________________________________________

Staff ID: ______________________________________________

Contact No (office): _____________________________________

Contact No (mobile phone): ______________________________

Campaign (if applicable):_________________________________

Remarks: ____________________________________________

Referred By:


Call Centre

Staff Name: ___________________________________________

Staff ID: ______________________________________________

Submission Branch Code: ________________________________

Contact No: ___________________________________________

Remarks: ____________________________________________

Please submit documentation to:

BizChannel@CIMB Processing Team
25th Floor, Menara CIMB, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2,Kuala Lumpur Sentral,50470 Kuala Lumpur.

BizChannel@CIMB Application Form

(A) Account(s) to be Accessed via BizChannel@CIMB and Debiting of Charges (Mandatory)
Account (s) to be
Default to all accounts with CIMB(at the point of application)

Debit fees from account no.

(The Bank will appoint ONE(1) account from

Company if this field is left blank)

(B) Company Details (Mandatory)

*Company may refer to Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Government Bodies, or such other
legal entities established under the laws of Malaysia(whichever applicable)

Company* Name:

Business Reg./Ref. No.:

002600341T / 201612151339124828

** In any matters related to BizChannel@CIMB, Bank will inform the Contact Person specified below.
Mailing Address**: NO 57 JALAN 1/5 , TAMAN BANGI AVENUE , KAJANG

Contact Person**:

simbara global enterprise

Email :

Contact No: (Office)



Customer Type:


Sole Prop

(C) BizChannel@CIMB Service Package

Service Package


Promo Code [fill up if applicable] :

(D) Authorised User(s)

Full Name as per NRIC/ Passport

mardi mude

User ID





Mobile No.



Note :* Each Authorised User(s) may opt for dual roles(Maker & Authoriser) via the same User ID. However, the same transaction cannot be authorised by the same person.
** Mandatory and cannot be repeated for different Authorised User(s).

(F) Declaration By Company

I / We hereby
i. Confirm that by signing this Application Form, we accept and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Subscription and Access to
BizChannel@CIMB including any amendments, supplements and additions thereto made at any time and from time to time by the Bank, which
is made available via
ii. Confirm that all the information provided by us in this Application Form are true, correct and not misleading.
iii. Authorise the Bank to issue User Password(s) to Authorised User(s) and/or System Administrator(s), where applicable.
iv. Agree that the person(s) appointed under section D - Authorised User(s) and/or section E - System Administrator(s) above and/or in my/our
letter(s) of instruction is/are authorised to perform and effect the above subscribed services on my/our behalf in relation to my/our account(s)
linked to BizChannel@CIMB. The above mentioned Authorised User(s) and/or System Administrator(s) have sufficient authority to perform and
effect all transactions of such services for and on our behalf.

Authorised Person

Authorised Person

Authorised Person

Authorised Person