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Imagine a Better
Urban Transportation Hubs
and Connectivity


PRESENTATION: 8TH December 2016
(8AM @ CODA)

As a group you are required to propose a

new improved
transportation hub and connectivity links at the
given site. You are required to propose the idea based on your
SWOT analysis to make it a better urban transportation hub and

connectivity linkages.

Determine what are the factors or issues to be improved or

elements to be included. Determine what to link from and to the
transportation hub. How would you improve it? You are required
to justify your suggestions, supported by case studies or
references from books or other resources.
The proposal should focus on improving the urban planning,
public spaces, about people, jobs and activities, basic public
facilities, transportation, connectivity, sense of place and green
sustainable initiatives.

The new proposal should also consider; the atmosphere, the
tangible and intangible factors, culture and community, views &
vistas, layouts, arrangements, zoning, walkability, infrastructures,
shapes and form, nodes, green areas, edges, pathways, visuals,
squares, promenade, shades, public furniture's, signage's,
waterfront, walkways, amphitheater, interesting spaces and
activities, urban intervention etc.
By improving the connectivity you could determine the type of
new urban public spaces to propose. Propose it on plan with
supporting visuals and illustrations. (drawing plan) PLUS
THAT IS SIMILAR especially during tutorials
For the final students are required to prepare presentation boards
and 2 models.

Students are required to prepare the followings;

Maximum 4 and min 1 - A1 Presentation boards (hand drawn or

printed) introduction about the site and proposal, explain what is
the 5 new thing that you have improved, explain the aim of the
proposal of the site, connectivity and transportation, public spaces
and facilities, and must focus on ONE public space area that is the
starting point of the connection path (to provide a zoom in plan and
details preferably near the station), 3 green and sustainable
initiatives or ideas, supporting images and information, master plan
of the site. + to provide a clear schedule of what was the issues and
solutions to improve the transportation hub and connectivity links on
A3 size paper or board.


An A3 size base model of the OVAL SITE - scale 1:750/1000/1250 +

An A3 size base model of the focused transportation hub area scale 1:250/500 (using recycle box board. Laser cutting is NOT allowed)


A 2 minute video compilation explaining about the project. (to be

placed in the E-Portfolio to submit the YouTube link during the
exam week) - INDIVIDUAL

1. 40% CONTENT & IDEAS - Depth of thoughtful research, suggestions,
sensitivity, aim of the proposal and consideration to plan and
propose the improves transportation hub and connectivity.
Implementing the content and elements taught in class and using
correct urban planning and architectural terminology. (this must be
shown and evidence in the presentation boards and model)

2. 30% Models Outcome The clarity of the elements on the model, the
use of suitable materials, colors and workmanship
3. 30% Presentation Boards-Readability Layout, structure of contents,
arrangements of text & content, graphics & colors, techniques,
visuals, clear and proper illustrations & drawings.
TOTAL: 100% (25% for the final marks)
*Video will be mark as 5% under the E-portfolio marks.

A3 size board to
present the schedule
explaining about the
issues and the

1-4 A1
A3 size based model
at 1:1000

A3 size based model

at 1:500

+ A Video

The models

The presentation

A3 size board to
present the schedule
explaining about the
issues and the

1-4 A1
A3 size based model
at 1:750/1000/1250

A3 size based model

at 1:250/500

+ A Video